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  1. Got out for about a 40 minute ride yesterday, pipe sounds good, nice little rumble without being too loud for the rest of society (IMO). I let it cool down and have fired it back up to idle for a couple of minutes, like after the original install, no condensation dripping out any more; checked again this AM, still no water. Life is good.
  2. Grum, Yep, figured that one out quick! Thanks. I've already committed, but how do you like the IXIL? looks cool. Here is the joint and the "leak", though can't see or feel any gases coming through, just drops of water.
  3. Thanks for the replies/info. I'll double check the clamp and get her out for a proper ride, looking forward to hearing the new pipe.
  4. Hi, Just picked up a new 2014 standard, I used to have a 1995 and a 2002, moved on to various other bikes and now came back to the VFR. Too hard to pass up a leftover 2014, though wasn't able to snag a deluxe relatively close to home. I installed an Arrow slip on, but it did not appear there was anyway to reuse the OEM gasket, the Arrow just barely slips over the header pipe, so the OEM gasket is basically the same diameter as the slip on. I am getting a little condensation, at idle - haven't been able to get out to ride yet - dripping out of the joint. Is this normal and/or a problem? Any other option for some type of sealant or gasket, though I can't see how I could get the slip on to fit over anything but the bare header. If it matters, I got the Pro Racing Slip on with Carbon tip. Absolutely zero info included regarding fitting it to the bike, which, with three bolts total, didn't seem to be a concern. Appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks,
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