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  1. Guhl ECU mod

    it is a rudimentary and crude system.....any lift of the front wheel slams me into the tank.....it really sucks.....i'm not afraid of the bike wheelieing or spinning the tire
  2. Guhl ECU mod

    i hate the TC on my 2012.....i only use it in the rain
  3. How to remove forks and ECU?

  4. disconnect and remove the cable....leave the servo connected to wiring harness....it will spin harmlessly....if you really want to remove the servo, the Guhl reflash eliminates the codes
  5. With regret......

    i really like this bag on my 1200 http://www.cortech.net/inc/sdetail/super_2_0_24l_tail_bag/181/575
  6. i think they could get in some trouble for selling a vehicle with an outstanding recall
  7. i have ridden almost 6000 miles since the new shaft was installed......no issues at all, big improvement over the old clunker
  8. 200,000KM

    did you have the recall done yet ?? what was the condition of the u joint ??
  9. an NC700 passed me while i was off of the bike the other day....it sounded like a sewing machine
  10. Bigger Fuel Tank

    that's cool if you don't mind the guys in the Prius blowing the horn and flipping you off as they pass you
  11. sounds nice, but i'd never hold on to the handlebars if i had this
  12. sounds nice, but i'd never hold on to the handlebars if i had this
  13. sounds nice, but i'd never hold on to the handlebars if i had this
  14. 200,000KM

    i have 80,000 km between my 2 VFRs
  15. 200,000KM

    wow. !!!! 124,274.238 miles....hey, it's a Honda !!

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