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  1. Now that makes good common sense. Why don't Honda advise that method? My guess is just to keep things methodical, working with all 4 valves at each cylinder in sequence one cylinder at a time.
  2. Howdy Twistedkeys, and welcome to the forum. You might have to post a nice pic of ya bike. Pardon my ignorance as I don't have a 1200 or ever worked on one. Firing order 2,4,3,1. 1. How do you tell it's on the compression stroke? Is this ANYTIME the piston is at TDC? The manual seems to differentiate. No, only TDC for Compression Stroke. Manual states to align the MT RT with the Index mark making sure No 2 is at TDC Compression stroke. The picture (see below) showing the front and rear cam gear positions for each cylinder will indicate TDC Compression Stroke. Also if you can insert your feeler gauge for all four valves then you must be at TDC Compression stroke. Once you are sure No 2 is at TDC on Compression its a simple clockwise rotation per below for the next three cylinders to be at TDC Compression. 2. It specifies piston #2, but do you change which piston you're working on (rotate the crankshaft) to TDC-CS depending on which valve set you're adjusting? Or do you keep it at TDC on piston 2 for all adjustments on the engine? Each cylinder and its four valves must be checked at its own TDC compression stroke. After No 2 it states to rotate clockwise 104deg so the MT FT aligns with the Index mark. This will place No 4 at TDC, Compression stroke, check its valves. After No 4 rotate clockwise 256deg so the MT RT aligns with the Index mark. This will place No 3 at TDC check its valves. After No 3 rotate clockwise 104deg so the MT FT aligns with the Index mark. This will place No 1 at TDC check its valves. 3. There are three adjustments PER cylinder. Even the guys at the shop were shocked by this. I see the lobe and the adjustment below the lock nut under the rocker arm, but where's the third...? Don't quote me on this but I'm guessing for the exhaust you can either measure the clearance of the Rocker Arm Roller and Cam Lobe OR Valve Stem side. Both of these clearances are stated for the Exhaust Valves, exhausts are adjuster and lock nut where the two inlets are standard bucket shim arrangement, clearance for the Inlets is measured between Valve Lifter and Cam Lobe. Not sure what you mean regards three adjustments? Hope this helps....In some way, I'm no expert when it comes to valves. Hopefully some of the 1200 owners may be able to help further OR correct anything I've mentioned!
  3. Would just like to say that with the three 6gen's I've owned, I've traveled 10's of thousands of kilometres two up and never experienced any changes in vibration. Correct chain tension is even more important with the added load of an extra person. Err on the side of slightly looser, NEVER over-tighten. I remember riding with another VFR owner once that was complaining of a vibration issue. I noticed the chain was too tight, we pulled into the nearest fuel station and backed off the chain tension - no further issues. Chain age, sprockets, and chain tension seem to be major cause of strange vibration issues, along with all the other good suggestions here.
  4. Wow, no wonder you're happy with it. Magnificent resto tomk1960, beautiful bike beautiful workmanship, Congratulations.
  5. +1 VFR80025th. Been using this product for many years. Great for all polished metal surfaces. I love how its kept this lower section of exhaust on my 8gen sparkling, not bad for over 80,000k's. P.s. How's the White Wheels plan of yours going VFR80025th ?
  6. What's your aim? Do you want it completely removed or just disabled? To disable, it might have its own fuse, or at least a power connection to your battery, just remove that. You could then easily enable the alarm whenever you like, It may be a good resale accessory to have functional in the future.
  7. That magic bike sure has a lot of WOW factor. After the ordeal to pick it up I bet you're over the moon to have it proudly in your posession. Very special bike indeed. Thanks for the post. Lucky you, enjoy.
  8. Shucks thanks Coggs. And my prize as promised. I'm happy to cover the delivery costs to Auz! .
  9. Thrust reversers are removed. Is it a Space Shuttle landing simulator/training aircraft?
  10. Most unusual for the problem you have that the whole wiring harness should need replacing! However, as its a warranty issue, who cares? As long as they fix it for you. I suspect that any of the suggestions you may have made from the info here, they most certainly would say "yeah we've checked that" to save face! Keep us posted. Cheers.
  11. Further to what Terry has suggested. To establish if the noise is coming from the air intake flapper system, try this easy test. Locate the Control Soleniod for the Flapper diaphragm. Its located next to the airbox on the right side. Follow the vacuum line from the Flapper diaphragm on top of the airbox, it goes down to the Control Solenoid. See attached drawing. Unplug the electrical connector of the Control Solenoid. Now go through the same test. Do you still have the noise? Do you have the Service Manual for your bike? You can download it from this forum.
