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  1. Link to source? I've seen a few things like that in the 'States but they're all chrome stuff for the H-D crowd.
  2. Rectaltronics


    Well, um, $900 frame sliders... (discount price plus tax and shipping) Can't replace just a lid, and can't replace just one side either. Somewhere here many moons ago there was a post about a way of ordering just a lid from someplace in Yurp I think, but nobody ever followed up with an explanation of how to get the old one off without making a dreadful mess of the whole thing.
  3. Glad to hear it! Yeah, it's tough to find places to put farkles on this VFR...
  4. Rectaltronics

    Check out this TT Legends 8th Gen VFR

    I was being nice. I've been agreeable to plenty here - including in my previous post. That you choose to focus away from that is your issue, not mine. It is true though, that not too many motorcyclists are concerned about what "folks allegedly think", and that includes a good cross-section of the members here on VFRD. And a lot of us who do actually care, have a skewed perception of what constitutes acceptable noise. That's precisely how and why we end up with more and more laws (and more expensive laws) specifically addressing loud motorcycles, even when there's no great shortage of loud cars. In NYC or California for example, tickets for loud or otherwise illegal motorcycle exhausts can be between $300 and $3000 and even result in confiscation of the bike. You seem to use the term "authoritarian" as a pejorative. Or did you mean "authoritative"? Forget it - it doesn't matter. Look, I don't write these laws and I certainly didn't vote to pass them. But as someone who is politically active and who is a hard-working public advocate for motorcycle and scooter use in my city, and who actually fought and won against "label law" legislation here and even helped get a troublesome anti-motorcycle Council Member voted out of his office, I can legitimately report first-hand about how the overwhelming majority of folks feel about motorcycle noise. Likewise, I am able to report first-hand what that costs the motorcycle community in terms of burdensome lawmaking, overly aggressive law enforcement, ugly treatment on the roads by other motorists, and truly maniacal resistance to even the most basic requests for sensible treatment in issues as seemingly harmless as parking. Not only do most people hate the noise -- some react to the mere subject of it with PTSD -like symptoms. Feel free to complain about "tyranny of the majority" if that's your speed. But facts are facts. Sorry if they don't agree with the desire for some to share their noise with everyone in a one-mile radius and/or who believe that loud pipes will save their lives.
  5. The open-back PMR design leaves me with weather concerns as well. And none of the switches are advertised on their site as being waterproof. If you know the manufacturer and model I could look 'em up.
  6. Rectaltronics

    Check out this TT Legends 8th Gen VFR

    Most folks who hate loud motorcycles will tell you you're farging crazy regarding your aftermarket cans generalization. And I'm inclined to agree. The good news, at least in the 'States, is that the last couple of years have seen an increase in EPA type-approved slip-ons (due entirely to increasing legal pressures) and as long as you don't screw with them, the increase in noise is tolerable. But, most folks who hate loud motorcycles will agree that the V-twin crowd does have the market cornered. Which is fine since that's the only corner they can do well. 😎 Back to being serious, the big V-twin thumping noise penetrates everything and is almost impossible to insulate against. It is viciously intrusive and is probably responsible for most of the hatred directed toward motorcycle riders. Anyway, I'm loving the pics. Very tempting to invest in a vinyl kit... If you pull off those plastic bits, it doesn't look much different from a Staintune, which is inexplicably adored by so many VFR afficionados.
  7. I just use a medium duty steel security cable (with loop ends) through the eye port(s) of the helmet(s) and secure that to one of the steel loops under the rear seat, and leave the helmet(s) sitting on the seat(s) of the bike.
  8. If you take a minute or two to take any gadgets off the helmet, position it just so and there's nothing else in the case and you don't mind the inside of the case scratching up the paint on the helmet because there's not even room for the helmet sock that came in the box, it might possibly fit. No guarantees. Maybe find a pal with the panniers and conduct a test. EDIT: If you're thinking about storing two lids, the second oughta' be a brain bucket because the pannier over the exhaust is more cramped.
  9. Rectaltronics


    Fair 'nuff. Pricey rubber, but what the heck...
  10. Rectaltronics


    I looked again - I haven't seen any posts mentioning them on 8th Gen bikes.
  11. Rectaltronics


    Using Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires right now. They've served me fairly well. Thinking about replacing them with Michelin Road 5 tires before my next road trip. Has anyone tried them? Any thoughts??
  12. Rectaltronics

    16000 mile valve check extended to 24000

    Those mechanics gotta make a living somehow.
  13. Rectaltronics

    Stong winds + hill = toppled vfr

    I've been getting solid service from a place on Long Island City (Queens) - New York Honda Yamaha. If you insured for this sort of thing, let them know and they can work with the adjuster.
  14. Rectaltronics

    Steering issue?

    They might be squaring off a bit.
  15. Rectaltronics

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    Weird how they went to a silver fork with the black frame.

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