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  1. Lots of good info and should be a good time from either location. I'd like to make it, need to wait until much closer to summer to see how my vacations options from work shake out.
  2. VFROr

    The Road

    Another amazing image, a very cool scene captured with true photographer skills, love it!
  3. VFROr


    All is well that ends well, his computer crapped out mid-ticket, turned me loose with a smile
  4. VFROr


    3 Capes scenic route is good stuff!
  5. VFROr


    Lotsa Purdy violets ferns roses daisies?
  6. I used these cables on my gen 6, about 2" longer than stock, just enough for no binding but not a surplus to manage, either.
  7. Version jpg


    2010 VFR1200FD wiring diagram from factory service manual
  8. VFROr


    Thanks for the link HS, just got my FD manual. Took me a while to figure out this topic was about manuals I'll try to get the DCT wiring diagram in the downloads soon.
  9. There are a couple of stretches of Nevada that I want to have some extra fuel, so I have ordered one of these Reda Innovation gas cans that fit perfectly in one leg of the Giant Loop Great Basin luggage I plan on using this summer. 1 more gallon = easy feeling in the long and lonely http://giantloopmoto.com/products/great-basin-saddlebag/ http://giantloopmoto.com/products/reda-innovations-1-gallon-gas-can/
  10. VFROr


    Yup hwy 191 north of Price, one of many great Ut routes!
  11. 219 downloads

    After '05 Std. Partially colorized wiring schematic from Honda Factory Service Manual.
  12. VFROr

    IMG 0649 23

    Lovely country, great picture!
  13. VFROr

    Klik Canyon

    Klickitat Canyon on Glennwood Hwy between Goldendale and Glennwood, WA. As far as pic taking goes, I enyoy trying to capture the vibe of the road and landscape, good motivation for getting up early, or getting out on a weird weather day. Some roads I run twice, once for pics, once for fun
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