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  1. I had to change name servers on my domains, so vfrdiscussion.com seems to be working, but vfrd.com has not populated yet. The security certificate is still good, but I might need to renew that too, we will see. Hopefully it will last the full year I renewed the certificate for.
  2. I ended my contract on the old server and now I have moved vfrd to a new faster server. I am finding bugs as I go, if you find any report them here please.
  3. Yes a small bit of powder I have to wipe off the magnet, scott is rated at 35 microns absolute, honda oem is 20 microns 70% so its a bit of a wash. I however have done 20 or 30 changes on the same filter, its been cleaned in kerosene and dish soap, back flowed hot water its much better oil flow then a paper filter, rated to 600f degrees, no paper filter is rated for that since it is glued in while the scott is welded.
  4. I bought a scott stainless steel mesh filter for my 98 vfr 18 years ago and still used it for my 2010 vfr1200. It is good for 35 microns, I have had to replace the gasket only twice. and it has a magnetic prefilter. I think I paid 80$ for it and its still in great shape. The outter part has some road gunk on it and some marks from a wrench its not as pretty as it once was but still an awesome filter. Its a bit messy cleaning it during oil changes but so? https://www.scottsonline.com/Product_Purchase2.php?Bike_ID=5513&BI_ID=144104
  5. Are you going to for VFRANON the global missing VFR Cabal conspiracy. Honda is behind it I just know it.
  6. Yes it was down, I had too many backup files piled up on the server and it ran out of space. Deleted a bunch of junk and restarted. Still dont know why it was piling up so much I have it set to delete old stuff. I ran out of time its my work week so I just got it up and running and will trouble shoot the backup thing later.
  7. After having met the fund drive for 2020 and the close of that awful year, there was about $600 or so left over from last years budget. I did not spend as much as I planned, since well ...we did not do much by way of meets, rallys, contests and the like. I owe that to the pandemic, and we just did not get together like we have in past years. So I am putting it forward for the future for safe keeping. I plan to upgrade to a new faster server soon, as this one has been a bit of a disappointment for me as admin, I have used every trick in the book and researched google articles, po
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