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  1. do u mean the 3 cap screws under the VFR sticker? They affix to parts #19 and #20 in this fiche https://www.bike-parts-honda.com/honda-motorcycle/750-MOTO/VFR/1993/VFR750FP/Frame/COWL-VFR750FL-FM-FN-FP-/13MT4L41/F__3200/2/10242
  2. Alles im Grunen!!! Left spar is straight Right spar a curvature Holding a ruler flat to the bottom of the spar:
  3. I'll be home in an hour or so and will check the RHS frame rail on mine. Never had the engine out so cannot judge the LHS.... There should be "drain holes" at the bottom of the rails; the 86 had them from factory but yours is a 84. If the previous owner didnot drill them, you could. It freezes in Austria too in winter...
  4. Dutchy


    Sex on the beach.....
  5. Need a bit more input..... Which thick cables (the ones affixed to the relay) and what should I (or not) expect to happen/hear differently?
  6. Experienced intermittent starter engine issues (Y/N/maybe....) , despite new battery and R/R. Aye, this is old skool 2.0 So to rule this one out, fitted redslut's relay Time will tell... (25C tomorrow....)
  7. Interesting... Can u post a picture without the filter?
  8. NO They need your tax dollars!!! Not to maintain your roads, but to build a wall.... PS: I donot get this palaver over that fire in Paris.... It was not a brewery on fire was it?
  9. Put that lock as close to/under the caliper as possible. So so cannot rotate a bit and come to a full stop if you forgot it....
  10. This is what is specced for my RC51 as well
  11. The left control pod (light switches, indicator) looks well sun-bleached and yeah that matt black (hello Timmay!!!!!) windscreen is euh... "different". But as the entire bike is non-OEM, it is less of a "problem". The fork lowers are strppied, but nothing a rattle can of paint cannot cure. a "tell-tale" difference for the production year is the head gasket: 1984 and early 85 is was "straight" Later 85 and 86 it had "half moons" From the pictures I cannot see which is which. Which leaves the rear shock, if still OEM it will in all likelyhood be sub-prime. But having said this, I ride miy VF with one in the beginning without crashing, dieing and burning (Hello Ian!!). Same with the front end. Just stay&live withing the limits of a ised, 33 year old mc... In the end, it boils down to asking price and how much you want it. Next time you are over in the Netherlands you are free to have a spin on mine.
  12. Did my 2nd track day at the Assen MotoGP track last monday. Decided to ride in in 3rd gear and leave it there (except the sharp left "Strubben"180 switchback). Having test ridden an Aprilia RS250 in 1997, this is not an option 🙂 Freed from shifting (there is plenty ooomphin the RC51). I could focus on riding the lines, hitting the apexes. Sure, you speed at the straights will be a bit lower... Give it a try for a lap or 3 in a session and see if you like/benefit from it. I know guys that track CB500 with a brembo upfront, superbike steering bar and one big "NOHLINS" sticker on the side... Outclassed on the straight, they dive in and overtake in corners...
  13. FWIW and at 60, you know this for sure Do it sooner than later.... Life has a tendency to happen while you are busy making plans....
  14. To the left of the oil check thingie On the headstock And there is ofcourse a VIN plate Carb ID is a bittricky to read, to the left of the thermostat mounting point
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