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  1. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    too much math....two jugs of Engine Ice is a lot easier....no mistakes either
  2. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    that Interceptor has chain cam drive....gear drive didn't come around until later VFR750s
  3. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    Engine ice is good to -26 F
  4. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    this was my old coolant....factory fill.....3 years on the showroom floor, 3 years on the road......35,000 miles....looks good
  5. lshark


    i'm in the USA, that's not a problem.....i just wanted to see their finished product
  6. lshark


  7. lshark


    has anyone done the Sargent Seat foam upgrade ???? opinions ??? pictures ??? thanks
  8. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    i'm flushing my coolant now ....first time on this 1200....did it once on the first VFR and i felt the same way about it not taking the spec. capacity.......this time it took most of the gallon on the first flush.....that's where i'm at now........old coolant looked good.....3 years on the road and 3 years on the showroom floor......35,000 miles....back to the garage with my trusty weiner dogs to reinstall the clean K&N air filter and warm up bike for first flush
  9. lshark

    Antifreeze coolant flush

    did you try the air bleed procedure on page 7-6 of the shop manual ??......
  10. as far as the odd bits, i get my OEM parts from Partzilla https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle
  11. there is a billet aluminum filler plug available from a guy on the VFR1200F facebook page
  12. lshark

    Guhl ECU mod

    it is a rudimentary and crude system.....any lift of the front wheel slams me into the tank.....it really sucks.....i'm not afraid of the bike wheelieing or spinning the tire

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