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  1. OOHHHH not if its on I-40! Blah, but south or north perhaps, there are good roads, scenic or otherwise both sides of the interstate.
  2. WOW..so sorry this happened to you, and the tow truck driver needs to be fired! I hope the rebuilding of your home is going smoother.
  3. It's got a few issues, blown fork seal cheap to replace, the oil change was a motha, 3 drain points and separate oil tank. 10 w 50 required by ktm. Dry sump like a dirtbike. Nothing g serious. Who would have thought its easier to do an oil change on the 1200 veefalo. Then I rode it, the vee twin has a thunder coming out of those Akropovic twin exhaust. Gobs of torque, it's not the I dont need to downshift torque of the veefalo but a 450lb bike compared to 650lbs it so much more nimble. I was riding up a hillside road in town that's a 15% grade for almost half a mile.
  4. I rode a 1280 KTM in Austin a few years back at the demo ride KTM tent. I really loved the awesome motor and supple suspension. It was way way way out of my price range. So I forgot all about it. Reverse course a couple of weeks ago I was bored at work on my break, scrolling thru cycle trader on my phone, just a bunch of boring metric cruisers and squid owned bikes. I decided to look at my local dealership online inventory. Oh snap they had a 990 Super Duke with 10k miles on it, and 5300 dollars. Just so happens I had the cash, fast forward. Turns out a squid owned it previously. R
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