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  1. Rectaltronics

    Steering issue?

    They might be squaring off a bit.
  2. Rectaltronics

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    Weird how they went to a silver fork with the black frame.
  3. Rectaltronics

    Glare On Instruments

    I think the glare affected me once in almost, what, four years?
  4. Rectaltronics

    Braided Stainless Lines for 8th Gen?

    Brand new pads and a professionally done system flush did wonders for my 8th gen yesterday. Just sayin'...
  5. Rectaltronics

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    New brakes front and rear. Not quite metal on metal but way too close at 16,000 miles. The mechanic didn't even remove the valve covers. Gave it the "listen with a screwdriver" routine and said we'll lift the covers for the 32,000 mile service.
  6. Rectaltronics

    Air Intake Flapper Removal and Tidy Up

    I am absolutely convinced that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real.
  7. Rectaltronics

    Air Intake Flapper Removal and Tidy Up

  8. Rectaltronics

    Chain Mileage

    I'm sure I can develop a product to address that.
  9. Rectaltronics

    Ignition sistem

    This is just like anything else. Shop around unless you don't care about money.
  10. Rectaltronics

    Ignition sistem

    Is there anything unique about H.I.S.S. aside of the name? http://www.armstrong.com.au/automotive/what-are-transponder-keys-chip-keys/ http://mcguirelocksmith.com/service-articles/automotive/history-general-motors-security-keys/
  11. Rectaltronics

    Ignition sistem

    OK kids I'm not a locksmith but I played one on TV once... 🙂 Actually I could tell you how I know but I'd have to kill you. First, about the keys getting cut. A qualified locksmith can pick the lock and at that point either replace the cylinder, replace the tumblers and make keys accordingly, or figure out how to cut the keys for the tumblers in place. Picks do exist for Honda's "wave" locks. It's not that tough. Actually there's another option which is to leave the tumblers out altogether, then anything can turn the lock! Second, about matching up chipped keys and ECUs. If it's anything at all like the computer tools for the automotive segment, the "legit" OEM or OEM -blessed ECU interface gadgets and software usually does have certain requirements to prevent criminals from getting their hands on the stuff and abusing it. But there's no shortage of bootleg tools and software that doesn't give a darn. Good locksmiths who keep current with technology often have several hardware and software options on-hand.
  12. Rectaltronics

    Ignition sistem

    I'm going with "masterful troll." Probably not, but it's fun watching folks interpret this utterly beautiful Rorschach test. You guys know the joke, right..?
  13. Rectaltronics

    Ignition sistem

    Any decent locksmith should be able to figure out the necessary key cuts. Picks for wave keyways are available now.
  14. Rectaltronics

    Wiring Up A Power Socket.

    Thanks for the due diligence! For a moment I thought maybe the relay was left in place for some alternative use, maybe even for our convenience, like for folks who wanted to drive auxiliary lights with their high-beam and passing switches. But the relay is just switching current through the [low-current] switch! And according to you, low-current wiring into the 5P connector, too. Then for a moment I considered that maybe there would be some sort of surprise in the full schematic. But, nope. It isn't isolating the driver module in any way. Really, I can't believe the six sigma folks didn't catch this. It is quite bizarre.
  15. Rectaltronics

    Wiring Up A Power Socket.

    That relay seems to be the VFR's appendix.

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