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  1. crepitus

    Bike pics

    the viffer
  2. crepitus

    My Bike

    It's not toast. I've done worse to mine. With that old dog, cost doesn't really factor in to it cause the NADA is so low on it. It's just a matter of deciding to fix it and finding parts for it, which btw, I may have some for you
  3. ...and to those who strap a fan on an R/R, that's the best thing you can do to extend the life of it. An R/R that is designed too close to it's tolerances (i.e. minimal heat removal designed into it to save a few bucks) will run hotter on average and the heat over time is detrimental to the devices. As the R/R compnents run continuously at higher temps they break down over time and you eventually allow a higher current to pass thru the resistors which generates even more heat. This compounding effect will increase exponentially untill a meltdown is reached. A well designed R/R would have larger heat sinks and thus better heat transfer away from the components. Again, strapping a fan on early can greatly extend the life of an R/R, especially for those living in warmer average climates.
  4. This is a very well detailed description for a non- electrical engineer. Very informative. Well done. -Disclaimer: "I'm an Electrical Engineer and I approve this thread" (I've been overloaded by politics lately)
  5. crepitus

    Deals Gap 9/9/06

    Yeah that was the last pass northbound (picnic tables turn). I turned around and crashed southbound before making it back to that turn. Stewbrew was my previous screenname. I'm suprised it posted up that way. I live about 45mins from there but don't get up there that much now with all the LEO presence these days.
  6. Ever noticed VFRD has a links section just for this purpose? As topics gets pruned after about 120(?) days of inactivity it is not a bad idea to add new links posted in this thread to that page. I am aware of the links pages but It gets real time consuming looking for a certain subject thru hundreds of links. The idea is to keep this specific to the older VFRs to make it more user friendly and convenient to find the obscure websites. As this is the case, I may eventually prune a few of the more general links if need be.
  7. I can never remember where links to places were posted in different threads so here's one with links as I get them. Please feel free to suggest additional links and/or new topics and I will list them in this first post. **and thanks to the guys who have posted these up in the threads I've scavenged** General info http://www.hondavfr.org/faqs.html 16"/18" to 17"/17" wheel conversion: http://www.one-ring....aq/WheelFAQ.htm OEM Parts http://www.servicehonda.com http://www.oldbikebarn.com http://www.hdlparts.com/ http://www.cmsnl.com/ http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm http://www.babbittsonline.com/ http://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/ Aftermarket Parts-Upgrades-Tuning http://www.daughertymotorsports.com/ http://www.cometic.com/default.aspx (custom gaskets) http://www.drp123.com/ http://www.carbtune.com/ Engine Maintenance - Cams Electrical http://www.regulator.../...mp;x=9&y=10 http://www.ricksmoto...telectrics.com/ http://www.vintageconnections.com (oem-style harness connector replacements) www.accel-ignition.com (hi-perf. coils & wires) (hi-perf. coils & wires) Suspension http://www.superbrace.com/ http://www.racetech.com (emulators) http://www.sonicsprings.com (springs) http://www.worksperf.../html/home.html www.wilbers.de (a german company, but with english as a language option I believe) Frame/Wheel Repair http://www.framestraight.com Fairings vfrchuck (ebay) or email: vfrchuck@bright.net http://www.beasleyco...e_honda.htm#Top http://justfairings....ludes/index.php http://www.poly26.com http://www.airtech-s...R7501986-88.htm http://www.empiregp....500/parentID/72 http://www.pferrer.de Windscreens http://www.cyclepage...oductID=4005355 http://www.bikescreen.com/ http://www.1tail.com...m...mp;pc=1&c=9 www.mra.de Decals http://www.xtremedecals.com http://www.cbdecals.com Paint Codes http://www.vsource.o...aPaintCodes.htm Exhaust http://www.laserexha...002_VFR750F.pdf http://www.motad.co....o...&manu=Honda Fueling/Carburetor Parts http://www.mspseals.com/ Carb bowl gaskets(o-rings) http://www.siriuscon...inc.com/ Other (consumable) carb parts Gas tank treatment http://www.por15.com...rp=CTRK&dept=12 http://www.gas-tank.com/bike.htm Luggage(specialty) http://www.twistedth...roductlist/493/ Frame Sliders (custom) http://www.oesaccessories.com Salvage yards http://www.necycle.com/ http://www.motosites..._Salvage_Yards/ http://www.mrcycleparts.com/
  8. Todd, this is something i've got experience with, I reversed polarity and flipped the blade on the right hand side of my RC51. It defineatly helped with the 51 but they are known to run hot, real hot in our climate. I had to drill out the backside of the blade alittle to make it work but that was the extent of it, oh I added some spacers also. Have you thought of removeing the V-cowl also as this allows more airflow over the cyclinders. In your case i'm not sure i'd do this as the VFR isn't typically a real hot runner, your problem is somewhere else although doing this shouldn't hurt even if the problems found. I took pics whilst doing it on the RC so I know what I did, real easy actually and if ya want to do it let me know, maybe I could help ya when I get back. When I bought my RC51 the previous owner had removed the left side fan due to what he said was both fans pulling air into the engine area just made hot air build up in there. In the year and a half I've had it I have never replaced it and the temp never goes above 220. The right side fan seems to be enough. I have the fan and have thought about reversing it and placing it back on the bike but it really isn't necessary.
  9. If you're only working with the forks, a rear/head stand combo is perfect for this. If you have to work on the triples themselves, then a rear stand/floor jack works better.
  10. Only drawback I see to the stem button is the interference with a head stand. If you use a head stand you would have to locate the momentary switch elsewhere on the bike.
  11. crepitus

    VFR rebuild

  12. crepitus


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