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  1. Interesting... if the info I'm getting from the parts fiche is right, they changed to the later springs and master cylinder, but the slave cylinder stayed until the 6th gen.
  2. Nice... I mean, not ideal overall for you, but nice to be homing in on the problem. The head leaks are probably the big part of your problem. I don't know what the general consensus has been on the slip joints. Personally, I've always come down on the side that a little (very little) high-temp permatex helps a good seal and allows the joint to come back apart the next time. Just make sure you use something that stays flexible, and if it's squeezing back out of the joint, you're using too much. Opinions on that may vary, so take it for what it's worth. I also firmly believe that virtually all metal-to-metal joints need to be treated with something. Threads either need Anti-seize (that O2 sensor for example...), or threadlocker or even pipe dope. Electrical contacts get contact enhancer and the plastic connectors get dielectric grease... you get the idea. I won't claim to be absolutely religious about it, but it's my rule of thumb. They make all these different compounds for a reason, and they all have their place.
  3. Life isn't safe... might as well enjoy your ridiculously overpowered human propulsion device at the kind of speeds it's capable of once in a while. I'd rather have some fun before I inevitably die of cancer or heart disease or get hit by a drunk driver or succumb to some as-of-yet-unknown plague that wipes out a third of humanity or... Not to wax all philosophical, but the safer we make ourselves as a species, the more things there seem to be to worry about. According to ourworldindata.org in 1800 the health conditions of our ancestors were such that 43% of the world's newborns died before their 5th birthday. If you're old enough to legally ride a motorcycle, you've already beat the odds for much of human history. That was a kind of a dark tangent for a discussion about tires... sorry. So the Road5s are good then? 😁
  4. Also, not really helpful for some of us. Getting a check for replacement value would not do anything for all the time and effort I've put into all the little things I've done. I don't want a replacement, I want to keep MY bike!
  5. Heh... I think you'd notice, but... I've known a slightly alarming number of people who've been shot for various reasons... those who were shot with a .22 are still breathing! It's actually pretty messed up how many people I know who've been shot now that I think about it!
  6. Good point... don't want to crack the new pipes!
  7. So... I'm just throwing this out there. Forget kleenex and roach clips. If you're looking for leaks, bubble solution is your friend. A spray bottle with some dish soap and water will find leaks that won't stir a breeze.
  8. Also... not to promote the other site, but... https://vfrworld.com/threads/brembo-radial-clutch-upgrade-with-pics.44505/ You might shoot CandyRedRC46 a PM if you want some real world feedback about the radial masters. It looks like the radial stuff is actually larger diameter, but changing to radial changes the whole dynamic. Edit: His thread on the same subject here:
  9. Flip that around... Those combos would be super short! Yeah, a radial master would be pretty sweet, but they do tend to be spendy. I'm seeing plenty of used 6th gen masters on this side of the pond for pretty decent prices, though I'm not sure how bad shipping would be. Little differences in a clutch make a huge difference in feel. Think of it this way... 1" of lever travel (25.4mm conveniently with our ratios) on the stock 5th gen becomes all of 28mm or just under 1-7/64"... I think some of the European stuff (not sure about Ducati) uses a 12mm master. With the 35.6mm slave that would be a 2.97 ratio... Not sure if that would wind up being too long or not... It might be just the ticket with stiff enough springs, assuming it has enough travel to actuate fully. The last thing you want is to shorten the slave travel to the point where it either starts dragging or slipping! I'm no expert, I'm mostly just playing with numbers here... still, we'll see in a week or two, depending on when my parts show up!
  10. Is it just me, or would others be a lot more amenable to an inline 4 if they'd just use make more crossplane I4s? The first thing I fell in love with on the VFR was the sound. I mean, the R1 sounds great... I just don't want to have to spend any time sitting on one!
  11. Ah, didn't know one way or the other about the HISS... But a 22? That seems extremely unwise... If you are going to shoot someone for stealing your bike, the last thing you want is them surviving to take the witness stand against you!
  12. Based on a little Googling, the 6th is 12.7mm (1/2"). The 6th gen is definitely a bit unsubtle, which is why the idea of swapping to a 5th gen slave sounded good to me. And a thank you to Buzzner for proving the concept... Stray, are you saying your 5th is too soft? Because going to the Oberon (or other 38mm) slave is going to be softer, as would going to a 6th gen master with your stock slave... Assuming we have correct numbers, quickest to softest would be... Stock 5th gen 35.6mm:14mm 2.54 ratio Stock 6th gen 33.5mm:12.7mm 2.64 ratio Oberon slave for 5th master 38mm:14mm 2.71 ratio 5th slave/ 6th Master 35.6mm:12.7mm 2.80 ratio Oberon slave for 6th master 36mm:12.7mm 2.83 ratio Based on that, I have to assume that if the 5th is known for being soft, there has to have been changes to the clutch itself on the 6th gen because the 5th should be the least soft! Maybe they went to a much stiffer spring?
  13. Well, they used to hang horse thieves... Do 8th gens have HISS? If so, doesn't that already defeat punching the ignition? It seems like your solution would be a solution looking for a problem, while potentially being a problem in its own right.
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