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  1. Might need to fatten the jetting up a bit. 😮
  2. So, I finally got the Duc project wrapped up and the lift free, got to working on putting the pipe on today. Swingarm and shock removal might not be required, but it sure made things easier.
  3. evl_twn

    Double Vision

    It's not just a sticker 🙂 I built that engine quite some time ago, sourced the 74mm pistons from TTS in the UK (they're JE pistons). Mike Velasco did the boring job. I tried mounting a single side swinger at first, but I gave up when I saw how much wider the sprocket spacing was on the back, didn't want to fuss with trying to make it work. www.rc30.us/vfr.html The engine cover is well used, but still the original paint. I polished the frame, but it hindsight I should have just left it alone.
  4. evl_twn

    Double Vision

    I guess the other VFR's got jealous, and demanded to be added to the family pic...
  5. evl_twn

    Double Vision

    Wan't sure whether to post up in here or 3rd gen, but since the 86's are up front here we are 🙂 My brother dropped off his 3rd gen, so we have the "fridge and freezer" in the back, and my 86 840 and project VFR I picked up recently up front. Couldn't help but think of the song from Foreigner. 🤣
  6. Got mine a few weeks ago, but I need to get this damn Duc project done so I can get the VFR up on the lift. 🤔
  7. evl_twn

    VFR water pump rebuild

    Which is amazing, considering how crappy it looked when I sent it to him. He does impressive work. He also guarantees his work if he does the rebuild.
  8. evl_twn

    VFR water pump rebuild

    He sent a couple pictures of the completed RC30 pump.
  9. evl_twn

    VFR water pump rebuild

    My 86 rebuilt pump:
  10. evl_twn

    VFR water pump rebuild

    After contacting the seller on ebay, I ended up ordering one of his complete rebuilt pumps for my 86 VFR. I also sent him one of the RC30 water pumps, since they're no longer available form Honda like the early VFR pumps. I was impressed with the rebuilt pump I received last week, he's also done with the RC30 pump rebuild so it's on its way back home now. His name is Tom Funk, and he can be reached at azv65@aol.com (baxter7092 on ebay). He does offer discounts for not having to deal with the ebay BS. Contact him directly if you would like more info on the kits, complete pumps, or having him service your pump. His reply from email regarding contact and discounts:
  11. evl_twn

    1986 VFR carbs

    And proof that they did, in fact, go back together 🙂
  12. evl_twn

    1986 VFR carbs

    Some assembly required... 😀
  13. Same here, getting my 86 out of mothballs to get it ready for the Hindle install once it shows up 🙂

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