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  1. I bought Blue for my Red 5 Gen and Red for my Black 6 Gen. The latter has a red and black theme going.
  2. Here's their Honda VFR800 page. https://www.as3performance.co.uk/silicone-radiator-hoses/road/honda/vfr-800/ For anyone looking to order, if you have a 98-99, the 5 Gen kit will be complete, at least mine had all the hoses for those two model years. If ordering for an 00-01, I would suggest an email or phone call to ensure the two wax unit hoses not part of the "original" 98-99 kit get included. I'm not sure if they are items thrown in on all 5 Gen kits now that they have them made or that you have to ask for them, so the latter would be the path I would take, just to be sure. BTW, I also recommend getting their hose clamp kit. FYI, SF and I had been corresponding with Ben and I think he is in charge of customer service so he would be the one in the know in regards to the two wax unit hoses. You can let him know it was the hoses that Darryl and Lance had worked with him on getting made if he needs clarification.
  3. To follow up on the 5 Gen wax idle hoses, I made a post on my installation. The hoses are now available...
  4. A while back I had purchased a set of AS3 silicone coolant hoses for my 5 Gen and for the most part the kit was complete, well if you had a 98-99 5 Gen the kit would have been complete. However, for the 00-01 models, which have the wax idle unit, there were two hoses that were not part of the kit. Well after a few phone calls and quite few emails from myself and sfdownhill, we were able to get AS3 to make the two hoses that were not available a few months ago. So for any 00-01 owners who are looking at silicone coolant hoses, they cab be assured that the kit will be complete for the 00-01 5 Gen. That being said, there's always a price to pay right? Of course there is. On the one hand, the hoses are now available but on the other, since the new hoses are quite a bit larger in diameter than the OEM hoses, fitment without modification to a mounting bracket may make installation a bit difficult. I received the two hoses from AS3 a while ago but was only able to get to the installation this past weekend. With that, here is what I found... For starters, both hoses are pretty close to the OEM hoses, with one slight issue, the hose that comes from the left side of the bike to the wax unit appears to be a little too long as-is. We'll have to let AS3 know but being that it's longer, actually makes it not that big of a deal, as a razor knife can take care of the length pretty easily. Here are the hoses compared to the OEM... This is the hose that Honda doesn't make anymore and was one that SF and I were able to acquire from eBay and send to to AS3 to build theirs from. This hose is actually still available from Honda and is the one that was a bit longer than the OEM hose. I ended up cutting mine down to size. - Now that I had the two "missing" hoses, I proceeded to install them and this is where I found a slight issue with the larger outer diameter of the hoses. The OEM bracket that the wax unit bolts onto has an adequate opening for the OEM hoses but would be too small for these two hoses. (Fitting the cut down hose) (Attempting to fit the other hose) You'll notice the markings I made on the bracket with a sharpie, this was to get an approximate area to cut out for the hoses to fit. Once I removed the bracket, I then measure about 5mm in from the edges of the bracket and cut out the metal. Not quite as clean as I was hoping for but it was the best I could do with my Dremel. I probably didn't need to take so much off but I wanted to do one cut and since the bracket is pretty sturdy, I went for my previous measurements. As one might expect with all the different hoses and clamps that are needed, the hose clamps created another issue. I was able to get the lower hoses clamp from underneath as if I had it setup to tighten from above, the clamp screw would have gotten in the way of the curved black hose that is above it. even then, it was a little tricky trying to tighten the clamp from below but tilting the TB assembly sideways, I was able to get it. Well that's what I got for you. Hope this will be helpful to those looking for an AS3 hose kit for their 00-01 5 Gen.
  5. I believe that Wade was given the quantity and may have ordered the material but I’ll have to defer to Sfdownhill, as he’s the one that handles that side of things.
  6. If they replaced the SMC and the PCV, but not the rear MC, then I would rebuild it just to eliminate it from the equation. If you want to rebuild the front MC just for good measure, it wouldn’t hurt but the front MC shouldn’t be affecting the rear system. That being said, I would also check the brake pad clip and make sure that is installed the correct way. Although it fits in either way, it is designed to go in a specific way. The part that moves in and out should have the larger part of the clip on that side. If this doesn’t make sense, if you pull the clip out, you’ll see what I am talking about.
  7. I'd gladly give up the center stand for a left exit on my 5 Gen. In fact, I removed my center stand anyway and +1 on the ABBA stand.
  8. Duc2V4

    Love Ride 33

    Haven't been on one of these types of rides in decades! Seems I'll be missing this one too, I have family obligations on Sunday. Have a good ride!
