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  1. I changed my clutch lever out for a new one a few months back. Ever since, I've been hearing a fluttering, "clacking" noise coming from somewhere underneath my tank, when I pull in the clutch all the way with the bike in gear. I took off the small micro switch near the clutch lever, and cleaned the two wiring connecters that plug into that switch. No improvement. I took the switch off again, and tried to clean the very small contacts located inside the micro switch. Still no improvement in the clattering noise. Since I figured it was the flapper valve that was intermittently opening and clos
  2. Thanks, my LCD goes through a brief routine, but I'm getting no needle sweep. I must have been remembering my '16 Burgman from last season, when I was remembering the needles on the speedo and tach performing their little pre-start dance. Good to know nothing's gone wrong with my 5th Gen VFR...
  3. This one will probably win the "Dumb Question of The Day" award. Are the needles on the gauges supposed to "cycle" upon turning the key to the "On" position? I have many bikes. My 2000 VFR does not get ridden, other than a couple of times per year. This year when I broke it out for the first time, I noticed that the needles on the gauges did not "cycle" to the right, and back to their resting position, when I first turned the key to the "On" position. Am I mis-remembering that my bike did this in the past, or am I confusing my VFR's start-up routine with one of my other bikes
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