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  1. Thank you! I sold it to a local guy that also has a '96 VFR750. I think it went to a good home.
  2. blalor

    5th gen 9 2018 (36) b.jpg

    Very nice! Which windscreen is that? ZG double-bubble?
  3. Wow, this looks fantastic! I'm so impressed by people who can just dive into rusted metal like that and come up with a fix. What'd you use on the clutch slave? Just cleaning with brake cleaner or something, or did it go into the blasting cabinet, too?
  4. I went for a ride today for a few hours, and it was pretty chilly (40s to low-50s). The Koso Apollo grips worked great, and the heat seems to feel more even side-to-side than the Oxfords. I also noticed that the left grip can be turned on the bar, now: perhaps a fitting approach would be to put the left bar in the freezer and run the grip until it's hot? Or maybe just not fit them when it's above 85? 😁
  5. I've got Oxford Heaterz on my Africa Twin. They work fairly well, but I find the controller obnoxiously large. On my VFR (5th gen, stock clip-ons, I think) I have Koso Apollo grips, which have a button on the left grip to control the heat levels. I haven't ridden on cold days on the VFR, yet, but it seems to me they work better than the Oxford grips. The left one was particularly difficult to get on. I do have a tendency to hit the button accidentally, but that's a trade-off I'm willing to make to not have more junk in the cockpit. They ostensibly have two models: one in 120mm and the other in 130mm. But only the 130mm ones are available in the US. They're a little longer than ideal for my bike, but have worked fine.
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