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  1. Most of my friends on FB are people I met here on VFRD. A lot have moved on to other bikes and no longer frequent the forum but are on the VFRD FB page. It works great for that. It's also great for ride notices. The true value of the forum is the technical content which means this place is a treasure. I still check in most every day because it interests me even though I don't ride mine anymore.
  2. If mine wasn't up for sale, I'd be on one of these to dress up that eight spoke!
  3. I looked into doing my 07 like this but with silver instead of white. Wrap is no easy job! I think I'd rather paint. I kind of like it. My favorite is still the RWB they did for Steve Rapp a few years ago.
  4. Six bikes and still pulled two VFR's. Nice!😜
  5. We've had many discussions about a VFRD track day. Not sure how many VFR's would make it but the group has plenty of interest.
  6. What do you call a bunch of old folks hooning around? The young guys are eligible for AARP. Gerigans? Hooliatrics?
  7. Stills taken from the GoPro footage. I love this next one! 911😀 Came up on this poor guy while chasing Aaron. Scared him to death. The road was dry. That's coal dust on our tires! Didn't feel like water. Hard to see, but Aaron had to come to a complete stop while this guy tried to adjust his line.
  8. Sorry for taking so long but I had another trip to make. It was a weird year. Perfect weather but we ended up with eight riders and no VFR's. I had to ride up for the ride this year because of the @MiniCarver wedding. Packing for ten days on a motorcycle is a lot tougher than four. The plan was to ride to Knoxville and meet TheGirl on Thursday morning for the ride to Little Switzerland. I chose a lovely Motel6 for my accommodations on Wednesday night. I realized that I had packed my walking shoes in the bag my wife was bringing for the wedding. Had to run to Walmart. I had hoped to find some cool yoga shoes like Jay wears but instead found a pair of size 13 WHAT ARE THOSE! Finished the day with a great meal. Thursday morning, I met Donna and we rode out to meet Curt for the trip in. No pics? Friday morning started with a flat tire on the fancy Italian's rear loafer. It looked like someone at the hotel had been doing maintenance under the carport. Again, no pics for the day. I shot tons of video but haven't had time to edit. Saturday, we had a visit from long time friend of VFRD Ken who took some of us on his top secret local roads tour. The Italian super models prefer to sun bathe at the lunch stop while the Tigger prefers to rest in the shade. Ben made a return to the group after buying back his Tiger1050. Here he is making a beer run. We had a visit from our buddy Klim. He and Jay are pretty tight. The two greatest route planners in the world. Tomorrow is looking good! After four days of riding, it was time for new loafers. He has spares mounted in the trunk. Donna couldn't be bothered with parking her bike. When we came back from dinner, some old drunk guy had moved it. Aaron joined us that evening and rode with us a couple of days. The obligatory shot at the natural bridge. We loaded up to prepare for meeting Steve on his WR250sm. A short time later, my tire had feathers. The Oak Park Inn and six days worth of bugs. Another B double E double R U N. Rode through the Dragon on Friday afternoon with Donna and Kimball to finish off nine days of riding. It's about done! Met my wife at the hotel in Townsend. That trailer was neat as pin when I left it with her. Attended the best wedding ever on Saturday. Klim and Timmy both were there. One last pic with @MiniCarver and his bride. I'll work on video when I can and share them here.
  9. The only thing that could make that last pic cooler is having the tach and speedo pegged.😀 Nice work Leon! Many more.
  10. Just got home from nine days of riding, I'll get to pics and video when I can.
  11. Most everyone will arrive sometime Thursday. As for plans, there are none. We usually all just meet in the morning and break up into groups. Most mornings you'd be fine if you arrive before 9:00. It really depends on weather, if there is morning fog, expect later.
  12. 2007 VFR800A 32K miles. ABS Full stainless header Staintune exhaust Power Commander V with AutoTune Shift Star Harris carbon fiber hugger McCruise electric cruise control Voltmeter and USB port Ram ball with @huntingguns stem mount GenMar bar risers Adjustable levers MRA windscreen Eight spoke rear wheel Rear rack for Givi top case (case not included) Gear indicator Daugherty Motorsports suspension front and rear (tuned for 200lbs) Rear raised and front lowered. Sargent seat Rear cowl and handle covers new in box. Honda saddle bag liners PIAA horn ALMOST FORGOT! Fresh left bag cover to replace the scratched one. The bike runs great. Forks/brakes/clutch serviced fall of 2020. Oil change done less than 1k miles ago. Rear tire is about gone. Front is good. Stater and R/R done less than 10k miles back. The cruise vacuum model needs to be cleaned. It's pretty straight forward but requires the fairings off. I have the instructions and will pass them along. If you don't use it regularly, they will stick(why I'm not cleaning them). According to the designer, its our ethenal gas, I never spent any time on straight roads so it didn't get used. The silver stripes are tape. They are there to cover small scrapes on the cowl and left bag. The bike has been dropped at a stand still on both sides. The left bag still has scratches showing. My plan was to collect stickers to cover it. The bike has always been garaged and kept clean but she is no queen. It has been used. A video of her in action in the hands of a friend. https://youtu.be/cfd5_DWpn48 I was on my second VFR when this one came up for sale. I added up the market value of all of the mods and it was within a few hundred dollars of the asking price. It was a no brainer, I jumped! It has about every mod you can do to a VFR. If you want a cool VFR, this is the way to buy one. I still love this bike but at 63 have decided I want a lighter bike. I have moved on to a Tiger660. It will never replace the sound of that V4 but I'm happy. VFRD asking price $5500 Somebody make me a real offer on this so I don't have to resort to Marketplace. I'd really like it to go to somebody who understands what all is here.
  13. Two sets of shoes? What is this plan? If you aren't running tire management, how we will keep up? No ABS perhaps!😜
  14. The caps on the cam chain tensioner are prone to falling off during installation. Possible the PO had an issue with the install? That is really loud compared to normal cam chain noise.
  15. Nice! Love the sound too. I was thinking that was a really nice road, then noticed the kudzu and knew we weren't in MN anymore.😀
  16. Way to go Mark!👍👍
  17. It's still on. I don't have a head count right now but most of the regulars will be around. I know of a few of them who have had to adult and won't be there this time. This thing is sneaking up quick!
  18. Throw some TKC80's on it and go dual sporting.😀 I bet the video production was about as much work as the build.
  19. There is a core group of us who still ride together even thought few still own a VFR. We get twenty to thirty in the spring and about twenty in the fall. Maybe five VFR's most of the time. So many good bikes out these days! Its too bad Honda couldn't find a way to keep a V4 in the mix. There's a group of fifteen or so of us who are now dual sport riding a couple of times a year as well. All thanks to VFRD. My wife is a big help too because if she hears of a ride, she will tell me "go".
  20. There are two major events planned next month, TWO! VFRD is on a roll! If you guys on the west coast threw something out, nearly everybody would be within reach on one. The folks I ride with here in Alabama all laugh and tell me that I miss more rides because of being on a ride than anything else. Being retired helps. I highly recommend it.
  21. You guys post pics or it didn't happen!
  22. Retirement. I think that's what its called? Still trying to figure out how to get mine transferred to NC.
  23. Thanks for sharing Bill. Glad it was uneventful in a good way!
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