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  1. HumalogAddict

    6th Gen doesn't start. Cranks but does not prime

    I do indeed have a vfrness installed.
  2. HumalogAddict

    6th Gen doesn't start. Cranks but does not prime

    Well now I feel stupid. I had checked the fuses but was looking for burnt (as I have always seen with electrical issues with this bike) and not broken. I went through them again and the two 20a fuses were indeed broken. So the booster pack blew the fuses and thus disabled the fuel pump but the bike was still able to run (badly) on what was in the lines. No charging or starting issue after all 🙂 Thanks for the help!
  3. HumalogAddict

    6th Gen doesn't start. Cranks but does not prime

    Thanks for the reply 🙂 The bike is still at work but I will check tomorrow. I do have a voltmeter and I'll brings a few tools with me. The service manual states I need to remove the upper cowl (front cowl) but they are usually incredibly excessive as to what needs to be removed. Can I reach the relay without removing it? I'll also pull the tank and check the voltage at the connection on the pump as well. I'm just not seeing how simply draining the battery could have caused the inability to charge the battery (system voltage at 12.5 whole running) and now the fuel pump not working. Could the battery pack have fried something? I mean it's just a battery pack and not a running car for example. It can only give so much juice. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm having an odd issue and was wondering if anybody could help. So yesterday like an idiot I forgot my keys in my ignition and the bike at ON when I went to work. I was happy to find the bike still there when I got back to it 🙂 So anyways I was able to get boosted with a booster pack from work. Bike started easily but was running at 12.5 as per my permanent voltmeter connected directly on the battery. This is obviously quite low as it is always at 14.3-14.4 when the bike is running. Voltage slowly dropped after a few minutes and the bike died. Ok so this would point to an issue with the charging system that just happened to happen at the same time as the battery being drained? Odd but ok, maybe. So I charged the battery overnight on the lowest setting on the work charger which was 2A. Higher then the recommended 1A but that should not be an issue. Battery was fully charged this morning (about 13.5) so I popped it back in. Drops to 12.5 with the key at ON, normal, try to start it, it cranks but will not start. The fuel pump does not prime. Main fuses (30a and both 20a near the battery as I have the vfrness) are all good. Now I'm confused 😕 I got the battery tested just to be sure and it is good (holds charge and load). I also tried putting it in neutral and in gear with the clutch in. I tried with the side stand up to eliminate the switch there. I also tried turning the kill switch off and on a bunch of times to see if anything was loose in there. Nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  5. Hi HumalogAddict, Thank you for your donation of $15.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. HumalogAddict


  7. HumalogAddict

    First Time On The Track

    Nice :)
  8. HumalogAddict

    2014 vfr800

    Woah :)
  9. HumalogAddict

    Beaumont, Kansas (USA) Ride

    nice pic!
  10. HumalogAddict


    very cool action shot!!
  11. HumalogAddict


    oh, that is yummy :)
  12. HumalogAddict

    Sparks flying

  13. HumalogAddict

    places I've ridden maps

  14. HumalogAddict

    VFR SF 1

    wow. That is reeeeeeeally nicely done!
  15. HumalogAddict

    Cycle Pirates 360' adjustable footpegs

    the way I read it you can only use their pegs... but you can keep your OEM shifter and brake levers

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