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  1. Rectaltronics

    New Front Pads Fitted - EBC HH's

    LOL, yeah, you're absolutely right, thanks. FWIW the mileage seems fairly consistent with past experience with the 4th gens, maybe a bit sooner but my riding has been more commuting and less fun so there's that. .
  2. Rectaltronics

    New Front Pads Fitted - EBC HH's

    I always got the sense that most riders wound up with EBC pads because that's what the shops stocked. I always bring a set of OEM pads with me to the shop. 😉 At 17,000 miles I got my first replacements put on. Front and rear wore evenly and were almost down to nothing. Fronts were so far gone, I had to ride using only the rear brake getting to the shop! Mostly city commuting, my brakes get a really good workout. Your mileage may vary. First pull up, then pull down. Etc.
  3. Rectaltronics


    I've never been a huge fan of Simple Green. Very tough on finishes, doesn't cut the mess as much as I think it should, and don't much care for the smell. But it does help get the pigeon s*** off our balcony. WD-40 - kinda' forgot about that stuff - maybe I'll give that a try, and then use the car wash concentrate to get the leftover WD-40 off the wheel. I just hate having anything resembling lube (not gonna start a "what is WD-40" war here) getting on or near my tire treads. Which reminds me, mostly unrelated story, some years ago my back was out so I got our garage attendant to wash the bike for me. He was super-proud of the job he did. He even sprayed Armor All on my tires. f************k... LOL Have fun everyone and thanks for the ideas.
  4. Rectaltronics

    Rear wheel too tight

    Fun stories. Brake drag is a more frequent issue than some folks think. You just don't notice it until it gets REALLY bad, usually. Pen-style IR thermometers can be had super cheap I received this one as a gift but others can be had for as little as $10 They can be useful for spot-checking calipers and rotors after a ride. Up front, check left vs right. Then for the back compare to front after stopping using mostly the motor and a little front brake.
  5. Rectaltronics


    Turns out finding kerosene in NYC can be a little tricky. Next time I take a good road trip... Thanks.
  6. Rectaltronics


    Brief tangent - forgive me - but with so many of these pics showing what appear to be incredibly clean wheels I have to ask what you folks are using to get them so clean. I ride in NYC so the battle against filth is epic. In addition to the brake dust and chain fling I have to deal with home heating oil particulates, construction dust, dog pee and only God knows what else. It comes off the bodywork and frame easily enough (Costco bottle of Meguiars car wash) but I can't seem to get the wheels back to their showroom sheen.
  7. Rectaltronics


    So the Pilot Road 4 tires served me well. Almost 15,000 miles, not too squared-off, fair amount of tread left front and back, and minimal front scalloping in spite of my well-known tendency to brake well into corners. Props to the local shop (New York Honda Yamaha) for discounting the expensive new rubber to close to mail order prices and discounting installation, so most of the price difference was local taxes. Minor criticism: Next time remove the adhesive from the old wheel weights, thanks. Double-checked inflation, put it to 36/42 and went to town. Had a few puckers in the first fifty miles or so but they're kinda' broken-in now. The Michelin Road 5 tires seem to offer a slightly less harsh ride. They also exhibit slightly more rolling resistance that I can feel when coasting. At least as grippy as the tires they replaced, but I'm not feeling any improvement when rolling through expansion joints while leaned over. Plenty of warning if they're gonna skate. Feel very planted, not quite as wallowy as the PR4 tires were when leaning over on crap pavement or suffering my crap throttle control. No nervous moments in the rain but I haven't pushed much yet.
  8. Rectaltronics

    Level 7 (racing spoiler alert)

    So... which gen bike is that exactly??
  9. Rectaltronics

    Level 7 (racing spoiler alert)

    The post looks to me like a Marc Marquez love-fest - no clear reference to bike or brand.
  10. Rectaltronics

    Picture Thread

    For reference, I do not particularly hate the red rims on the pearl white VFR. YMMV.
  11. Rectaltronics


    Thanks, ordered a set, getting 'em mounted on Friday. 🙂
  12. Rectaltronics

    Installed a lithium battery - cut 5.7 pounds

    I happen to think that lithium is far more effective in extended release capsule form...
  13. Rectaltronics

    What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    I rub one out before every ride and I've never had a lubrication -related engine failure. Clearly that's the way to prevent mechanical problems and the oil brand is entirely secondary.
  14. Rectaltronics

    Installed a lithium battery - cut 5.7 pounds

    Butt dynos are sneaky - if you do something that trashes midrange power and adds a half a horsepower at the top end, your butt will be tangibly impressed. I can save over sixteen pounds by leaving the tank half-empty.
  15. Link to source? I've seen a few things like that in the 'States but they're all chrome stuff for the H-D crowd.

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