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  1. Looks like your post help get it done! Thanks for the push. I haven't been on much lately but still appreciate this site and want it to be around for us in the present and for new members in the future. Cheers!
  2. Hi Duc2V4, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Sent him a PM but haven’t heard back from him.
  4. Thanks. I'll see if I can look up that name.
  5. So I happened upon a bike that I am breaking down for the motor and a few other bits. Most of which have been saved, taken or sold. However, one item that I am contemplating on keeping or perhaps selling, is a rear hugger. I nor the previous owner knows much about it, as it was already on the bike when he got it. The way it was mounted was kind of haphazardly IMO, as the mounts that have bolts that you can tighten down were zipped tied to the rear brake hoses along the top of the chain guard. Additionally, there are two holes on the part that would sit on top of the swing arm behind the shock, that had a bit of wire that was tied to one of the shock mounting bolts!! I believe that there are mounts or mounting adapters that are missing but without knowing the make/model, not positive I would know for sure. Anyway, if I can find any possible missing bits (i.e. mounts) I might keep it, otherwise I would be willing to sell it and have the new owner figure out how they would mount it. Here are some pictures of the hugger, unfortunately though, I didn't take pictures of the way it was mounted, other than the one shown on the bike.
  6. Welcome Jroberts3! Congratulations on your find. Hopefully it won't having you crawling down a rabbit hole but as you said, this forum has great resources, so I anticipate this group keeping you top side! Good Luck!
  7. JW was actually always part of RMATV, they just decided to use the one name. I found the association one day a while back, also thought it was odd the two web sites looked so similar. That aside, currently I’ve been buying from Chaparral in San Bernardino, Ca. They’re somewhat local to me and I get a member discount on certain items. Last 2 sets of Road 5’s I bought from them. When I did a price comparison to JW/RMATV, they were maybe a few bucks more but they had the tires in stock, so I grabbed them from Chaparral. Here’s their website. https://www.chapmoto.com Hopefully they haven’t gone to pandemic level pricing like a lot of places seem to have done. Cheers, D
  8. It fit, so had to be looks. 🙂
  9. I'm 99% sure I made the swap, perhaps more than once. I think the first time I went from my 5 Gen to my 6 Gen after the 6 Gen blew out it's WP at the track. Here are some pics of the two. Don't ask me which one is which because I forgot to document that. So if you can't tell, I don't think your bike will either. 😉
  10. The minimum is still 15. There was a misunderstanding with the builder but ultimately the builder's pipe supplier is the culprit here. That being said, sfdownhill and I are taking a little break from this for the moment. Never say never but probably won't be for a while, if we do go again. This last run seemed to take forever just to get in the orders and then to get them completed seemed prolonged as well. I'm glad to be part of it and can't thank everyone enough for being patient and even purchasing them. Also like to add a big thanks to CornerCarver, his loaning us his 2 Bros headers helped this all get off the ground. Cheers
  11. OK all, if you had ordered your headers on this last run we did, you'll be glad to know that all but a few (The International orders) have left the building. FedEx typically does a 3-5 day for ground shipments and they should be going on the trucks on Monday. So be on the lookout for your headers. The box is 36x16x16 and weighs about 16 lbs. Thanks to everyone who has bought from us and thank you even more for being so patient, this last run seemed like it took so much longer to get going and done, so thanks again for hanging in there with us. Cheers, D
  12. Sorry to have such a long delay between your post and this response, I personally haven't been too active on the forums and for some reason, I'm no longer getting emails with update from the forum. That being said, sfdownhill and I talked about this on Saturday as we were boxing up the last order we took. Unless there is an overwhelming demand for these, we are thinking this last run was in deed the last run for us. Sorry, if this is not what you want to hear but we had a heck of a time getting this last run through. Seems the demand for these is much less than the first two runs had for them.
  13. Wow! It feels like I haven't been on this thread in decades! Anyway, for those who have opted to buy a set of headers for your VFR, please check your PM folder as I just sent out a bunch of PMs for you to review and get back to us. If you did not receive a PM from me and did place an order, please send me a PM to let me know. I'm pretty sure I got to everyone but sometimes a few can slip through the cracks. Cheers, D
  14. Yes. Myself and sfdownhill are the two main members involved with this project, so if the thread was created by either of us, then it could be considered as "official". Although there are a few other members who hand a hand in getting this to come to fruition.
  15. It works really well IMO, although being behind the fairing does muffle it a little bit but it's definitely louder than the OEM horn, it has caught the attention of a few motorist though. I thought about relocating it in a more open area but in all honesty I don't use it all that much, only in the rarest situations that calls for it and/or an evasive action. The size of it definitely makes it easier to find a possible mounting location.
  16. Although not the full size Stebel, I put a Sound Bomb Mini inside the left had side fairing where Marooncobra mentioned. I used an aluminum bar and bolted it to the fairing sub frame. Here are some pics. The specs for the Sound Bomb Mini... Size comparison with a GoPro Hero 2 The Aluminum bar mounting location and final results
  17. Sorry for any delays folks, I've been actually getting work lately and that has higher priority at the moment. As for how many currently on "order". My spreadsheet shows 11 deposits but 2 of those are 8 Gens, so 9 5/6 gens at the moment. I've been doing my best at getting the message out there, even been on the FB VFR forums but most of those guys seem happy to go with the Black Widow or Delkevic headers... Cheers, D
  18. Hey folks, just heard back from sfdownhill, he has been traveling for the past few weeks, so that is the reason for any delays in responses to PMs to him (us) and any post on this thread. Although not traveling, my work has picked up at a much needed time, as my bank account has been getting real low! Anyway, SF said he would be back at it in a couple of days and should be able to update us all. Again, many apologies for not getting back to anyone in a timely manner. Cheers, D
  19. I believe we hit the minimum number of deposits so Wade should be gearing things up. We'll post up as soon as we have an update.
  20. According to my spread sheets a total of 61, 26 for the first run and 35 for second run, the latter of which had 8 Gen and 5/6 Gens.
  21. OK folks, getting near go time, we are one deposit away from making this happen, if you're sitting on the fence or know someone who might want in, please step up and join the fray!
  22. Not sure if this info was ever posted and since we did receive an inquiry regarding weight, here is what I was able to gather using a luggage scale. Not sure of the accuracy i.e. +/- X% but seems to be pretty good for shipping stuff. Anyway, here are some weights I gathered. Replica Headers: 9.42 lbs. 1999 OEM Headers: 10.56 lbs. 2009 OEM Headers: 13.94 lbs.
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