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  1. Love them too! They are now on my '09 ;-) Pic taken near Mt. Baker, WA
  2. Don't recall any sheep but lots of elk along the way.
  3. Wasn't too bad actually, around 35° THIS day was cold...http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/gallery/image/70226-snowy-day-on-allison-pass-in-manning-provincial-park-bc-elevation-1342m-and-2c-27f/ :blink:

    '08 VFR800A

    The new ride :-)
  5. Thanks, it does really change the right side view. I've got about 3,000km on a fresh oil change and not grimy at all. It does have a foggy, milky appearance on cold days until it gets up to temp though. Cheers!
  6. Yep it was a great ride! No avalanches or rockslides but the warnings were still in effect. It was actually nice and sunny when I went through Roger's Pass but got snowed on through Banff and Canmore and again on the way back through Manning Park. Can't say enough good things about the Pirelli Angel ST tires, not one sketchy moment on the whole trip. ;-)
  7. I like what TTC did with the black pressure plate. May try a similar colour at a later date.
  8. I had the cover and one of the rings powdercoated a sort of semi gloss black. I've left the other ring original and may change it out sometime for a different look. Gives the bike a cool look. One thing I can confirm is the fogging of the glass by the oil until it gets hot, at least right now with temps here around 5-10 degrees C (41-50 F).
  9. Got it powdercoated and installed a few days ago. Looks awesome! Thanks again Seb! More pics in the main thread: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/68201-clear-clutch-window/page-20

    '06 VFR ABS

    Bought in Texarcana,Texas and rode to where it now resides in Guadalajara, Mexico
  11. Pics as promised...Thanks again Seb!
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