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  1. Riving ban???? Did you get caught doing 130MPH "on a dark desert highway"???
  2. Cut and weld the righthand side of the rack so it sticks out a bit more?
  3. Once at your destination, replace this bolt with a longer one with a nylock nut (or one with Loctite). The OEM one is just a bolt and will at some point decide it wants its freedom.....
  4. Oil checking is measured in cheese rolls....... 🙂 Cycling on saturday morning between 6-8AM is measured in sausage rolls... T'was kinda kinda foggy this morning..
  5. Glad to hear the is still going stong, no even betterder than before!!!
  6. Great! The 2019 model (in Germany) was deemed to have a few issues that I trust Indian have ironed out...
  7. That collector box will most likely turn brown again quickly. Which is not much of an issue in itself. I have a tub of black paste one smears on wood burning stoves and chimneys for that very reason..... They could have spruced up that lower chain guard with a thin rub of vaseline... I'd still say you better get that SP1 or SP2.....
  8. Well done! Keep up the good work! Like the look of that Indian, until I saw the last image.... FFS, that licenceplate holder come indicators is fugly beyond belief. Your mission -should you choose to accept it - is to farkle something aesthetically pleasant instead...
  9. Should have kept up the acf50 on the mufflers. Should have.... Och well...
  10. You win some, lose some, all the same to me...
  11. At speed, the RC51 is not too bad comfort-wise...
  12. 2021 Talley VF500F2 ~12,500km VTR1000-SP2 ~5,000km Gilera 150 Sport ~4,000km Gilera 150 Turismo ~750km VFR750F ~500km MV Agusta Ipotesi ~400km Thanks to my 40hr/week job that comes with ~40 days paid leave per year eh? Cos at night I need my sleep....
  13. Welcome to VFRD from across the pond Been to MA a couple of times in the previous millenium
  14. Having visited some 70 countries so far in my life, I can truly say you could do a lot worse and not much better.....
  15. Why? Is she going across the border into the USA? HO HO HO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  17. My heartfelt condolences to his family, riding buddies and friends.
  18. Nah... 3 Celcius ain't cold with proper gear and heated grips 😉
  19. DRS is "wrong", a bit like telling Usain Bolt to carry 10kg backpack.
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