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  1. Thank you very much MaxSwell your the best!!!
  2. Hello guys i have been looking for some Sargent seat with white welt. Those seems to be impossible to find used or new... can someone point me the right direction please.
  3. Sebspeed did a great job as always! Great project and i also love what you did with the carbon goodies! Be safe o/
  4. Hi sllik, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. Thanks for the reply i do like the triple colour but so far B&W is my favorite. Hey Cogswell yeah i got pretty lucky with the wife lol the thing is she got car sick all the time but not on a bike...so the trick is the find a girl that gets car sick i guess 😛 For the top case it appears the be blue on the pic but its black 😞 i mean it matches the rest of the bags i am not complaining here but i might end up selling it anyway ill just keep the side bags. Thanks for the Advice much appreciated! SOLD! haha lets be serious here you guys convinced me to be honest what did i think
  6. Hello guys! Like i said in the title last year i sold my bike for 7500 CAD$ The Bike had almost 25 000 km. i was so sad selling my baby because of a back injury related to work. After selling my bike i decided to take the year off and went travelling with my wife ( Europe & North Africa) we were both very sad about selling the bike 😞 But now I FOUND another one here in Montreal and the owner is a lady! The bike have 17 000 km and i negotiated the price down to 7300 CAD$ and made a deposit. The bike come with Hard bags and heated grips 😄 i still have back pain but i just can't
  7. sllik


    Ooh Panda 🐼 i love this name! I named my bike Yin Yang 😆
  8. sllik


    Yes Lorne you are right! Pilot road 2
  9. sllik


    Thank you very much Grum!
  10. sllik

    VFR is Life

  11. sllik


    Hey wrestler if i am not wrong those are PP3 bought them last summer so i cant remember 😛 ill check it out for you
  12. sllik

    Summer Time

    Just me Riding my new Girl!
  13. sllik

    My New Ride '99

    Gratz! She is beautiful!
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