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  1. windyrun

    May Need a Gen 8 Now

    Holy cow how about this deal? I just got this in my in box from a dealer in Baltimore- $4999 for a brand new red 2014 (base model). Zero miles https://www.petescycle.com/inventory/2014-honda-interceptor-base-baltimore-md-21236-2602195i?utm_medium=email&utm_source=FirestormEmail&utm_campaign=Petes Cycle Weekend Specials There may be fees etc. don't know just thought I'd pass it along
  2. Hi windyrun, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Congrats! Looks and sounds really great. And so much more compact than the "substantial" stock can :)
  4. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Was there a poll on which of the major pipes was "your" favorite? If not, might be a good idea to start one. My favorite is the matte black DAM slip on for looks and the 2Brothers for sound ;)
  5. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Thanks for the input and good point about down low weight. I agree I like the Akro best all around. The DAM looks pretty nice though especially in that all matte black
  6. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Anyone know the weight of the stock exhaust? I'm trying to figure out how much weight can be saved by using different slip-ons; Akropovich or Dam leading contenders along with two brothers (no bags planned). Also curious what the weight of the center stand is. THX
  7. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    That wheel sure looks good with the high mount
  8. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Here's a sound clip from remus' web site:
  9. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    After going back and looking at their You Tube vid, I have the mid pipe for the saddle bags. They packaged the wrong one. ADD 08/21: I talked with Greg at 2Bros this morning. With the pics I provided, they determined the part # was correct for my exhaust canister. The number stamped into the mid pipe was correct, but was stamped onto the wrong one. (at least that's what I got out of the conversation). I hope to have the correct mid pipe on Friday as they were sending it out NDA. I guess I'll see if someone packed the correct the pipe this time around...and shipped NDA as promised. ADD: 2Bros sent the correct mid-pipe NDA. This is the correct one. Install took all of 10 minutes. The sounds is louder and much deeper than stock at idle and when 1st taking off. When cruising, it's not much louder than stock, which is exactly what I wanted. Sounds pretty darn good:
  10. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Came across this audio sample of delkevic:
  11. windyrun

    Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    I had an Akro pipe similar to that one very recently on a different type bike. I was able to "loosen" the screw pretty easy too. Then used pliers with long handles, cloth over the gripping parts to prevent scratching, clamped onto the baffle and pulled/twisted. It came out pretty easily. If not already done, you may want to try that. It worked on the same type of slip-on but for a cbr500.

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