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  1. It's kinda funny in a morbid sort of way... Since I punctured the one eardrum, the hearing in that ear is obviously far worse than the other. Walking through the woods, if there's a sound in the distance, I can turn in a circle and it's like a radar sweep. I can tell exactly what direction it came from.
  2. True, but I'll bet at this point you could probably talk them into a set of tires at cost to move a five year old "new" bike... start by asking for them free. Probably get them to flush the fluids as well, depending on if you trust them to actually do it.
  3. Interesting as always Mohawk. I'm betting the dyno shows some gains. Factory Pro has a chart that shows which injector was fitted to which model. The 06+ 6th gen shares an injector with the 04-07 CBR1000RR only they run at 50psi (also, the next model CBR has some crossover with the 7th gen). I've read a few old threads from people playing around with fuel pressure as a substitute for a modified fuel maps. I think that's a bit of an oversimplification, but I imagine that if your map includes a lot of enrichment throughout, there may be some benefit to running at higher pressures and running with less duty cycle in your fuel map. Obviously, this requires another round of tuning to be effective, but if you've done enough mods to flow enough air, it might be worth playing with. Edit: this is just a few musings of my own, not really aimed at anyone in specific... Obviously Mohawk knows what he's doing without my help!
  4. ... and to top it off, new old stock bikes are still popping up at dealerships for under $9000! Edit: Oh, excuse me... Under $7000! https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2014-Honda-VFR-800-Interceptor-5008715786
  5. My dad has been complaining for years that women all mumble... unfortunately, I'm just starting to notice what he's talking about.
  6. The whole thing is just goofy in my opinion. Instead of adding a couple lines of code to their ECU, they add two coolant hoses and a wax actuator. I capped the nipples supplying water to mine and installed a manual choke cable which is virtually unnecessary in warm weather.
  7. Nice... That's the level of excellence I expect from eBay.
  8. Have Jamie build you a shock. http://daughertymotorsports.com/bd40-shocks/ He does excellent work and knows VFRs. It was absolutely transformative for my bike. I'm not super aggressive myself, but the tight twisty coast roads I enjoy tend to be pretty rough. Better suspension made them more fun.
  9. Fair enough... It could be that I've escaped trouble so far because my suspension is pretty well dialed in, but there's no need to press my luck if there is a history of failure. I just wasn't aware of any failures like this on this particular bike. It is cast aluminum which isn't exactly the most resilient material. It strikes me that your plan is essentially to build a big washer for the under side of the triple, but I don't see that doing much to resist force from the top. Thats the direction that the biggest shock would come from and a weld isn't going to change that appreciably. I'm working out of town for the next week, so I've got time to think it over...
  10. "Have a welder" ... Heh... You mean break out my tig torch?' Still, welding may create more stress than it's worth. I'll check the metal for cracks when I change the fork oil next week (had a leak), but that metal really isn't that thin. Still, thanks for the heads up... I'll think about it and see what I come up with.
  11. You have a Kawasaki Vulcan and you want to wrap the frame? This seems like a pretty weird place to ask, since this is a forum dedicated to Honda's V4 sport bikes. That said, I'm with Terry!
  12. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/1998/vfr800fi-a-interceptor/water-pump 16, 17, 18... 17 and 18 would require you to pull the throttle body first, so it's worth doing them if you're going to do hoses... While you're at it, do a thermostat too. I personally wouldn't open that can of worms unless I was ready to do it all. If it's running and you want to get some saddle time, I'd save it for winter if they aren't leaking. It's definitely old enough that it's worth doing, but it's the kind of thing that might take some time your first time. Also, I've revised my opinion on silicone hoses. They look pretty, but I have had more troubles with stubborn drips than rubber has ever given me. YMMV, some people are very happy with them. I tried them and have gone back to rubber.
  13. I didn't bother with the LSL kit. It depends how handy you are, but I just drilled the stick triple and used Pro Taper bar clamps.
  14. Is that just dirty, or pitted? Just looking at pictures, it looks to me like it could have been rusted, pitted and cleaned up before, or that could just be crud... Any way it goes, I'm with Greg on this one. If it was my bike, I'd pull the pump and really see what I was up against.
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