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    Peel's Ferry

    Missouri Boat ride, Featured
  2. HispanicSlammer

    New us for a Givi tail bag

    is that a keg and a cooler system for a top bag? Featured
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    The panda is back! Featured
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  6. HispanicSlammer

    Dragon 2010

  7. HispanicSlammer

    Cedar Breaks NP Utah

  8. HispanicSlammer

    20150329 132721

  9. Its a good loop, Ive done it lots of times. Tarryall road used to be the pot holiest, bumpiest road in Colorado, now its just beautiful and fast.
  10. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-touring/models/2019/tracer-900-gt
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  12. https://www.fanschoice.tv/component/contushdvideoshare/player/other-series/78th-daytona-200-march-16-2019 click the link to watch
  13. HispanicSlammer

    Garden Of The Gods

    featured - yea I know
  14. same as above but choose insert existing attachment instead, then you have more choices.
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  17. I am still working on this, the uploads package I made is missing some files but the downloaded backup I got off the server before I started might have more of the missing photos. I am reopening the server backup again. It the entire server so I had to remove the uploads part of it manually and well I must have missed some photos when I did the package. So i will try it again with the original backup. The upgrade did not go well at all, the backup from the server errored out every time I tried to restore it with plesk, the server software I use for vfrd to run the server. the new version must not like the old version backup? So I manually made a package to restore it from the original backup the old sever made.
  18. A major new release of the forum software has just been released. I know how much some of you hate hate hate when I change things, but this version has a limited amount of time left for tech support....which I need...cause I'm an idiot. Believe me I hate upgrading too. I've done it at least 12 times. This version needs a completely upgraded linux lamp stack. Which means I can try to upgrade every software package in the stack, linux, Apache, mysql, and PHP individually...which always works out (ha ha ha ha) .OR I can back everything up, wipe the server clean and install a fresh lamp stack already upgraded by the host we are renting from! They have complete server images all ready to go just wipe and reimage. That to me seems the way to go. Which means a day or two vfrd will be offline as I do backups and reimage the server, shoot if they have a newer server for the same price i may just migrate the whole thing to a better server. That's what i did 4 years ago, I'm sure there are special offers available that match the price we pay now or close enough. I will keep you all informed. Get ready yall prolly will hate it...as usual. I cant wait for the comments when they come.
  19. 8th gen in full dress, featured
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