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  1. Did we ever figure out what that bolt was for?? Just curious.
  2. Good friends of mine raised his daughter in a manner that would give over 99% of parents massive coronaries. I'm not even a parent and I certainly raised an eyebrow. Well, the kid turned out to be very well-adjusted and very successful at everything she tries. And, a lot more aware of the world around her, with ten times the critical thinking skills of anyone else I know except for her parents. So was their parenting "good" or "bad"? I guess what makes viewpoints like these intriguing is that "good" and "bad" are sometimes rather arbitrary terms, defined perhaps by norms that folks just cheerfully march to. Maybe it's too much work to challenge prevailing ideas. Oh, and for what it's worth, last year I had my 8th gen at the dealer for the full maintenance routine. Valve check was part of that. Bike comes out, I get the bill, it's surprisingly small. Hmmm. No valve check. I inquire. Old-skool wrench comes out. I should mention he's a well-respected fellow around here who also races on weekends, and it's usually friends of the shop who get this guy out of the other six to have their bike worked on. I ask him about the valve check. He says the first check is never necessary on these motors but he did check them... using the ol' screwdriver stethoscope trick. Your Mileage May Vary
  3. I've never been a huge fan of Simple Green. Very tough on finishes, doesn't cut the mess as much as I think it should, and don't much care for the smell. But it does help get the pigeon s*** off our balcony. WD-40 - kinda' forgot about that stuff - maybe I'll give that a try, and then use the car wash concentrate to get the leftover WD-40 off the wheel. I just hate having anything resembling lube (not gonna start a "what is WD-40" war here) getting on or near my tire treads. Which reminds me, mostly unrelated story, some years ago my back was out so I got our garage attendant to wash the bike for me. He was super-proud of the job he did. He even sprayed Armor All on my tires. f************k... LOL Have fun everyone and thanks for the ideas.
  4. Turns out finding kerosene in NYC can be a little tricky. Next time I take a good road trip... Thanks.
  5. Brief tangent - forgive me - but with so many of these pics showing what appear to be incredibly clean wheels I have to ask what you folks are using to get them so clean. I ride in NYC so the battle against filth is epic. In addition to the brake dust and chain fling I have to deal with home heating oil particulates, construction dust, dog pee and only God knows what else. It comes off the bodywork and frame easily enough (Costco bottle of Meguiars car wash) but I can't seem to get the wheels back to their showroom sheen.
  6. For reference, I do not particularly hate the red rims on the pearl white VFR. YMMV.
  7. New brakes front and rear. Not quite metal on metal but way too close at 16,000 miles. The mechanic didn't even remove the valve covers. Gave it the "listen with a screwdriver" routine and said we'll lift the covers for the 32,000 mile service.
  8. I noticed this the other night... And without the cap nut on there, this is what happens: 'I ordered a few cap nuts. 😉 Oughta' be in my mailbox tomorrow. Judging by how far out that was, it must've been like that for a week. Oooops.
  9. And that's exactly why it should have been in a more general section of the web site such as VFR Info. Owners of 3rd gen, 4th gen, 5th gen, etc. bikes may never peek into the 8th gen section. No reason to unless they're shopping for one!
  10. Your Mileage May Vary. If in cold weather, I've heard incidents of folks freaking out when their engines failed to crank, but not understanding that the batteries need to warm up first and that you warm up the battery by leaning on the starter button for several seconds.
  11. Seriously, that's absurd. Why bother having any organization of discussions on this system in the first place? I guess I can start putting all my 8th gen pictures and questions in the 3rd and 4th gen area as long as I include the text "4th gen" in the title?? EDIT: This area seems to be a more appropriate place for a catch-all VFR thread.
  12. At the risk of seeming pedantic, I thought this was a thread about 8th gen bikes. Anyway, are those marine grade crimps I see on the alternator input wires?
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