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  1. damn I sent them a email a few days ago and I have not heard back yet
  2. I have not heard back yet, keep us informed if you hear from them.
  3. Starter doesn't run with clutch in

    unhook the wires from the switch, hook them together, then try to start it, make sure the clutch IS pulled, if it tries to start it will lurch forward. I only say this because I told someone to do this before, they blamed me for them dropping their bike... so that is all
  4. well I figure I have a tad of wiggle room I only paid $500 for the bike got it running for another $100 put into the carbs. then another $600 into fairings so far. oh wait this is adding up fast another $1000 for full exhaust. another $1000 to get the suspension done, maybe $500 to get it painted.... damn I could bought a nice bike when all done. I am sure I am forgetting something. I am just glad I don't pay myself labor fees it would cost to much hah
  5. well I just emailed them, inquired about a 14" high mount in titanium wtf if I am going to over spend on this thing I might as well got full retard on the thing.. I have a left exit TBR waiting to go on my 1990 vfr so this just makes sense to me lol. now for someone to make something for the 6gen and I will be good to go.
  6. Is it not listed on their website yet? $759 US plus shipping, I have to many projects going on to do this, but I want it so bad. do we know if it will be a continued part that they will have available for a while or a limited time only thing?
  7. are the carbs filling with gas? I just had my magna do this to me the other day it started but then quit had fuel in the bowls but the not full I thought I had enough gas in a gravity bottle and did not hook the pump up, I was wrong, hooked the pump up now all is well. only had the pump disconnected because I was doing carb sync at the time. also when drilling the cap for the fuel screws be care full not to hit the screw with the drill bit when you get through the cap. the bit could spin the screw in and break it. does not happen often with the d style screw as often as I seen it happen with a slotted screw.
  8. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    but the wire wheel (1200 crosstour) wheel is narrow is it not? it does not mount a 190 tire to it so completely different from a 1200f.
  9. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    so for $200 I can get a 1200 wheel shipped to me, any sponsors? can we get a donation pool going, couple bucks from everyone and we will know for sure once and for all :)
  10. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    PCD? bike is in storage right now for about 2-3 more weeks, after that I can remove it and measure what ever you need
  11. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    I did use 8 gen axle, I am pretty sure the lug pattern is the same on the 1200, no idea on the back spacing though. if I ever find a cheap 1200 wheel I will check it.
  12. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    search my name on here or "rear wheel" I have the 8 gen wheel on my 6 gen, lines up perfect, if someone ships me a 1200 wheel I will mount it and test if make sure it rides fine. I did this about 2 years ago I think maybe 2 others have done it since.
  13. Wheel swap!!!

    here is my wheel swap first one breaks down what is needed to do it. the second link is when I made it better on my 07. its the original swap just saying
  14. Let me introduce myself! RVZ-Motors

    this my bike needs every bit on plastic its all broken
  15. Let me introduce myself! RVZ-Motors

    nice bike. willing to ship parts to USA? I am in need of 1986-1987 vfr 700/750 plastic

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