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  1. Continued my journey to Lourdes.. Miles and miles of dried sunflowers.. Except for 1 field! Drank some blessed water... Could park in the courtyard of the neighbouring hotel... KARMA! My wife is from Luxembourg
  2. If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man You win some, lose some, all the same to me The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say..... So I gambled I would skip a petrol station to make it to the next one... Came up 3km short 🙂 Road assistance was there in 10 minutes..🤜
  3. The one unanswered question................. why do you need it? What are you farkling?
  4. 10 to 1 the nut was not staked as per the workshop manual. That maual can be found in the Download section here on VFRD. Glad you are ok
  5. Ready for wrapping and then trucking to Santander Thursday next I'll ride down to Santander.
  6. Not my cup of tea, but I recognise the benefits of tinkering on motorcycles
  7. Welcome to VFRD from across the pond! Red NACA's are best. Bought mine new in 1997, t-boned/totalled in 2016 and refurbished a 1994 last year.
  8. Turned out the valve cover gasket was not 100% alligned. Murphy's law, next week Thursday the plan is to ride the VF to the north of Spain. And now there an oil leak. week I have time to delve in, but your thought/suggestions are welcome!
  9. Did you check continuity of the stator with the engine hot? You should. The plug into the RR has 3 yellow wires, you measured continuity over the 3 possible pairs. Unplug. Set meter to Vac Start the hot engine (with a full battery). Do your Vac measurement over each pair of yellow wires on the side of the stator. Measure at idle and at 5000rpm As for tge diode test of the RR, the VFR750 Honda manaul specifies specific models multimeters. Something to do with inernal resistance of most makes.
  10. Ad dolos, ergo sum I prefer the centre stand, but it is always good to have options eh?
  11. Got this promo garb.... Yeah them Italians are sluts... they'll do anything for money Yeah.... ride responsibly... I'm dead chuffed with my new adventure bike 😉
  12. KTM's sell like hot cakes here in the Netherlands.... My mileage WILL vary
  13. At 58, teenage girls donot even recognise my presence.... (their mums do though... )
  14. Indeed! But with trackdays "been there, done that, got the t-shirt", owning a 285kmh in a 100kmh country is dancing with the 😈
  15. And she's gone..... From waking up in the back of a Lithuanian ambulance till today, 5 years have past. What a ride
  16. The money shots (I hope)...... Aparently prospective buyers in the Netherlands want OEM, so I give 'm OEM (as much as I can) Pity I sold the OEM rearsets and clutch master years ago). Underneath her clothes are a PowerCommanderV, K-Tech SSK, MOSFET RR, K&N airfilter, new Yuasa. Comes with pillion seat PM me if interested.
  17. Your local DIY store. May not be perfect, but will do the trick i'm sure. Can you post a picture of the technical drawing?
  18. In other "N+1= MBD" news ..... Spare fairing needs a littke TKC
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