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  1. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Dear dad gave me a medical broncoskopi for present (700$!!) for me to check the front cylinder valves from the inside 😊
  2. Cool project! Good luck with it! Nice to see someone building a version i always wanted to see 👍
  3. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Sounds Great without the cover
  4. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    More troubleshooting All sparkplugs were inspected and did ignite. Looks good ( a bit red/brownish) and as ppl have written before, the vfr:s seem to be running a bit lean Starter gas around diaphragms and carburetor rubber indicated a small increase i rpm's by the 2 and 4th cylinder. But i dont know IF its "normal" with the airfilter lid off.
  5. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Dear viffer gurus help : Today when i was riding the bike started "buggning" by 7000rpm. The gasoline was new and i've covered 100km yesterday without any problems. After a while the bugging crept lower down in the rpm-register to about 5000rpm. With further more new petrol the issue was still there. Haven't got the chance to look at the spark plugs yet (i was out on thin anf long 21mm socket). Do you have any ideas? I've planned to check: sparkplugs, gasfilter, drained the tank on any debrie, clean the airfilter. But what more?
  6. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    With the exhaust off and the bike on repair, our friend came by with his toy
  7. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Was out on the country going at it as I usually do. 30 sen after the first picture...exhaust pipe seperated. So. Of with the exhaust and I am bringing it to work for re-mount Its always something.
  8. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    It looks like, with the unfortunate bad view i had, as if there is just one bulb holder
  9. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Ahaa. I dont think this one is made for italian market. Perhaps a happy camper changed it some time long long ago.
  10. Jock3

    Vfr 750 - 92

    Inputs on chain and sprockets anyone? Looking for 112 links and 16/43. What to expect and what can be done at the same time? 😊

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