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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Tom and I have a process to overhaul the older Honda water pumps, see model list below. I have been selling mostly on eBay as user Baxter7092 with 100% positive feedback and over 275 pumps overhauled. I have had a few people from this forum purchase pumps from me and wanted to make my overhaul services known. I hope this is the correct spot to do this? I have seen several discussions about what to do when your pump is leaking out the weep hole, so decided to post my solution. I started out doing restorations on V65's and found that the water pumps were a difficult problem to solve, especially with cooling problems on those V4's. It was then I decided to disassemble a pump and reverse engineer a solution for overhauling them. I found a bearing manufacture that would laser cut the U channel for the oil pump with OEM precision. This was the most difficult to find and actually took me over a year. Please note that the bearings I have will not fit the 94-97 VFR's. This model has a longer engine side shaft and although I can order them, the cost is very high as they need to be specially made. However, I have found that the bearings are very durable and actually rarely fail, so I can reuse the old bearing if they pass my inspection. I have attached some photos of pumps I have just finished, they are listed on eBay, as are more photos. You can see the light gold color, that is called Alodine, which is an excellent aircraft corrosion protection and I have often used in my 35 years of aviation quality and maintenance. If you have a press and are skilled, I also sell a parts kit that will include a specially made tool and detailed instructions e-mailed to you after purchase. Due to the unknown and the possibility for damage etc. there is no warranty on the kit. I do inspect every kit before shipping. LIFETIME WARRANTY: The advantage of having me rebuild your pump, or purchasing a pump, is that I will give you a lifetime warranty. If the pump ever leaks at the weep hole, I will repair and ship back to you at no charge. This does NOT cover the cost of removing the pump, shipping back to me or ANY misc. damage. Do remember it is up to you to maintain the cooling system in very good working order and always use distilled water when mixing with antifreeze. Please feel free to contact me if you have pump problems or questions etc. Thanks Approx cost is $220 to overhaul your old pump. Kits for you to OH your pump $145 Honda Model Years Honda Pump P/NCBR1000F 87-88 19200-MM5-010CBR1000F 93-96 19200-MZ2-315CBR1000RR 08-10+ 19200-MFL-305NT650 88-91 19200-MN8-020PC800 89-90 & 94-9819200-ME9-040VF1000F 84 19200-MB6-020VF1000R 85 & 86 19200-MB6-020VF1100C Magna 83-86 19200-MB4-010VF1100S Sabre 84 & 85 19200-MB4-010VF500C Magna 84-85 19200-KE7-010VF500F, Interceptor 84-86 19200-MF2-020VF700C 84 19200-MB0-771VF700C 85-87 19200-MB4-010VF700F 84 & 85 19200-MB2-010VF700S 84 & 85 19200-MB0-771VF750C 82 19200-MB0-771VF750C 83 19200-MB0-771VF750C 88 19200-MB4-010VF750F 83-84 19200-MB2-010VF750S 82 19200-MB0-771VF750S 83 19200-MB0-771VFR700F 86 19200-ML7-692VFR700F2 86 & 87 19200-ML7-692VFR750F 86 & 90-93 19200-ML7-692VFR750F 86, 90-93 19200-ML7-692VFR750F 94-97 19200-MZ7-000VT1100C 85-90 & 92-94 19200-ME9-040VT500C 83-86 19200-MF5-010VT500FT 83 & 84 19200-MF5-010VT600C 88 19200-MM9-000VT600C 89 & 91-97 19200-MN8-020VT600CD 93-98 19200-MN8-020VT700C 84-87 19200-ME9-040VT750C 83 19200-ME9-040VT800C 88 19200-ME9-040XL600V 90 19200-MN8-020
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