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  1. A second bike?

    2 bikes is always a good thing, find room. They would balance out nicely with each other. I never had a naked bike until I bought a 919 several years ago and it was one of my most favorite bikes I have ever owned. Currently a 14 VFR and a TMax scooter are in the garage. The TMax is under rated but it puts a smile on my face when I ride it. Get the Duc.
  2. Gear indicator error

    Yeah I thought about that but I was like no I been riding 12 years and haven't had issues before. It's my third Honda and I was thinking this ain't normal but if you'll say so.... Thanks for the info. Gonna add a can soon and the transformation should be done. I have Shad cases, TRex protectors, and the bar risers on mine. It's a nice ST bike.
  3. Got 1400miles on my 2014 VFR. I'ved noticed 3X that the gear indicator goes to a solid line particularly going from 2nd to 3rd? Has anybody else had this happen? Ideas to the cause or is the gear indicator bad?

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