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  1. Thanks for the input. More fun occurred while removing front wheel. I dived into brakes as I was hearing pad wear indicator noise.........well not exactly. Discovered the PO failed to fit the left side axle spacer which allowed the rotors to drag on the caliper adapter brackets which did limit the side to side play. After bead basting rotors they look fine. Ordered up the right parts...........just too much fun. Will look into a fork upgrade this winter. Found at my local dealer, label tells all.
  2. Ok guys here's another question relating to Honda branded fork oil. This bike has 18 K on the odometer and figured I would do a fork oil change while the front end was apart for brake service. I'm working from a Honda manual and they call for Honda Pro Suspension Fluid SS 8. Should I use this spec fluid or is there an equivalent offered by others. I have on hand some PJ 1 Pro Cartridge Oil for another bike but I have not serviced cartridge forks before. Another thing I'm not sure of and it is not spelled out clearly in the manual, is whether or not I need to do a complete disassembly to change the fluid, yes or no. Needless to say it would be wise to change the fork seals if a full teardown of the fork is required for a fluid change but I will also have the front end apart this winter for steering head bearing service and could do a full service at that time
  3. MooseMoose; thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts. First, let me say I am a small bike rider growing up with a pair of RD 350's, a Kaw 400 triple, and various 2 stroke dirt bikes. About 16 yrs ago I did my first trackday at Grattan on a stock 01 Kaw 250 Ninja. Had fun but soon crossed paths with a new RS250 and closed the deal. When asked about the differences I always said twice the power and 4 times the brakes. Ran with a couple of buddies (top tier novice) one had an SV the other a 600 Gixxer. We all had a blast and each had strengths and weaknesses relative to each other. The instructors turned us loose because we ran each other clean and respected others on the track.. Parked the trackdays and did dualsport riding/touring for a number of years. Drifted back into sportbikes with the purchase of an 84 VF750F. This was a bit of a resto project taking several on and off years to work out all the issues. Loving the V4's and reading about the Gen 5, I soon found a pretty good deal on one a few years back. It needed some TLC and was completed last year. Then looking for a first Gen gear drive I picked up the RWB 86 this year. Of the 3 the 86 is probably the most potent track bike but needs some TLC and sorting out to assess it's mechanical condition. It has a CBR 900RR front end,a Fox shock, and a full Hindle exhaust. This venture is about increasing my competency bigger and heavier sportbikes that I have only modest experience with. And since, like most here, the VFR is a favorite why not start there. Pics of the clan.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am reading and rereading them. Grattan has a long straight, various radius configurations , off camber, significant elevation changes, and simply has it all. Stray; you pretty much nailed my approach. It's about stretching myself and the VFR. I will admit that I am in my mid 60's still fit (decades of cycling) and have other bikes here in the stable (+2 other VFR's) that I could use instead of the Gen 5. But for some reason I want to give this one the nod and take on the challenge. Tires will be an important consideration as will be the fact that the VFR is +200lbs over the Aprilia. In everyday mode the VFR is purely recreational. I run dualsport machines for touring.
  5. Just for fun I'm thinking of doing a trackday later this year on my Gen 5. The intent is learn more about handling this VFR which just can't be done on the street. It's been awhile since I did trackdays but did so on an Aprilia RS 250. Will be at either Gingerman or Grattan, both of which are in Michigan and I have ridden before. They are very different tracks. Grattan is my favorite. Will be running in the novice group. Other than the obvious like lighting, mirrors, coolant, and up to spec mechanical condition I am looking for any suggestions from those that have done trackdays on their VFR's. My VFR is currently wearing Conti Road Attack's (from PO) but will fit new tires prior to weekend....suggestions? And yes, I have searched YouTube for related uploads. It is certainly much heavier than my past Aprilia so it should be an educational experience. Thanks Steve
  6. Thanks guys. Yes, the EBC's are available just about everywhere. I'll give them a try
  7. Did a look through but did not see anything, yet New front pad time. Should I use the Honda OEM or............ Pretty much general usage
  8. Hi sportfour, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Thanks Captain. Dutchy........Forgot about CMS..... Superb! Thanks for the refresher course. They will now be my go to for stateside NLA parts. Ordered it up and a couple of other parts.....fantastic. The right way is always the best. Better than ruining the swingarm. If it is too much money one is in the wrong activity. Shipping was not that bad, less than 30 euro.
  10. Moving through project. It's running and rolling. What I am trying to source is the swingarm chain slider 52170-ML7-000. NLA from Honda; any suggestions on a substitute.
  11. Most of the time your side of the pond got all the good stuff.............like the Aprilia RS250 and 125, the Suzuki RGV250, and many others in street legal form. Had the Aprilia RS250 Challenge and have an Australian 89 RGV. What goes around comes around....somewhat Ordered up some bits and pieces for the VFR, should have in a week. Weather is still iffy anyway and salt residue still on the roads.
  12. Made it home. Well into maintenance routine. Changed out fuel to non ethanol, engine oil and filter, and brake and clutch fluid. So far so good. Picture also of it's 84 VF750F stable mate
  13. Thanks all again for the guidance. Won't be picking up till next weekend. First on agenda is changing out all the fluids. Then a thorough cleaning. I'm sure enough will be noticed by then to keep me busy. I'll post some picks of the process
  14. That pretty much sums up the evaluation and the decision to proceed. Enough of the crucial core requirements were met. Thanks for the input
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