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  1. Thank God there are people like Captain 80's Sometimes I look around and am very proud. A lot times I look around and think I'm an idiot. Usually depends on my alcohol level. After 50 years plus of hoarding , buying out two closed down Honda Dealers parts inventory and getting old I feel the same way some days Thank God for Black Rum and memories Keep up the hunt for two wheel treasures, with the small population and the internet up here the finds are hard to come by these days.
  2. Sounds like it is time to get a new battery If you put a load tester on that battery I bet it is history Very cool to see a 3rd gen with the optional clock, does it have the optional center stand as well?
  3. Very nice indeed, That CB1 looks far better in Red than the original Blue. I redid my CB1 years ago and I must see if I have a picture or two to share, I went with a bright silver with a seat cowling something like the RC30 with white painted number panels on the sides. You are making me want to get that old girl out into the daylight again.
  4. When the time comes I will be interested in seeing the final paint colours I have a 1992 VFR750 I bought as a spare, it was owned by a guy who was learning the art of powder coating, so my 91 has dark gray wheels like the 1992 ( Captain 80s has ) and the brake calipers were done in candy red. The previous owner did such a nice job I kind of hate to have the wheels and calipers redone, so I am keen to see what others have come up with for different color combinations Was never a fan of black but the 92 with white wheels from BC Canada looks great
  5. I used the FH020AA unit, I found it had all the quality and performance my 1990 VFR750 needs
  6. Man that fuel filter makes me think someone lived on a dirt/dusty road. Very nice job on cleaning the engine, looks like a new one . Am I right on thinking you guys have found that carb cleaner and a small brush is the best way to clean years of road crap off an engine?
  7. Good observation, I had purchased some marine grade wire for the install and was using it to get a true measurement to the alternator For the mounting plate I use 1/4" aluminum thinking it would help with dispersing any heat, in hindsight I wish I had of drilled the plate full of holes to make sure the heat had a place to go, but so far it is running as cool as you can get
  8. here is how I mount my upgraded voltage regulator ON MY 1990 VFR750
  9. CB-1? Let's see it! I'm on #7 I wish I could show you a few pics of the CB1 and others but they are all asleep in the barn and it is -20 out It has been a long winter here but you have given me the idea to get the herd out and take some pictures before they are gone someday Not very many CB1's were ever sold here, not even sure they were sold for two model years, mine is a 1989 serial# *****038
  10. At this point I am 62 and hope I can throw a leg over a bike for a lot more years to come The first bike I got was a 1970 Honda CT70. It got three years of mowing lawns and sucking up to dad before he surprised me with it during Christmas 1970. I can still hear mom and dad from my bedroom fighting to get it into the house and place it beside the christmas tree. I could not even sneak out to see that was going on since dad had used a rope to tie my door shut. Anyway that was the start of a long love affair with bikes, today I have 10 or so including my 1975 CB400F vintage racer, 1989 CB400F CB1, etc, as well as a couple of VFR750's, a 1990 and 1991. some day would like to have a 1999 VFR800 with the corbin hard bags. We shall see
  11. Do you know the code of Honda motorcycle plastics and what car bumper plastics code is?
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