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  1. I got a ping from a recruiter about a NM job, am wondering if the entire state is that sparse? I am happy to ride the VFR at optimum speed, but would also like a special companion. It looks super fun out there!
  2. Hang in there! Moto riding and vaccination shall set ye free! I would very much like to get down under and ride with like minded VFR adventurers. LMK when a good time to visit approaches!
  3. I'm game to lighten my 6th gen if only to to improve electronics performance and reliability and gas mileage! My 2007 is the daily driver but not right now as rear brake light does not come on and the blinkers blow the fuse on activation of the switch. I want to learn to fix it but electrical seems to be achilles heel of this beast and replacement sounds like a better option for any purpose. Please point me the way!
  4. LMK what contact info you may need to include me in notices of future rides. I am SF East Bay. 2007 RWB VFR awaiting sprockets/chain replacement and for seals in next 2 weeks. Riding a Tiger 800 for now and had a sweet ride south on 1 SF to Morro Bay. No rain, not much traffic. Anyone consider a trip south?
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