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  1. I have given it a thought..I will look into the ecu flash . Race Bike Evo also ..cheer's lad's 🙂. There are a few home made turn tables on you tube if you are handy with a saw 👍.
  2. Hi Skid's , I have recently purchased the Easy Turn for my bike . It was £83 mind you but it works well. I bought this as I can't manuvoure the bike over the chips from my garage to the slabbed area !! I just lay out a big old sheet of chip board. Roll her onto it from the garage and place the Easy Turn under the centre stand. I grab the pillion grab rails and lift her off the front wheel and spin her around . Was bricking it at first but my confidence has grown. It does the job ! While I am on ...Booster Plugs for the throttle ? Any good ? I have a few bumpy low speed corners here and have had to readjust my lean angle mid corner as unexpected accelaration !! Still , loving the bike. Got a screen coming soon. Wee ride out to Ellie today on the East coast ..😎👍.
  3. Thanks for all the welcome's !! I am going to sort the chippings in the drive way some day in the near future I hope. I got a turntable and I have an old thin sheet wood for the bike to sit on . Just more confidence in turning her around and I will be fine. Its only for going out the way . Hopefully my pics are attached on here somewhere ! Off shift again in couple of days so i hope the sun comes back out then . Cheers , Gary. My other 2 pics aren't downloading onto the site for some reason..?? Try and sort it next time !!
  4. Hi folks , just picked my 2010 VFR1200f-A , what a bike !! Candy Red. I will get a decent picture of her soon. Just saw a post regarding 2010 model being being dicey ? My bike just has 10500 miles on her and runs fantastic. Full service history. I would just go for it bud. I have restricted movement in my left knee due a bad Tibia Platue fracture but still able to change gear as the tank is narrow at the knees . Been on my radar for the last year . Bought a 99 CBR900RX from a friend but didn't enjoy it . Next was a R1200R but absolutely hated it and said right it's definitely the VFR and luckily saw my bike up for sale an hour's away from a good dealer . So no mucking about with dealers down south and get a cracking warranty etc close to home. My ride home was probably the best ride on the roads in years !! My problem is my garage is too tight for a turntable as half my driveway is red chippings. Nightmare to move the bike out. Apart from putting tar down just wondered if you guy's have any suggestions. Like a turntable for loose surface ?? I know asking a lot ...my left leg is not as strong as it was !! I am fine on smooth surfaces. Well I am looking forward to many miles on her and will browse on here for odd wee mods and tip's . The last owner was Ewan McGregor's dad ...!😃 Cheers , Gary.
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