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  1. Tires!

    Michelin Power RS report ~1900 miles: left edge is gone, right still has roughly 200 miles left, center has a ton of miles left. I guess I favor left handers. I don't commute, but I did do a 700 mile road trip with about 130 miles of highway. The rest of the miles are on SoCal mountain roads. These tires are temp and pressure sensitive. By that I mean if they get hot, they will get greasy. I had the rear set too low on a 90 degree Fahrenheit day and they squirm at lean under acceleration. That's the bad. Now the good: most confidence inspiring tire I've ever used. Mileage isn't as good, but for performance, these are better than S21, PP3, and for the street, even better than the vaunted Pirelli Supercorsa. Ok, that is bold. Let me explain. The RS gets up to operating temp much faster than the Supercorsa on the street. In fact, I always feel like i really have to push the Supercorsa before it comes up to temp, and those first couple of miles after a break are always a little adventure. Not so with the RS. Great tire for someone that commutes, but also likes to ride the canyons hard. If you only ride the canyons, you'll leave a lot of life in the center of the tire. The pic was taken at 1700 miles.
  2. Tires!

    Correct. Those are not sport touring tires. I haven't ran a sport touring tire in a long time, but I hear really good things about the Bridgestone S21/T30 front/rear combo. Can't say for myself though.
  3. Tires!

    In this case, the RS is the Michelin Power RS. Another linear tire is the Bridgestone S21.
  4. Tires!

    That wasn't aimed directly at me, but since I share the opinion: The RS is a bit slower than the PP3, but it is far more linear. It gives that dial-a-lean feel. The PP3 has a more triangular profile which is great at initiating the turn, but IMO, gives the feeling that the bike is falling into the lean. I almost feel like I have to counter steer away from the apex to keep the bike from leaning too far. It is a personal preference, but I like the more neutral and linear feeling, especially mid corner. I agree wirh your comment on the 2 compounds.
  5. Tires!

    No doubt a good rider on a VFR with sport touring tires can certainly leave an impression. I'm not good enough to be comfortable with all the sliding. Especially the front. When I first switched from sport touring to hypersport tires, I was blown away by how much better they grip. I like the mileage of the ST tire, but love the handling of a sport tire more. Bottom line,there is no right or wrong here. It's how you ride. If I lived in a straight flat area, I wouldn't waste my money on hypersport tires, but in SoCal wearing out the center before the edges is almost a crime.
  6. Tires!

    What pressures were you running? I had S21 bstones on my VFR, and loved them. I ran 34f/36R, and I'm heavier than the average guy. Can't say how they were in terms of longevity, they were wearing well when the bike was stolen. I have the new Michelin Power RS on the Daytona. Loads of grip, more neutral than the old PP3, and warm up quickly, but mileage may be an issue, I'll see. Plus I want to find out if they go off at the wear bars like the PP3 did.
  7. Tires!

    Just thought I'd post an update on the S21. I have 2k miles on them now; almost all of that is canyon riding. Those miles that aren't, are riding to the canyons with the exception of 2 or 3 days of commuting. These are great tires for aggressive street riding, better than the S20evo and pp3 in my opinion. I can't comment on the Q3. Can't comment on the wet performance of the S21 either as we haven't had much rain in Southern California since I mounted these back in late July. I run 34f/36r and the tires feel very neutral. They tip in a bit quicker than the S20evo and not as quick as the PP3, but (and this is the reason I love them for Canyon riding) they are so compliant that changing lines mid corner is never dramatic. Here's an example from earlier today. I'm going around a blind corner on a very narrow section of road, when suddenly I notice a patch of sand in my line, I have about a foot of clean pavement between the sand and the double yellow, but just to make things interesting, there is a SUV coming the other direction with his wheels just on his side of the double yellow. I braked, stood the bike up to widen the line, got off the brakes and dropped back into the turn just missing the sand and the SUV. The guy behind me said he thought I was going to hit the SUV, and also stated that I only missed the mirror by a couple of inches. The moment was dramatic, but the tires never added to the drama. The feel with these tires is extraordinary as well. I can feel the surface but that feel doesn't translate into odd feedback. It's just enough to let you know something is going on without overloading the senses. I'd say less feel than the S20evo and more than the PP3. The S20evo is a bit lively and can translate a bit too much input for my taste. Here are some pics with 2k miles. For reference, I get between 2,500 and 3k with the pp3 and the last 500 miles with the PP3 is always an adventure.
  8. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Yeah, I know. Just haven't gotten around to it. When I get free time, I want to ride so it hasn't been a priority for me. I notice my license plate frame was broken too.
  9. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    This doesn't compete with SlfAware, but I mounted the Pipe Werx GP3 for an 98-02 VFR on my 2014 VFR. The only thing I had to source separately was the clamp that connects the link pipe to the Cat. Everything else was a perfect fit. Pics and a sound clip.
  10. Riding quotes

    Not the forum, but here is the bike. http://www.fasterandfaster.net/2014/08/the-story-of-marvin-webber-and-worlds.html?m=1
  11. Riding quotes

    I've seen that beautiful machine over on the ZXFORUM a couple of times. Never thought it would follow me over here. Love the ZX7R. Thinking of making mine a track bike.
  12. Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    Did anyone watch FR4 or qualifying? How many times can MM save a front end slide? JL, VR, and MM should all be running near the front by the end of the race if the conditions hold.
  13. Picture Thread

    Sure thing. Details aren't set yet, and I don't have a lot of flexibility on dates because it isn't my ride, but I'll let you know either way.
  14. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    So if the 5th gen exhaust fits, couldn't a Delkevic high mount be installed with minimal fabrication?
  15. Picture Thread

    I posted this on the ride thread, but this thread could use a bump anyways. Two 8th gen, a 6th gen, and a handful of 5th gen VFRs enjoying a break at Mother's Kitchen atop Palomar Mountain.

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