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  1. Yes. Myself and sfdownhill are the two main members involved with this project, so if the thread was created by either of us, then it could be considered as "official". Although there are a few other members who hand a hand in getting this to come to fruition.
  2. Would be great to do an A-B comparison, start with a stock ride and then one with the headers! I know that my 6 Gen with the OEM 98-99 cat-less feels better than the 09 OEM headers and I'm looking forward to seeing how it is with the replica headers. Yes, I still have not installed mine, there are several reasons but hopefully those reason will come to an end soon! That being said, the difference they made with my 5 Gen was enough for me to grab another set for my 6 Gen.
  3. Hold off on that AT for a few, there might be a more worthy option... https://advrider.com/honda-patent-shows-supercharged-africa-twin/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=10_14_2020
  4. It works really well IMO, although being behind the fairing does muffle it a little bit but it's definitely louder than the OEM horn, it has caught the attention of a few motorist though. I thought about relocating it in a more open area but in all honesty I don't use it all that much, only in the rarest situations that calls for it and/or an evasive action. The size of it definitely makes it easier to find a possible mounting location.
  5. Although not the full size Stebel, I put a Sound Bomb Mini inside the left had side fairing where Marooncobra mentioned. I used an aluminum bar and bolted it to the fairing sub frame. Here are some pics. The specs for the Sound Bomb Mini... Size comparison with a GoPro Hero 2 The Aluminum bar mounting location and final results
  6. Sorry for any delays folks, I've been actually getting work lately and that has higher priority at the moment. As for how many currently on "order". My spreadsheet shows 11 deposits but 2 of those are 8 Gens, so 9 5/6 gens at the moment. I've been doing my best at getting the message out there, even been on the FB VFR forums but most of those guys seem happy to go with the Black Widow or Delkevic headers... Cheers, D
  7. Hey folks, just heard back from sfdownhill, he has been traveling for the past few weeks, so that is the reason for any delays in responses to PMs to him (us) and any post on this thread. Although not traveling, my work has picked up at a much needed time, as my bank account has been getting real low! Anyway, SF said he would be back at it in a couple of days and should be able to update us all. Again, many apologies for not getting back to anyone in a timely manner. Cheers, D
  8. I believe we hit the minimum number of deposits so Wade should be gearing things up. We'll post up as soon as we have an update.
  9. According to my spread sheets a total of 61, 26 for the first run and 35 for second run, the latter of which had 8 Gen and 5/6 Gens.
  10. OK folks, getting near go time, we are one deposit away from making this happen, if you're sitting on the fence or know someone who might want in, please step up and join the fray!
  11. Not sure if this info was ever posted and since we did receive an inquiry regarding weight, here is what I was able to gather using a luggage scale. Not sure of the accuracy i.e. +/- X% but seems to be pretty good for shipping stuff. Anyway, here are some weights I gathered. Replica Headers: 9.42 lbs. 1999 OEM Headers: 10.56 lbs. 2009 OEM Headers: 13.94 lbs.
  12. I think all but one asked for no pasivation, maybe 2... The passivation is more for "curing" the welds than for protecting the actual whole headers. I believe that sfdownhill had posted what the actual process entails somewhere here on this thread.
  13. Just to give an update. We currently have a new list going and are at the minimum number we need, just waiting on confirmation of the deposits. Most likely we will be there to move forward within the next week or so. If you are thinking about getting a set, now would be the time to chime in. Send me (Duc2V4) and sfdownhill a PM and we can get you sorted out. Cheers, D I thought I'd add pricing here just to make it easy. Headers: $830.00 Passivation: $90.00 Gaskets: $20.00 (set of 4) PC Map: $50.00 Shipping: TBD (Based on your locatio
  14. Yes, we are taking orders now and have at least 3 confirmed on the list. You can add your name to it if you like. I will be sending you a PM shortly with ordering details.
  15. Thanks for the replies folks, since I already have a 2003+ stator, I went and found a 2003+flywheel on eBay and have that on it's way. Seems the easier and more practical thing to do.
  16. Ironically I have a rewound stator from my 2009 done by Custom Rewind and a new 2003+ stator but that is the dilemma these parts are a plenty, hence my question of needing the flywheel to go along with it. Otherwise, we’d have to pull his stator, get it sent in, wait for it to return and then install it. Since he’s moving from California to Colorado he doesn’t have the time to do that while he comes to California to pack up and go back to Colorado.
  17. So going to look into helping change out a stator for fellow member Duccman's 2002 VFR800. In looking at the parts fiche, it appears that the 2002 uses a different stator and flywheel than the 2003-2009 models. It appears that the 2002 parts are no longer available and when I look up the alternative part #31100-MCW-315 I cannot seem to be able to locate this one either. My recollection is that in order to use the later model stator, the flywheel would have to be updated as well. Does anyone recall if that is true or what the differences between 2002 stator #31120-MCW-D01 and the 2003+ stator #
  18. I love this band (Primal Scream), seen them pretty much every tour they've come to the states to tour. This live version is probably my all time favorite song by them at the moment. Musically and lyrically it just centers me...
  19. Not to flog a dead horse but I did find a picture of the aluminum one after it gave up the ghost...
  20. As mentioned, the CCS on the 5 Gen is typically located on the mid-pipe. However, if the mid-pipe does not have the stop, then the Sebspeed alternative would be desired.
  21. If it helps, put me down for one 5 Gen and one 6 Gen.
  22. My Knox Zero3 have full leather on all fingers and the touch material over the top of the tips, probably for waterproof integrity. I wish my Nexos were made the same way. I like them but can't wear them with holes in the finger tips. I'm going to attempt to repair them, we'll see how that works out. The other aspects of these gloves have proven to be great. Palm sliders, Boa lacing system, knuckle and wrist protection, all worth the price of admission. Thanks for the reply.
  23. I have these but the index finger tips wore out. Not sure if they changed the design but are yours full leather with a touch screen capable material on top or is it the thin touch screen material as the finger tip? I'm a Knox glove wearer and they have been my go to glove for some time now but my Nexos didn't hold up like my previous pair, Biomech. If I knew those would no longer be produced, I would have bought a dozen pairs! They were/are my favorite glove I've owned. I thought the Nexos would be a good replacement but alas I am a little disappointed in how they designed the index finger ti
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