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  1. Did a "Britney" this morning... Oops I did it again Riding on a motorway, thinking I could make it to the next petrol station... Contacted the ANWB and like 10 minutes later, the directorate of public works had my spot secured Followed shortly a flatbed to take me to a petrol station near the next exit
  2. Yes, another VFR750F came my way.... Stood idle for some 5 years., so it needed some love and money.... I posted the progress on prevoius pages
  3. A "creative" restauration. The "registro storico" would refuse to register it. Only 3 "mistakes" versus OEM are allowed, but with the work done, it is a nice 150. But getting it plated in the US may pose some challenges...
  4. 😇 duhhhh.... My VF recenty developped a very small but steady oil drip. So 1st a thorough cleanse was (over)due to see if I could spot the culprit. The usual suspects (oil plug, clutch rod seal) proved innocent. Thinking back, I remembered the last thing done was changing the collector box, so inspected "down below"... Ah! The clamps for the front headers had manky bolts, so I'd grabbed some from the "oldbitsandbobs" box... it transpired these were longer AND I'd rotated the clamps too much "in"... So (both left and right) I had been merily clamping, but pushing into the oil pan as well 🙈... The gasket then no longer was well pressured, causing the "sweat", culminating in drops. I rotated the clamps, cleaned the area put a sheet of cardboard underneath last night. Rode to the office and back today with no more oil leak.... phew! Live & Learn....
  5. I will be in Santander, Spain that weekend (the whole following week for that matter).... Have a good one guys and girls!!
  6. Grabbing life/a chance by the balls and doing it, respect
  7. Removing the starter motor from a VF and VFR750 is quite easy. Especially when combined with an oil filter change. (The filter is in the way). see middle of page 50 🙂
  8. The riding PRECEDES the drinking..... Fair enough, some of us appear drunk while stone cold sober......
  9. I helped a fellow VF owner in the UK out and shipped a rusted, damaged (but salvageable) collector box to the UK.... A week since this appeared online in the tracker but he is yet to receive the letter.... No wonder the Scots want their independance.....
  10. Change is good! Park Gilera, take MV! 'king hot today, but still got a good 3 hours blast.. 🙂 Typical..... Italian design is beautiful, but the kickstarter "cloinks" to the side.. Honda to the rescue! I rummaged through the box labelled "bitskeptfrompriorbikes" and founds this VF valve cover bolt rubber!! TADAAAAAA!!!
  11. Lady wants (and thus gets) new shoes. Might as well do some cleaning.... Bit dry, so lube!
  12. Finally got round to replacing the manky generator wires. 2nd kick after 4 months standing idle... VID-20220613-WA0002.mp4 VID-20220613-WA0003.mp4
  13. A small "meat & greet" gathering of V4 lovers.. Fresh breadrolls expedited in 🙂 5 meters below sea level https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flevopolder
  14. All good on the VF Heat dissipation clearly not on Honda's tech considerration. The RR lives inside, behind the engine... Top tip? Add a voltmeter to give you a heads up when things go south (or north). LCD, LED or analogue will do (ignition on, engine not running)
  15. Hi Max, welcome to VFRD. With the rectifier unplugged but on a good full battery, you'd indeed be able to ride for a while (lights off). No harm done. Are you handy with a multimeter? Know your Ohms and AC DC? (ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS!!!! ) Then look for "The Drill"here on vfrd. and oh.... how do we know you exist? We'd need a picture of your bike (in the Introduction Section) to be sure
  16. Calling on all owners to check their plugs tomorrow and post up!
  17. Whilst sharing e-bicucles and sharing e-scooters may be "the future", I will stick to my dino juice drinking machine for the near future thqatnk you very much!
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