  9. I can't image what 26 years without riding would be like, let alone be paraplegic for that long as well, he definitely has a lot of spirit. I heard from a few people that he's down in So Cal quite a bit as the Moto America HQ office is in Costa Mesa. My friend Steve ran into him and his family on Father's Day at a Red Robin right around the corner from where I live.
  10. Yes they can but you need to terminate the leads. Power Commander sells terminators for use with their tuning modules and they come with the mating connectors. You can also build your own using some electronic resisters but I don’t recall the ohm rating of them off hand. I’m sure someone here can chime in on what and how to do it yourself.
  11. I did and oil and coolant change today. Mileage is getting up there, 90,263 on the ODO Also helped a friend do the same for his bike with 119,557 miles. We also changed the spark plugs and fixed the seat latch release. Couldn’t get the seat off to lift the tank until we took off the rear cowl, which isn’t very easy when the seat is still on! It was a stuck cable, we were able to free up the cable and used some Teflon to lube it. Works great now.
  12. If I recall correctly, the 5/6 Gens will have 3 bungs, 2 in the OEM locations and 1 after the collector. The builder decided it would be easier and more effective time wise just to build them all the same. SF will have to chime to confirm but I believe the 8 Gen will have 1 in the OEM location with the same bung size (12mm) and 1 18mm located post collector.
  13. Hi All, Here is list of the 8 Gen folks that have deposits and should be expecting balance due notices this week. There are a total of 9 sold and leaves us with 6 still available for sale. Sebspeed QTY.1 Corner Carver QTY. 2 Fz6wja QTY. 1 Voided76 QTY. 1 HiSideNZ QTY.1 Wingate QTY. 1 Cogswell QTY. 1 Rush2112 QTY. 1 mountainslide QTY. 1 (added 11/3/19) Here is a list of the 5/6 Gen folks that have deposits. We did hit the minimum so we should be able to get these into Wade for building. eyrwbvfr 5 Gen QTY. 1 urdrvideo 5 Gen QTY. 1 urdrvideo 6 Gen QTY. 1 (added 10/30/19) Cogswell 6 Gen QTY. 1 Rush2112 5 Gen QTY. 1 boOZZIE 6 Gen QTY. 1 johnpon 5 Gen QTY. 1 ducnut 5 Gen QTY. 1 TheLimey 6 Gen QTY. 1 (corrected) jkboyd 5 Gen QTY. 1 (corrected) PetoRC 6 Gen QTY. 1 NarrowRider 6 Gen QTY. 1 (added 11/3/19) If you see your name listed here but the info is incorrect, please PM me and sfdownhill ASAP. NOTE: We are still taking deposits up until the end of this week, so if you want add your name to the list please send us a PM with with Gen you want built, if you want it passivated and where it will ship to. Cheers, D
  14. SF and I are going to go over all the PMs and deposits tomorrow, please add me to your PM so I am part of the correspondence. Cheers, D
  15. Based on the current orders taken, I think we just made the minimum. SF and I are going to pow wow tomorrow and make sure we have everyone’s deposit accounted for and ensure we have everyone’s order covered. We’ll be posting up a summary to show who we have received deposits from and what they placed an order for.
  16. I just went through similar pain and the issue was not the PCV or rear caliper but the SMC. I could write dissertation on the what I went through but ultimately it was the SMC that was not allowing the rear piston to release. Good news is that the SMC is still available, although not cheap @$128 but it was what resolved the issue I dealt with. You can try and rebuild and clean out the SMC before spending the $ on a new one but in my case the SMC was a little too far gone for a good recovery. I’m pretty sure my post about it covers what was done and where I ended up. I hope this is helpful... D
  17. A few years ago I found a deal on this battery and a dedicated charger for my Duc, having the 4 terminals is handy and does make for adding accessory/charger connections cleaner and as said by Mohawk, a more universal fit.
  18. I believe the current price is $830.00 plus shipping. This actually applies to 5&6 Gens too.
  19. Hey all, sorry for my lack of presence here on this thread. I will see if I can get a hold of SF and see where things are. He has been the one in charge of dealing with the pipe builder and I have been dealing with the shipping and coordinating with him in regards to who gets what. I know he was not available the past couple of days but I'll see if I can get a hold of him tomorrow. Cheers
  20. If you’re like me and do pretty much all your own maintenance and service, then the ABBA Skylift is awesome, especially if you need to leave the bike on the stand more than just a day. The wheeled base makes it easy to maneuver around even when the bike is raised. If your budget doesn’t allow for the Skylift, then I say Pit-bull would be my next suggestion. I have the Pit-bull single side swing arm stand and the head lift stand for when I need to do simple stuff, like oil changes, chain cleaning/lubing and even tire and brake service. Solid stuff, bike is very stable and secure when using them.
  21. Thanks for all you do! This place wouldn’t be what it is without you.
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