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  1. We mere mortals, who stand in awe of these Moto-gods, get to observe them in their natural habitat - at the IBR start/finish and/or the intermediate checkpoints. Truly inspiring.
  2. Ya gotta follow your bliss. Enjoy!
  3. Plan A: 1) calculate the cost: flight, hotels, gas, fuel. 2) buy whatever gear you’ll need for the weekend (rain, heated, etc,), remembering to rationalize the purchase based upon years of future usage. 3) plan “flexible” weekends - and keep an eye on weather patterns for the route(s) you plan. 4) when the 5-day forecast looks survivable, buy the plane ticket and DO IT. As my bride and I often say about traveling in other countries: if you don’t die, you’ll have memories and stories to share. If you do die, well you were gonna die someday anyway. Plan B: 1) if your longest ride to date is 150 miles (and it probably wasn’t in the dead of winter), is it realistic to think you can do three times that distance (10+ hours, with breaks/day, in the dead of winter? 2) have the bike shipped instead. 3) when you get the bike in ATL, take it out for 5 hour/200 mile rides every Saturday & Sunday, pretending you’re training for a longer excursion. Enjoy!
  4. She is a beauty! Whenever I hear about folks parking their bike for winter, I want to cry. ::insert digital sympathy card here:: May your season be bright and may spring come early. B.
  5. Being a Wingabago owner I’m familiar with the many trailers available for towing behind motorcycles. Even in the FJR world there are a few hearty souls who pull. Though I don’t recall anyone doing so while lane splitting. Uniglo seems the best for this use. (And I think most brands/models have a warning in the owners manual against the practice. Lawyers. Go figure.) My biggest question would be about how to attach a hitch? Do model-specific hitches for the VFR exist? If a custom-fab was made, what would be the attachment points? Enquiring minds. Please update us on your progress. B.
  6. Damn. Sounds awesome. My only trip this year was San Diego to Seattle, to drop off one of my bikes for our son. I hear the road calling...
  7. Yes, there is more elbow room out there. Once in a while I visit our niece & nephew in Wildomar - up & over Ortega, then down I-15 to 76 to I-5. Nice 100 mile loop.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. We’ve visited Amsterdam a couple times but would love to see more of your country - on a bike!
  9. Holy cow - you have an ‘86 VN750? Brings back many fond memories of sMiles past. I remember the time this cute blonde climbed on the back: she was the Perfect Pillion. A voice in my head said “she’s a keeper!”, so I married her a year later. Wow, 30 years flew past! Wouldn’t mind still having that bike - and glad the blonde stayed! Below is a photo of my Blackbird.
  10. Yup, deep behind the Orange Curtain. San Clemente.
  11. One more ‘hello’ from a fellow FNG - and Blackbird owner. Have fun with the new2u VFR.
  12. Greetings from the land of great riding weather. Currently I don’t have a VFR, but investigating. Not that I really need another bike - but I gave my FJR to one of our sons and I’m down to just two: My XX reminds me that I’m really not as old as my driver license says, the Wingabago gets out when my bride wants to go along - like a pie run to Julian? For those of you in the frozen north - hang in there! Spring can’t be that far away. For the rest - see you out there! B.
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