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  1. I believe he states in the video that he has not ridden one yet, but looks forward to review riding one in the near future.
  2. A good friend of mine and I used to ride mountain bikes in Moab Utah a lot in the mid '90s. Back when Moab was just beginning to be noticed as a place to ride MTBs. Wish I had pictures of a trail called High Anxiety Overview. 1,200ft to the canyon floor from the rim. What a cool place to ride MTBs.
  3. Not sure how many of you know who MOTOBOB is, but here's his take on the NT1100.
  4. Have you looked at AGV helmets? I have a couple Shoei GT-Airs I wear most of the time. An Arai Corsair-V that makes me feel claustrophobic. I also have a AGV K3 SV that I like. What I really like is: It's not too heavy, the air vents really let the air circulate, it's not too loud on the inside, the ear space is larger than either my GT-Airs and the Arai. The K series is the line you want to look at. K1 is the bottom of the K series, the K3 is the middle of the K series, K5 is a step above the K3 and the K6 is the top of the K series. The graphics you see on my helmet below AGV doesn't offer anymore.
  5. Yet another YouTube video about the up and coming Honda TRANSALP. This is the rendering mentioned in the video from young-machine.com
  6. Don't think Honda will go that far. They will tend to take the Transalp down the middle and slightly lean more towards road oriented I do believe. I, personally, am very eager to find out what it will actually turn out to be.
  7. The best thing I've read in this thread thus far. When I purchased my 2007 the PO had Termignoni exhausts installed and tuned to the bike. It doesn't look as though Termignoni make this exhaust system for the VFR800s anymore. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the Termignoni exhaust at the time I purchased the bike, but now I really appreciate having this exhaust. They have a slightly deeper sound, a more rounded sound if that makes any sense? Too bad you dislike the OEM exhaust and feel you need to change. I've hated loud pipe since I can remember, even as a young man. I can fly in and out of anyone's neighborhood and no one even knew I was there. I've heard loud systems in the canyons of mountains on other's bikes and it's almost embarrassing to me. Makes me realize just what I have and how cool the system I have really is. I have the OEM exhaust on my 2002 Kawasaki ZX9R and sure appreciate the quiet sound of that exhaust as well.
  8. I like them. They do take some getting used to but I would say they fit fine. The toe is a bit large and you certainly need to get used to them while up shifting. Pretty good boots.
  9. I know you guys are probably not into TRANSALPs like I am.
  10. I have a pair of Forma Terra EVO Low boots that I wear on my KLR and Transalp. But I sure wouldn't use them on my VFR or ZX9R. Like ducnut said they're not flexible enough for the street. I have a pair of Alpinestars for the street.
  11. Couple of my other motorcycles. Taken a break earlier this spring 2020. 1989 XL600V Transalp. Below, last fall taken a break 2019. 2015 Kawasaki KLR650.
  12. Good for you FJ12Ryder! I, on the other hand, will be relegated to the category of those "gullible folk". 😎
  13. And this is the sort of stuff I would rather drain out of a cold engine verses starting the bike and pumping it all back around the engine to warm up the oil just to drain the oil.
  14. Be very careful Grum. You could be lumped in with the likes of me and be labeled as a trouble maker.
  15. I'm one who really can't wrap my mind around why mc owners would want to take a chance on automobile oils either. To save a couple dollars here and there on using such oils is really not worth it. In the long run it will do more harm than good. Inevitably, you always get the mc owner that will state "I've used this or that type auto oil in my motor for 15 years with no issues". That's all fine and good if you really don't give a shit about what you own. I feel more sorry for the motorcycle than I do the owner at that point. Not sure anything could be said to change anyone's mind that is dead set against using mc specific engine oils. “Those who never change their minds, never change anything.” - Winston Churchill
  16. Came across this and thought I would share. Will Car Oil Ruin Your Motorcycle Engine? | The Shop Manual - YouTube
  17. Terry. Just got my Ventura Sport Pack 10L in the mail today. Pretty neat. Can't fit a ton of stuff in there, but I can stuff a lot of things in there. Thank you, again, for the link to Ventura.
  18. Okay, cool thank you for your input.
  19. So where did you purchase these wonderful products? Online? At a Motorcycle dealership?
  20. Here are some images I took this afternoon. I hope they help.
  21. Thank you. I'm pretty sure they do. Here's a list of Hondas they have racks for. Here's a rack for a Gen 6 VFR. Not too awful bad?
  22. Thanks buddy. It is pretty "gorgeous and super clean". I'm normally into Kawasaki Green but this Candy Gold Spark is pretty cool indeed. Thank you too. It is pretty cool lookin'. Looks like a Jet Fighter plane with its Ram Air intake under the headlights. Sure. The weather's not supposed to be so good tomorrow but when I can I sure will post the mounting points for the Ventura Sport Rack on this 2002 ZX9R. Yes. The 9 is not too small and not too big. It's a good in-the-middle type sport bike. It's not too heavy either. I would have thought it would be heavier. Thank you, It is very cool. 🤣 Yeah, Stinky i4. There was a time when that's all I would own. I have several V-Twins and now I have an i4 again. Stinky i4s 😂 It's all good!!!!!
  23. Thank you Terry! I was wrong it is Ventura. I just couldn't think of the name. And thank you for the link. I really like Ventura's soft rear luggage packs. Very cool. I'll be taking a closer look for sure!!!! 👍
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