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  1. sirimiri


    That is a gorgeously-maintained "Origami". The 8th gen spokes are certainly "faster-looking" than the 6th gen!
  2. sirimiri


    Thank goodness she's not a garage queen!
  3. Saab and VFR1200. This man has taste!
  4. sirimiri


    Great looking hybrid!
  5. Lee carves good lines. I'd follow him more closely, but his bike's emissions are gutted or something because it dribbles unburnt hydrocarbons on the followers... Still, he's a good guy and I would gladly ride with him any time.

  6. "We have the technology...."
  7. Definitely go for the most solid-state camera setup you can find....who knows how the mini-DV will stand up to moto-shocks.... Good fabrication! :thumbsup:
  8. Dammit, now I have another photo thread to salivate and wait over, anxiously hoping for new images.... I seriously am amazed by you guys who just throw together bike parts, it's a kind of ingenuity I could never have....
  9. Jeebus, no one can farkel-ize as fast as Wireless Will/House!!! :unsure:
  10. Dunno, that's still a pretty flimsy mount, eh?
  11. Well, if you don't know, we're certainly not going to tell you!!! :rolleyes:
  12. So, besides the fact that it's a VFR400 with RVF bodyworkish type stuff.... What exactly is it that I'm supposed to be looking for? Goldilocks inverted forks? What's the mod?
  13. Add it to the permanent 'fixes' section. Talus, thank for your spending your time documenting this. It is because of people like yourself that VFRd is such an amazing resource. Oh, and Papa Honda...WAKE UP!!!!! :rolleyes:
  14. Nothing, absolutely nothing can keep WW, er..."House" down. Keep it up, and keep posting your mods..... :thumbsup:
  15. Hmmm.... could this have been whipped up in AutoCAD and CNC'd by a shop? Just asking out of curiosity...the satisfaction of doing it yourself is great (though machining tools are needed in the house!) Nice looking stuff, mmmm mmmm mmmm!
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