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  1. You guys come over and we will have a "session"....
  2. I do need a garage... Maybe I get one today, on our 21st wedding anniversary? (2 chances of that eh?)
  3. The first owner likes his bikes white, so this one was repainted from new (I heard he did the same on his 6th gen) I just might pick this one up eh?
  4. Dutchy


    Harlets in the night?
  5. Tempted? I thought you were gonna offload your 500's? Anyway, I like to keep my VF for "relaxed"/"commuting" rides. When it comes to "rearset" rides, I have the tool for that... @Skids sorry!!!!
  6. The old fuel taps were shot, so bring in the new 😎 Italian ofcourse... Nice Guzzi...
  7. Yeah, you guessed right... My wife is away for a loooooong weekend... Flush #2 after brush (where it could reach) Time to whip out the Dremel, to follow with another vinegar shake
  8. My latest MBD infliction Likes "mono"..... It says so on the 50's drain plug
  9. What a load of horse manure!!! How to ensure a customer will never ever come back for a new purchase......
  10. Yep, all including the paddock stand. The spare (complete) engine has matching numbers to the frame number. So it left the factory as a 125cc and the 150cc was added later..
  11. Just learned that engine numbers starting with "195" are in fact 150cc. So it is already in. Wooopie!!!
  12. Get her licenced and ride/keep. Unlike the VF400F which was destined to move on. Being from '51-52 it won't need indicators or a brake light even to pass inspection to make her road legal... If I do fit them, they MUST function. So I will leave that for now. I sat on her and the suspension actual works. Which gives some credence to the bike having been used until the sale. 1st challenge is figuring out the electrics. The guy that bought the lot 3+ years ago (and put it in storage) beleives the systems is 12V. This supported by the fact het got 2 (now rotten) 12V batteries with the deal. The factory manual though states that OEM the system is 6V..... Donot want to risk hooking up a 12V battery just now. Joined the Dutch Aermacchi/Gilera club; lots of knowledge and help at hand. The Gilera chapter presidant lives 10 miles up the road. A few classic bikes shows/fairs coming up in the next months too.
  13. JOLO..... Good that my pal has garage space....
  14. Winter is looming, need something to keep cabin fever at bay... 1952, my dad was 18 then and am sure he lusted after one. Am sure he will approve from "above".... The front suspension looks like the Springer I rode one day in MA back in the 90's. 6.7HP with 90KMH; one of the spare engine is a 150cc WOOOPIEE!!! Found the instruction manual online...
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