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  1. Pulled by bike out of storage and loaded on Uhaul trailer for the 800+ trip from Kansas City to Atlanta. Now just need to get it tagged here. Looking forward to the interesting Atlanta traffic on the bike!
  2. Fully stock 2014 VFR800 for sale. Only 616 miles. Perfect condition, always garaged. Bike is locates in Atlanta. Asking $6000 cash no trades
  3. With the advancement/price reduction in 3D printers, has anyone printed out a solution?
  4. I am looking for recommendations for a GPS recovery device for my 2014 VFR. Living in Atlanta losing my bike to theft is a unfortunate possibility. I have seen many different GPS devices, some battery operated and some hardwired in. Also some have as much as $25/monthly fee, and that is probably more than I would like to spend. How does using one of these theft recovery devices help with insurance costs?
  5. I bought my bike from this dealer in north east Iowa and hauled it back to Kansas City. I got it home on the back of a rented full-size pickup truck. Loading was easy at the dealership and for unloading I stopped at my local bike repair shop and they let me use their ramp for unloading. I might try that again if I don’t want to wait until it warms up.
  6. The fun part will be arranging air travel and coordinating that with a good weather weekend.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I am going to wait a couple months and just fly up and ride the bike down. Maybe March or so. I can go either through St Louis or down south route so I should be able to avoid too many heavy showers. I’m sure 2 400mile days should not be too much trouble, if I make many stops. I usually park my bike once it gets below 40 degrees because I haven’t invested in a good seat of cold weather gear, yet.
  8. A few months back I got a new job and moved to Atlanta (from Kansas City). The move was sort of last minute and I ended up storing my bike instead of moving it with me. I am trying to find out the best way to get the bike to Atlanta now. Here are some of the options I am investigating: 1)motorcycle transport. 2)renting trailer or truck and driving towing/hauling it back 3)cheap 1 way plane ticket and riding it down over a weekend. The trip from Kansas City to Atlanta is about 800 miles and the longest bike ride I have done was maybe 150 miles. My bike is a completely stock 2014 VFR800. Thanks! kevin
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