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  1. https://ngksparkplugs.com/en/resources/5-things-you-should-know-about-spark-plugs
  2. P.S. they stated that this practice is dangerous because lube can lead to over tightening.
  3. You mean like they used grease or oil as an anti cease agent? I just saw a video that explains that more expensive (silver colored) spark plugs get a special treatment or coating that prevents them from sticking or jamming. Anti cease paste can be used on cheap plugs (black appearance). But normally if you follow torque specifications it shouldn't be necessary. But thank you for your answer. That makes sense.
  4. I just pulled my four plugs and they seem to be great. Electrodes seem new and they look like they're the right color. Might have been changed recently? My hesitation is with a gooey deposit they all had at the seal on the thread. I am wondering what might cause this and if it's cause for concern?
  5. I saw a few posts on "the drill" which seems to be a post on checking a new acquisition. How do I find it? I tried looking with search but I get so many irrelavent results that I couldn't find it. Is this the title of the post? I read in a search result that it is supposed to be under "electrical" but still didn't find it.
  6. So ther's a way to bypass and avoid tinkering next time?
  7. My ignition switch has seen better days. I tried DW40 and oil to lube them, but seventeen years of wear is what it is. So I went to the dealer and they want close to $300 for the ignition and that doesn't include the gas tank and the sattle lock! No thank you. While I was there the sales clerk told me they had had a client who wanted to change his locks and Honda apparently hides some kind of anti-theft device in the lock. So I was basically resigned to the idea of putting up with rough insert until failure and then forking out loads of cash. While looking for something else unrelated
  8. You have a good eye! It had 54000km on it last Sunday. I've added close to 800km this week.
  9. Hey there The previous owner of my 2003 vfr800a installed after market exhausts and removed the knob on the cylinder for the adjustment to the rear suspension. I went to the Honda dealer today and they told me it isn't sold seperately, that I have to buy the whol shock assembly! Does anyone have any idea as to where I might get my hands on just the knob? Junk yard?
  10. Hello I just bought my 2003 VFR800 this past Sunday and am very happy despite having to do a lot of work on it. My question pertains to the friction point on the clutch handle. It's very far and I find it difficult to engage as I have small hands. I am wondering if there is a way to ajust this or it is simply a sign that the clutch needs to be replaced? Thanks in advance for your help.
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