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  1. LOL! Always had a thing about the earlier models before sensibility and de-tuning kicked in. Not seriously looking at the moment - still have Africa just put on hold till things open up again.
  2. You find a TL1000 with that kind of milage, stick it in a big suitcase and I'll shout you a trip to NZ. Yeah, did a m/c license test in California years ago on a GS750. The guy rolled his eyes when he saw the bike, but couple of minutes into the slow speed stuff he flagged the rest and said "so, you're already pretty familiar with bikes". Sold my R90/6 in Miami after a trip from Ca to Alaska north of the polar circle & back, then x-country via the south. Flew to England, bought a K100, did Europe & Turkey return, then shipped it to NZ. Many miles on it here before heading around O
  3. I'd say in someones big suitcase when they moved here. Apart from the speedo and odometer in miles I'm pretty happy now. But OMG the hash butchery of the electrics! Bought it as a non go-er from a guy who said the electrics were dead, even with a brand new battery. After I got it home I pressed the kill switch ton 'on'. Everything lights up - but no starter motor. A set of starter motor brushes later fired up first time. But ran a bit warm - one radiator with a bad split. Fixed that, then took it for a little 600km test run, changed the sludge, ran it again and changed again, this time wit
  4. 😄 this is a sadly neglected old girl ex England where they do nice stuff like put salt on the roads. Ok if you wash that shit off every 5,6,7....years. Never mind, she's found a loving home now.
  5. Apparently sarcasm is wearing its stealth cloak today.
  6. Hmmm...better check the brake fluid level. Nex minit: It is OK to run the hydraulics on used diesel oil and mud isn't it? They seemed (surprisingly!) to work averagely well on this before I opened it up (after 20 years). Apparently a similar viscosity, appearance and rank smelling oil was common to the forks too.
  7. Cost me $50 to send a second hand paperback to Europe by airmail beginning of December. Hasn't arrived yet. 50 Euro to post decals from Bulgaria to NZ. I wouldn't expect to receive anything for at least 3-4 months AFTER posting. And bike is being painted tomorrow. So, your suggestion is....?
  8. Vector files available by request - easier to send than anything physical in this Covid excuse for a totally f**ked postal system. After nearly 4 months and more than $50 postage for a second hand book (just a paperback, not an encyclopaedia) - still not delivered in Europe. Will never opt for post again.
  9. Whats it take to remove a tyre? 5-10 hours? Well not quite that bad but (lacking a tyre machine) those MOFO beads were seriously glued to the little bit of oxidation on the seating area of the rims! Plenty of struggle and a LOT of lube later the rims got stripped, wire brushed, sanded well prior to heading off to the painter. I promise - these are getting done properly. Haven't spotted any rattle cans in the paint shop (apart from under body rust preventative - N/A in this case). Killing time by replacing that knackered chain - see my post about the master link, and blinging up all the al
  10. And when your camel back runs dry and you've still got 300km to the next road house (for those not familiar - there aint NOTHING in between road houses)?? Yeah, and the ice WEST (assume you mean VEST)...the chances of finding a freezer every hundred km out there is ....oh yeah, there's one next to the snowflake on the flying pig! Parts of Western Australia can be pretty hard core. Rivals Western Sahara. I know - rode thru both.
  11. Cool. Just the 50 Euro postage and 3 month wait to deal with. As in my post above.
  12. Harden up guys - met a fellow idiot in Western Australia, sheltering under the one tree for hundreds of kms. His Enfield had a thermometer attached - 52C. Science experiment for the day: evaporative cooling of a water soaked t-shirt in extreme heat and low humidity conditions - i.e. WA 50+ degree day, long way from the coast and a bit of humidity, 90-100km/hr. Felt cooling effect for approximately 180 seconds. At 240 seconds bone dry. Nope - wasn't going to wear leathers that day.....
  13. I'm about to get printed off a set of graphics for my bike prior to repaint. My bike is a 2000 VFR800i English model in red. Decals: HECS x2, Honda curved on tail piece, Honda (almost straight) under edge of windscreen, Honda & wing logos left and right for tank, VFR logos x2 - (this is where they vary a bit) - VFR in solid, not faded black, PGM-FI-CBS in charcoal grey, Program....in black underneath. No "evolution", no "interceptor" etc.... Will include photos when I get proofs back from printer. The graphics development work for this has taken some time and cost. The
  14. And eventually the new 530 (yeah a bit over the top, but same price as the 520) chain arrived. Cut off the old riveted master link and found the problem/s... 1: O rings were not O any more. Totally flat, paper thin, oval. 2: Master link pins - one was close to 0.200", the other about 0.180" - I say about because it was far from a symmetrical cylinder. 3: Roller hole: should be pretty close to the pin size? About enough space to hold a disco on acid. It shouldn't be egg shaped right? 4: Overall chain length longer than new by 0.700" Conclusions - most likely one
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