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  1. Katie

    Angled Valve Stems

    Or just buy some black ones from a different supplier? Just saying...
  2. Katie

    Angled Valve Stems

    Got some off Ebay and had them fitted last week (along with a new set of Bridgestone T30s) and they're brilliant! It's soooo nice not scrape the flesh off my fingers on the brake discs Cost a grand total of £4.24 including postage eBay item number:152215684826
  3. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I went for rechargeable heated gloves. The Bering ones are great and last a good three hours on full blast :)
  4. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I did.Pics fixed above (probably!)
  5. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Mine seem to be a very useful addition too Yesterday was around 1C and today was torrential rain all the way in! Definitely warmer; the rain protection was great for the first 30-40 miles but nothing was stopping the rain running back down my arms as soon as I hit traffic!
  6. You must live nearer the equator than I do...
  7. I love ABS. Going from 70mph to 0 between two rows of cars on wet and gravelly lane markings has a way of raising appreciation of the technology
  8. Totally with you on #2. Especially without a slipper clutch!
  9. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    And I ordered the electric blue. Never did get round to getting those daft bar end weights out to trial the handguards. Tried a couple of times, broke a screwdriver, gave up! There was no way I was going to take the heated grips off (and risk breaking them) until it gets warmer...
  10. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Might be your phone, I can see the pictures in your quote of my post!
  11. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    And courtesy of Powerbronze, the Electric Blue (will match my Iridium Cool Blue screen) and the Sapphire Blue:
  12. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Hopefully they'll send you a colour chart and I can see the mysterious Frosted Sapphire Blue
  13. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Cool, thank you :) My initial thought, seeing them on the Powerbronze website, was negative but they look less intrusive in real life. Now as to whether I can justify the £65 price tag...
  14. Katie

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I can't open the pics, any chance of re-posting?

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