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    6th-gen Supercharger Kit

    This is the picture gallery attachments are not available due to software constraints! Discussion belongs in the forums, upload the file to the download area, then all can access it. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/
  2. HispanicSlammer

    serious run off

  3. HispanicSlammer

    5th gen 9 2018 (36) b.jpg

  4. HispanicSlammer

    Happy Holidays everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone, enjoy your family, and if your in a warm place maybe even a ride.
  5. Version 1


    An anonymous contribution by a member not wanting to be identified - the full service manual in zip form, individual pdf's for each chapter for easier printing. This is for the F version only not the DTC bike, the manual tranny and standard controls.
  6. HispanicSlammer

    High Knob State Park, PA

  7. HispanicSlammer

    Devils Tower 2.jpg

  8. HispanicSlammer

    Heading Home. Old pacific Hwy

  9. HispanicSlammer


  10. HispanicSlammer

    Near Sugarloaf WY.jpg

  11. HispanicSlammer


    looks like my driveway these days, featured.
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  13. HispanicSlammer


  14. HispanicSlammer

    Veefalo turned 60!

    Went for a nice ride with the guys I pal around with. The Veefalo she turned over 60k on the Odo right around Sedalia Colorado. It was a nice sunny day for a ride, even saw an 84 vfr 750 in Connifer. Had I been thinking I would have taken a photo but as usual got to talking to the riders, lots of bikes out yesterday.
  15. I had a bad skin, removed it and seems to be fixed in terms of the 500 server errors. I will try to reupload my skin with the newest version. I am just using the standard invisionboard theme/skin now. I thought it was a the tap a talk module I upgraded to last week, I removed that as well and it did not fix the problem, so I uploaded a new one there too. Tap a talk is working now at least on my phone it is.
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  17. HispanicSlammer

    Anchor Bar in Buffalo 070716

    mm buffalo wings! featured
  18. HispanicSlammer

    9 20 2018 (10) b.jpg

  19. finally got the certification renewed and accepted, still need an intermediate
  20. Yea the certificate expired, I have a new one but I am having issues renewing it. Working on it but I have run out of time I have to go to work.
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  22. HispanicSlammer

    2019 Memorial Spring Ride

  23. *****2019 VFRD MEMORIAL SPRING RIDE**** May 2-5, Microtel Inn Franklin NC 828-349-9000 Rates M-Th $69, Fri-Sun $89 +tax Event cost -$55, beverage, shirt, dinner & fun included. VFRD Eventbrite page will be set up for you to sign up and pay. This year plan to contribute to the swag. Any questions contact Bob Ealy or Benjamin Ealy.
  24. HispanicSlammer

    Veefalo turned 60!

    I was thinking about an 8th gen, but rode an MT10 at COTA Yamaha tent, loved the motor and the upright feel, but not gonna ride a naked bike. The Tracer900GT really has me interested.
  25. HispanicSlammer

    Rest stop photo opp


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