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  1. OMG ! "she's a kept veteran" - I'm glad you have something younger to play with...... Happy Easter !
  2. It's just like a womans clothes, - very difficult to find something that fits and looks good. - without laces , but I like your colour matching tank bra.
  3. Sound clip sounds great - all you need now is..... Happy birthday....
  4. Congrates - looks awesome - what year is it - did you mention that in another thread ? You have to hold her tight ( she's wild )
  5. It's not me, "I promise" I only have two, but I'm looking anyway - my brothers wife is a horse girl, she told me that it is illegal to have only one horse in the stable, there must be at least two together otherwise they will be crazy in the head - I think it applies the same for motorcycles, I realy do
  6. looks like Popa Chubby - what a guy - he sure can play the blues
  7. Imagine what you can hide behind a nice T-shirt Just came to my mind, I saw this on internet some time ago.
  8. good choise, nice color - I have a 15 year old arai that had it's pension now - only thing arai does'nt come with build in sunglasses, and never will - so I've been told
  9. Helweg

    My 2nd VFR

    Present from my loving wife and my 3 kids new baby "Red slut 2nd"
  10. I like the red colour too
  11. It's gonna be a fantastic day

  12. Helweg

    20150820 143501

    I know that sound - I had one similar a few years ago, deep rumple and loud, the bad thing is that I needed to wear ear protecters, cause the muffler opening was to close to my ears, Is that the same with yours ?
  13. This it just amazing - I'm a builder my self - but for sure you're a champ
  14. I just fell over this old tip I don't know if ths is usefull any more
  15. Helweg

    side view

    I machined the center to make it fit center-ring on a 40mm bolt-on spacer, and then polished the rear since a car wheel is painted on the back see details in a thread called "rear wheel conversion ( car wheel )
  16. Helweg

    side view

    It's a car wheel make is wolfrace but modified to fit
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