  12. Looks great, Congratulations on finding one. Get them to replace the existing brake and clutch fluid seeing its now 6 years old. It's an easy job. Even if you have your old cowl make sure they supply you the new one. Check the toolkit, blanking plates for pillion handles should you ever remove them. It looks like the seat is in the high position so the two height adjusting collars should be fitted. Hopefully they will also fit a brand new battery not an old one! After going through a house fire and losing your bike, so glad you've scored a brand new one, and the Deluxe version. New 8gens must be as rare as rocking horse shit by now! Can't seem to locate a single new 8gen for sale anywhere in Australia! Good luck for the future.
  13. Here's a picture of my 8gen pannier fully open, pretty close to 90deg. Would imagine the oem 6gen to be similar. The hinges are just pins, so guess you could open to any angle that suits, even greater than 90deg if you wanted, perhaps even up to 180deg! If you are able to detach the cord you'll soon see how far they can open without causing any strain on the hinge.
  14. Sure. Is this what you're after Skids? https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2012/vfr1200f-ac-vfr1200f
  15. Good luck with everything, hope its a Deluxe model.
  16. That's surprising coming from a Honda dealership. Your fault is not an uncommon one, and there are so many things the require checking prior to concluding the ECM is at fault, would also be surprised that it needs a whole new wiring loom, very doubtful. All relevant Grounds and Power sources need to be confirmed from the Battery to your ECM, before even thinking of replacing the entire loom, or ECM. Given the complexity of an ECM its amazing that it is probably the most reliable device on your bike. As ducnut states, simply throwing parts at a bike is a very poor, time and money wasting, fault finding technique. I would have expected better support from a Honda dealership. Lucky its a warranty issue and hopefully you're not out of pocket. You never know, if they keep fitting new parts for you, you may end up with a new bike! Good luck and keep us posted.
  17. That's great news. Certainly sounds like the new oem pump has solved the problem, expensive as it is. I'm still surprised that the non oem caused the problem, perhaps it was not the exact type for your bike or was poorly fitted, perhaps with some sort of damage to the fuel pickup area, who knows? The important thing is you have the matter solved and your bike is reliable once again. Enjoy the riding. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  18. +1 Coggs. 64 Sun orbits and I'm still lovin the VFR - Vitality For Retirement.
  19. Another problem causer on top of what Terry has mentioned. Is your Main Fuse B 30amp. The fuse and its wiring can suffer badly from overheating and burnt connections. Both your headlights and all ECM power comes from Main Fuse B on a 5gen. So have a good look at this fuse and wiring. Its located next to your starter relay, not the one thats in it. Good luck.
  20. Woops sorry stupid me. It is the brake not the clutch. I think its because I'm upside down in the southern hemisphere that I got the levers mixed. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Didn't realise you actually had a clutch issue. Hope you have it sorted ASAP.
  21. Great bike. Agree with slowbird WTF with the clutch lever? Don't think I could change a gear with a lever like that. Your nice bike deserves a new one.
  22. That's a bit strange. Has it been a while since you've done long rides? I find the 8gen seat and ergonomics better than the 6gen and can go longer distances without a break if I need to, however I find now its my bladder that dictates my riding distance! But even after around 150k's maximum I'm looking for a stop to stretch the legs and of course, to drain the main vein!! Years ago I had a test ride on a Ducati sports bike can't remember the model, went like a rocketship but the seat felt like a plank wood and after fifteen minutes I needed a break! Getting back on the vfr felt like a comfortable lounge suite after that! Perhaps you just need more time in the saddle to get used to it. Depending on your height, placing the seat in it's high position and perhaps some suspension adjustments might help. Good luck. The 8gen is a great bike.
  23. Just curious. For what reason did you replace the front wheel bearings? Had one or both failed? Seals damaged? Only 30,000km and the need to replace wheel bearings sounds very unusual!
  24. Hell of a great effort ggtod. Hope the miles ahead are all trouble free. Good luck for the future.
  25. I certainly wish you luck. Having a fuel pump short like that is unusual, was there any chance the pump was running dry? Sorry, just realised that can't happen, as soon as the engine stops the ECM kills the Fuel Cut Relay stopping the pump. Sounds like an expensive repair. I guess you have no other alternative than to get the tank back to OEM spec and take it from there. The other thing that sticks in my mind when not doing the job yourself, is having the confidence whoever does the job does it properly!! Keep us posted.
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