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  1. Never believe the weatherman. We were up last month when the three day forecast was 60-70% everyday. We saw none. This weekend we had rain early or late so only a few damp roads. I was looking for you as well as "Al".
  2. The only sketchy thing that happened to me in ten days. Stupid GoPro.
  3. I was looking for you. We had four Tiger660's. Lost one day to rain and had a wet track morning. Awesome riding. I didn't really take any pics but will have a video up this week later.
  4. until

    Good times on Warwoman Rd back in 2012! My battery died at a rest stop in Clayton. The parts store had one and @Dutchy was nice enough to offer his services. When I saw all of he phones pointed at us, I had to make the most of it.
  5. May 16th to 19th at the Roadway Inn in Franklin.
  6. This hurts. We were just talking about you this weekend when we were discussing the Spring Ride and the VFR's that still show. At least it looks like it will be easy to fix that patina.
  7. Very few bikes look cool without some cash and talent. More cash requires less talent while more talent requires less cash. Seb's naked bikes look like MONEY but we know how they got there.
  8. until

    I'll be on my Tiger660 as will several others. There are no planned rides as usual. The Dragon is getting paved so I doubt anybody goes up there. I know most of the folks who attend and can most likely point you towards any whatever kind of ride you want. The plans mostly come together in the parking lot the night before the ride. There will be a couple of 400's in attendance but they will be Kawasaki's.
  9. I just said goodbye to my Ol'Heavy. It was not easy but I'm happy because the young man who took her will be good to her and will most likely be joining VFRD soon. I will be much happier seeing her ridden. Looking back for a pic, I found this one. Appropriate because it was the beginning of the end. I loaned Andy my CB500x to join us on the PreRide. I ended up riding it one day and loved it in the mountains. The next year, Covid struck and I rode it while Rob rode Ol'Heavy. I became a much better rider on a bike that was 100lbs lighter and about half the horse power. It was really hard trying to get my old body back on the VFR. The other reason that the pic is appropriate is that it reminds me of the good times and great friends that have come from VFR ownership and membership here going back to '05. I will still be here for years to come, I hope, to continue enjoying the friendships.
  10. My dad would always tell me my car was worth whatever one person was willing pay on any given day. As to your low mileage example, the mileage will be a big plus but if the services all need to be performed, it's considerable these days and will bring that value down. There's a '00 5th gen in my area that is listed for $6500. My '07 with every farkle you can put on one is listed for $5700. I listed it here on VFRD for almost a year at a lower price and got zero replies. VFR guys are cheap sob's. I can say that because I'm one of you. I will gladly lower the price when someone shows some real interest. Unmolested 5th gens are harder and harder to find so you should get some interest. Start high and just be patient. Could I interest you in a 6th gen?😆
  11. The only thing I could add to help is to let him know that he was getting good info from reliable sources.
  12. Just so you know, the two posts above are from two of the more knowledgeable members of the forum. Welcome to VFRD.
  13. After reading my last post, I thought I should make it clear that I was not offering anything(not breaking any rules here)😉. It was just a tip that if any of you can come up with a small group, it's worth the effort.
  14. I emailed Rabaconda about a discount for an order of four units for myself and friends that are interested. They offered ten percent if one pays and takes delivery. So, if any of you are close and want to round up a few friends, it's worth the effort.
  15. If I lived a little closer.
  16. I know it made the rounds on the FB group. Like you, I figure it will be tough to find a 4th gen starting about now. May be a good idea to hang on to an unmolested one even.
  17. until

    It's just over a month out. Don't let the lack of discussion give you the wrong idea. There will be a good crowd of former VFR owners in attendance and still a few VFR's. Y'all come join us.
  18. They have an adapter for BMW and Ducati if I recall correctly.
  19. Sweeper

    Minor Off

    I hope you got your off out of the way now and glad that it was minor.
  20. No local places will mount spoked wheels anymore. I ordered tires for my Sled from CycleGear 30 miles away with the plan of having them mount them. Two weeks for them to come in. I take the wheels off and show up to "the tire machine is down until at least next week." The kid gives me a card for a place another thirty minutes up the road. I call and then head that way thinking that I'll just get this over with. When I go to pick them up, I ask How much?. The kid looks at his partner who stumbles and then says $110. I pay them and head home. After fighting to get the rear on, I go to check the pressure and discover it is flat. I'm dropping the money for a Rabaconda. It's not just the money to be saved, it's also the hassle of people.
  21. On a 6th gen, you can slip a fender washer or two under the upper shock mount to raise the rear and then pull the forks up to lower the front. It only takes a small change to make a big difference. I think mounts on the 8th gen are the same so it should be possible to make simple adjustments. A VFR is hard to be for riding to and in the mountains. It rides much lighter than it is and the weight makes it much more comfortable on the open road or in the wind. You can't beat the build quality of the VFR. I've had several newer Hondas and they are just not the same. They are built to last a lifetime...or two.
  22. My only guess would be less than buy the real deal. Saw one somewhere this week $65k.
  23. In case you guys haven't already seen this.
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