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  1. Sorry to hear, thieves are the absolute worst. I ride a black VFR, don't see too many white VFRs in the wild here, will keep an eye out if I see any in London
  2. Thanks! I'm doing my first tour on the viffer this Friday, through France and Switzerland, so looking to get this fixed ASAP!
  3. Thanks, I got to it and somehow the bolt's come off. Does anyone know what size bolt it needs?
  4. Hi everyone, I just noticed yesterday that my right mirror is slightly loose at the base where it meets the fairing, does anyone know to tighten it? Any assistance is appreciated! Ride safe
  5. What is a safe/normal upper limit for operating temperatures?
  6. I've been fortunate to test ride a bike with this very pipe. I loved the sound, rich deep and burbling without being obnoxious loud.
  7. I picked up oem panniers today, very happy with how they look on the bike.
  8. The tracker is included with all new Honda motorcycles in the UK, free of charge and installation costs (although a subscription is required). So it's kind of an official accessory (but not manufactured by Honda), and I would be surprised if they included it with new bikes knowing they will drain batteries quickly. I'll check in with dealer and see what they say. Thanks all, weekend is nearly here, happy and safe riding!!
  9. Vehicle rescue service guy came to the bike, battery voltage was 10.7 Volts which he said is very low. Jump started the bike and he confirmed the alternator was working well charging at 13.8 volts. I do have a GPS tracker installed, but I still think it couldn't have drawn that much current over a 9 day period. I will take it back to the dealer's service department. Thanks for all the responses
  10. Hello everyone, I am a new owner of a brand new 17YM 8th Gen VFR in black which i picked up just under two weeks ago. I've been reading through the forum and there's some really useful information, I'm looking forward to becoming an active member! I do have a problem with the bike already though. When I picked the bike up I rode just under 100 miles on it and no issues. It was then parked in a garage for 9 days and now the bike won't start! It sounds like the battery is flat which surprised me. Has anyone experienced this issue with a new bike/battery? When I turn the ignition the lights come on the dash goes through the normal start up cycle. When I try to start the bike there's a strange almost tapping noise and the dash cuts out. Thanks
  11. Gorgeous looking exhaust! How does it sound?
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