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  1. the honda dealership I work at is $80 per tire mount/balanced installed on bike if you provide tire. $30 for the same if we get your tires for you. all the dealers in my area are the same price, the difference is I change all the tires myself, no slackers in our shop. at home I charge $40 for the same service with the same or better tools. only rule I have is no customers from work can be my at home customer. I do not advertise at all its just word of mouth and the people I ride with. in 15+ wheels I have only scratched 1 wheel on a kawi when I was not paying attention and did not see the clip wheel weight on the lip of the wheel. talking about a oops that cost us a new wheel, that was the first week I worked at the dealership. never again
  2. a buddy has a different brand on his triumph tiger 1200, only problem he has is getting them to match on both sides. if not taking your time you can end up with crooked bars.
  3. I have a beat up full exhaust system for a 86 700 that I need to sell. its complete but needs a over haul as it is beat up, still sounded ok though. will send a pm after work today.
  4. such a well maintained bike, bored out to a 1000 and still only wants $1500. sign me up.
  5. that does sound good. what size muffler is that 18" maybe? I have a 14" titanium high mount for mine. cant wait till I can finally get back on that project.
  6. the rear wheel on the 8 gen is about 6oz heavier than the 6 gen. I have the weights listed on one of my threads when I first swapped rear wheels in 2015-2016
  7. Hi 3dcycle, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. sent a pm, add me to the list. need at least one. talking to a buddy about him getting one as well. 6 gen who do I send a deposit to??
  9. I got mine 2 weeks ago, it will be a while before it gets installed. assembled for viewing pleasure looks very good, problem is no back purging done so inside looks like garbage. was going back and forth with them about maybe doing a system for the 6 gen, and they would get back to me within 20 minutes on facebook. asked them about the lack of back purging, and shitting looking welds, not heard back in 2 weeks. had so much hope for them too. oh well its not like it cost $1000 and took 2 years to get the product from them..... oh wait overall it looks good and will be very nice with it ceramic coated and it adds power supposedly
  10. It looks like the 750 header was done right from ripple rocks, it took so long to get it coming because the paired the fronts and rears and it ran poorly so the switched to right and lefts paire... or vise versa. But dyno tuned and jet recommendations. Will post pictures when I get it
  11. Just got a email confirmation this morning it’s in the mail. ripplerock out of Canada is making it backed by hindle I think, or something like that. I asked them about the 6 gen but not really interested at the moment. But it was a proper system with dump runs and everything, had to pony up $350 18 month ago, then once they got the r&d done I paid the remainder 6 month ago. https://www.ripplerockracers.com/
  12. hell I should be getting my $1100 full system for my 86 750 soon, so spending this on my 6 gen is what it is for me, I would even buy one from gabe that way my RVFR money went to something other than a few dyno runs. either way I am on board with who ever produces something on par or better than two brothers
  13. 1986 vfr750 up coming project, I finally have a full set of good fairings for it, will need to be painted but not to broken. acquired 17" f2 wheels with forks that will be going on good seat and shock. should be good to go, in a few years.
  14. bummer on this front, like throwing away money, donated $$$ for nothing. on a side note of that, Louis if this happens I am on board for a system for my 6 gen. money has been set aside for 2 years now
  15. hell for a system like that it would almost be worth it to just buy a old rough vfr and have it dropped off for fitment ( would be cheaper than shipping mine there anyways)
  16. just got email today, looks like it will be shipped very soon like this week, so stoked to see it. will now have a 92 with TBR left exit, a 97 with TBR left exit and a 86 with this hindle highmount, just need to find some TBR for my 07 RWB
  17. emailed them tonight at 7:30 got this email back by 8:00 Dakota, We installed the first one from the jigs this afternoon and it’s all looking very good. We will make a couple of small adjustments next week and pull a second one which should be it. As soon as we are sure we are happy with the product I’ll be chasing you for the balance and we will ship!! I’m very excited about this pipe, it’s been quite the journey but I think worth it. I’ll send you some pics from today All the best, Kemp Sent from my iPhone > On Jun 14, 2018, at 7:37 PM, dakota ferrin <threedcycle@hotmail.com> wrote: > > Name: dakota > > Email: threedcycle@ > > Message: hello, I am just checking in on the 1986 vfr exhaust system progress, I put a deposit on a set a couple months ago and just wondering what the time frame is looking like, > thanks > Dakota
  18. any update on these, I put a deposit on them and have not heard anything from them since, may have to email them this week
  19. To blow my project money all at once or not, ‘‘tis the question
  20. just got my $900 usd shipped quote. high mount with titanium 14" muffler, told him to send a invoice :(
  21. damn I sent them a email a few days ago and I have not heard back yet
  22. I have not heard back yet, keep us informed if you hear from them.
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