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  1. I banned about 5 spammers, and delt with a bad thread, issued a temporary ban for inappropriate behaviour. For the most part this place polices itself but once in a while I have to step in and let people go, or at least put them in vfrd jail. Hate that, I hate that, I hate having to do that sort of thing. In any case i have not been able to get the server mail function to work, I am at my wits end. I am sure its probably some syntax thing in the configuration but it just wont sent out mail for notifications, and I have not been getting notified when bad things happen here. Working on it.
  2. I deleted him hes banned, sneaking doing it as pm's to avoid getting noticed by me.
  3. OOHHHH not if its on I-40! Blah, but south or north perhaps, there are good roads, scenic or otherwise both sides of the interstate.
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