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  1. emailed them tonight at 7:30 got this email back by 8:00 Dakota, We installed the first one from the jigs this afternoon and it’s all looking very good. We will make a couple of small adjustments next week and pull a second one which should be it. As soon as we are sure we are happy with the product I’ll be chasing you for the balance and we will ship!! I’m very excited about this pipe, it’s been quite the journey but I think worth it. I’ll send you some pics from today All the best, Kemp Sent from my iPhone > On Jun 14, 2018, at 7:37 PM, dakota ferrin <threedcycle@hotmail.com> wrote: > > Name: dakota > > Email: threedcycle@ > > Message: hello, I am just checking in on the 1986 vfr exhaust system progress, I put a deposit on a set a couple months ago and just wondering what the time frame is looking like, > thanks > Dakota
  2. any update on these, I put a deposit on them and have not heard anything from them since, may have to email them this week
  3. that looks like junk to me, send it to me and I will dispose of this for you..... how did you find this I look almost everyday. I believe it is in fact a TBR header but someone like candyred will know for sure
  4. damn that sucks, I would say no they cannot be modified, if you did I think they would wear very fast and damage a cam. I do not have any laying around.
  5. 3dcycle

    Vfr700 interceptor

    if it turns out its too much to fix, like engine issues let me know I am in need of a good tail cowl.. hope you can get it running though. but kinda hope you cant :)
  6. To blow my project money all at once or not, ‘‘tis the question
  7. 3dcycle

    project 86 750

    Well that was unexpected lol
  8. 3dcycle

    project 86 750

    that is what I was thinking, i think i will be ordering that new race hindle 4-2-1 system so further tuning will we needed any ways
  9. just got my $900 usd shipped quote. high mount with titanium 14" muffler, told him to send a invoice :(
  10. damn I sent them a email a few days ago and I have not heard back yet
  11. I have not heard back yet, keep us informed if you hear from them.
  12. 3dcycle

    Starter doesn't run with clutch in

    unhook the wires from the switch, hook them together, then try to start it, make sure the clutch IS pulled, if it tries to start it will lurch forward. I only say this because I told someone to do this before, they blamed me for them dropping their bike... so that is all
  13. well I figure I have a tad of wiggle room I only paid $500 for the bike got it running for another $100 put into the carbs. then another $600 into fairings so far. oh wait this is adding up fast another $1000 for full exhaust. another $1000 to get the suspension done, maybe $500 to get it painted.... damn I could bought a nice bike when all done. I am sure I am forgetting something. I am just glad I don't pay myself labor fees it would cost to much hah
  14. well I just emailed them, inquired about a 14" high mount in titanium wtf if I am going to over spend on this thing I might as well got full retard on the thing.. I have a left exit TBR waiting to go on my 1990 vfr so this just makes sense to me lol. now for someone to make something for the 6gen and I will be good to go.

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