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  1. Just picked this up for $279. The photochromatic shield is $139 if purchased on its own. I haven't ridden in it yet but I will say it is not up to the same material quality as my RF1200. It is a lot lighter.
  2. They've been selling these here as Grom knockoffs for years. Maybe Honda just gave up and decided to cash in.
  3. I thought I was old at 50. I'm a much better rider now at 62. Not only a more skilled and safer rider but a faster one as well. I do listen to my grey hair when it says to slow down. I am enjoying the smaller lighter bikes more these days. I've been spending a lot of my street time on the CB500X. A couple of weeks ago when the new Tiger 660 came out, I read the specs and realized that they are very close except in horse power. I've now put a deposit down in hopes that it will be the same nimble handling with nearly twice the horse power. So, whatever you choose, follow those grey hairs.😛
  4. Vacuum leaks really show up under acceleration more than steady throttle if I recall correctly. +1
  5. This is from an old RF200 if it helps figure out parts. I have pushed the five year plan a couple of times but these helmets are really old. This manual was printed in 1989.
  6. If you pull the clutch slave to check the rod, it would be a great time to redo the seals on the slave. Cheap insurance that there is not a problem there and it only takes a few extra minutes.
  7. Looks a lot like an old RF800 to me. Early 90's vintage.
  8. It seems that the FallRide attracts the usuals so not a lot of discussions here. If you didn't make it, you missed a great one. Little Switzerland is central to so much great riding. The lounge at the hotel provides a great place to post game. There was a lot of bourbon sampling and pool playing. I'm not much on video editing so this link will be for a few highlights from the riding. It was shot with my $55 NoPro and is hosted on the tube so don't expect a lot.😛 All of the riding was shot from the CB500X's right handlebar.
  9. I really kind of liked the concept bike. The final is kind of dull. At the moment, my next bike might be the new Tiger 660. Very close to my CB500x but nearly twice the ponies. I'm afraid Ol'Heavy my be hitting the market.
  10. PirateRiderBen was his screen name here. He was also known as Pup because he was in his early twenties. He has given up motorcycles and no longer organizes the event. He did leave us his dad who now organizes the VFRD FallRide. Not that its very organized. Mostly just a bunch of us who met here and still enjoy getting together. Might get four or five VFR's out of twenty bikes that show up. Best roads in the country. If you haven't been, you should come.
  11. FallRide details are posted in Major Events thread. Th last I hear, he still had a couple of rooms open. Be sure to call the Inn directly or you may get the wrong answer on booking. Expecting a good turnout.
  12. Hey! Wait a minute...is that your thumb?😜 I've never SEEN it.
  13. But then, if I had that much motivation and talent, I'd maybe have a bike like yours.👍
  14. I bought a few about twenty years ago. Never painted them but filled them up for sure. Wish that I was as motivated and talented to make mine look nice.
  15. Another testament to VFRD people. One VFR shows up for a ride but its cool that the people still hang in here. The east coast is the same way. Glad there wasn't too much adventure.
  16. Beauty Eh? Amazing how f'ing polite those Canadians are!
  17. Most likely an older 12v power socket. I don't remember exactly what they are called unfortunately.
  18. If the cop had had any idea what you were riding, or taste in bikes, he would have stopped you just to have a look.
  19. Still enjoying the ride Leon! Keep it coming.
  20. Sweeper

    2021 FallRide

    Details in Major Events.
  21. We're six weeks out! Ol'Heavy insisted on a bath, new shoes, and a gold chain. Somehow she's gotten the idea that she is kind of a big deal? It might take me four weeks to finish all of that at the rate I'm going. Have you booked a room? Is your ride ready?
  22. I really liked the prototype but somehow the new images just don't have the same draw. Maybe when I see one in person.
  23. The pic of the backside makes me think Hydrodip. You could always buy a pair of factory black.
  24. For anyone hunting a 8th gen....There is a white 14 on FBMarketplace in Birmingham, AL. $5200 with 9800miles. Somebody buy it so I will not be tempted anymore. I do not know anything about the owner or the bike. I just thought it was a really good deal.
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