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  1. KevinWoods

    8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    With the advancement/price reduction in 3D printers, has anyone printed out a solution?
  2. I am looking for recommendations for a GPS recovery device for my 2014 VFR. Living in Atlanta losing my bike to theft is a unfortunate possibility. I have seen many different GPS devices, some battery operated and some hardwired in. Also some have as much as $25/monthly fee, and that is probably more than I would like to spend. How does using one of these theft recovery devices help with insurance costs?
  3. KevinWoods

    Moving a bike 800 miles looking for ideas

    I bought my bike from this dealer in north east Iowa and hauled it back to Kansas City. I got it home on the back of a rented full-size pickup truck. Loading was easy at the dealership and for unloading I stopped at my local bike repair shop and they let me use their ramp for unloading. I might try that again if I don’t want to wait until it warms up.
  4. KevinWoods

    Moving a bike 800 miles looking for ideas

    The fun part will be arranging air travel and coordinating that with a good weather weekend.
  5. KevinWoods

    Moving a bike 800 miles looking for ideas

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I am going to wait a couple months and just fly up and ride the bike down. Maybe March or so. I can go either through St Louis or down south route so I should be able to avoid too many heavy showers. I’m sure 2 400mile days should not be too much trouble, if I make many stops. I usually park my bike once it gets below 40 degrees because I haven’t invested in a good seat of cold weather gear, yet.
  6. A few months back I got a new job and moved to Atlanta (from Kansas City). The move was sort of last minute and I ended up storing my bike instead of moving it with me. I am trying to find out the best way to get the bike to Atlanta now. Here are some of the options I am investigating: 1)motorcycle transport. 2)renting trailer or truck and driving towing/hauling it back 3)cheap 1 way plane ticket and riding it down over a weekend. The trip from Kansas City to Atlanta is about 800 miles and the longest bike ride I have done was maybe 150 miles. My bike is a completely stock 2014 VFR800. Thanks! kevin

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