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  1. OMG ! "she's a kept veteran" - I'm glad you have something younger to play with...... Happy Easter !
  2. It's just like a womans clothes, - very difficult to find something that fits and looks good. - without laces , but I like your colour matching tank bra.
  3. Sound clip sounds great - all you need now is..... Happy birthday....
  4. Congrates - looks awesome - what year is it - did you mention that in another thread ? You have to hold her tight ( she's wild )
  5. looks like Popa Chubby - what a guy - he sure can play the blues
  6. Imagine what you can hide behind a nice T-shirt Just came to my mind, I saw this on internet some time ago.
  7. good choise, nice color - I have a 15 year old arai that had it's pension now - only thing arai does'nt come with build in sunglasses, and never will - so I've been told
  8. Helweg

    My 2nd VFR

    Present from my loving wife and my 3 kids new baby "Red slut 2nd"
  9. I like the red colour too
  10. It's gonna be a fantastic day

  11. Helweg

    20150820 143501

    I know that sound - I had one similar a few years ago, deep rumple and loud, the bad thing is that I needed to wear ear protecters, cause the muffler opening was to close to my ears, Is that the same with yours ?
  12. This it just amazing - I'm a builder my self - but for sure you're a champ
  13. I just fell over this old tip I don't know if ths is usefull any more
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