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  1. Has anyone looked at a company called Monster Fairings?
  2. There's a lesson to be learned here. The Aftermarket doesn't have all the answers no matter how much you wish it did.
  3. Yes, I did consider Skidmarx. However, it's also coming from the UK to the US so I figured shipping would be terrible so I pretty much passed it by.
  4. Sure, Skids. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say. There is a difference here. The one I was looking for is for a 6th Gen. and you are asking them about a 5th Gen. so there could be a difference???? Let us know what they say. Harris Performance must be stupid busy to not want to make a sale? I'm not sure I quite get it yet.
  5. Yes, it looks to be the one I was wanting. I don't see the title of it, but it sure looks like it.
  6. Well, you can both see what Harris Performance wants for shipping their hugger to me. Clearly, they don't want the hassle of shiping that hugger to me in the US. It's a real shame that that's the way they want to deal with the issue. Don't see that there's a lot I can do about it really.
  7. Just got the email from Harris Performance this morning. Looks like it's gone down in price a bit. Now it's $305.70 USD at the time of this posting. It's still 3-4 months lead time. Like I said I guess I won't be getting a Harris hugger.
  8. Lucky you for being able to obtain one since you live in the UK. Knock yourself out. Hey Skids just wanted to point out a few things in your signature area. Are you familiar with the term "Link rot"? I tried several links in your signature area of your post and there are a fair amount of them that no longer work. Just thought you "may" want to know? You also make reference (and links) to the "Powerbronze" huggers. I read on this forum (on posts made some years ago now) to steer clear of those. The statement was made that they're cheap and want to fall apart. The fitment was pretty poor as well. I did look at those and I wasn't that impressed with the look. So, I don't blame you for switching to a Harris Performance hugger. Sounds as though the Harris is a far better product.
  9. I knew I should have saved the return email that Harris Performance sent me, but I didn't. Yep, it worked out to $307.65 USD. There's a war going on, the price of fuel has effected everyone in all industries and maybe Harris didn't want the hassle of boxing up that hugger and making sure it made it safe to the US. There can be a number of reasons why the cost is so high, but regardless that was the price they quoted. I should ask them to refigure that and I can show you. If I lived in England I would have one by now. Plus, it's £125 (excludes the VAT) = $163.37 for a Carbon Fibre hugger. That's the one I was going to purchase. It's £85 for an ABS hugger. Okay, I just placed another order with Harris Performance for the Carbon Fiber hugger for "VFR800 FI 02-15 (ABS & Non-ABS) Rear hugger with built-in chain guard - Carbon Fibre × 1" to find out what the shipping and total cost would be. You don't need to pay up front. They send you an email with the total cost to the US and you have the right to accept or decline it. I looked into this as well. But, of course, it's in the UK and we all know how that turned out.
  10. I've already discussed this subject with Harris Performance directly. The cost would be roughly $308 for that exact hugger shipped to my address in the US.
  11. Yep, that's the Harris hugger I was looking to purchase but the post-Vid expense is a little tough to swallow. $308 with a lead time of 3-4 months? Was just texting a friend about this subject and he said "just fly to England and get it". We both had a good laugh on that one. Thanks for posting!
  12. Well, here’s how it breaks down guys. I received an email response from Twisted Throttle telling me they will no longer carry Pyramid products – so that’s out. I received an email from Pyramid themselves letting me know that it would be too cost prohibitive to ship their hugger from England to the US but gave me the name of their US distributor MotoMachines to which I did find the hugger there. So, I dug a bit deeper and found a very cool Fiberglass hugger from Harris Performance, also in England, but I just received an email from them also letting me know that the total cost including shipping would be roughly $307.65 and it would take 3-4 months to get. One of the reasons why I decided not to purchase the Pyramid hugger is I read here on this forum posted many years ago to stay away from plastic huggers and go with fiberglass. Thus, I guess this ends my search for a decent affordable hugger for my 2007 25th Anniversary VFR800 Interceptor. It's too bad because I held out a fair amount of hope for the Harris Performance fiberglass hugger since it had all the ingredients I was looking for. Thank you, guys, for the very good input here regarding my inquiry about a hugger for the VFR800. Thanks again.
  13. Sounds cool. Yes, I've delt with TT before on a MRA windscreen for my Honda XL600V Transalp as a matter of fact and yes, they are a good company to work with. Okay, I'll contact them and see what they can do about a Pyramid hugger that will fit my 2007. Thank you for the input! 😎👍
  14. I just sent Pyramid an email asking the cost to ship to the USA. We'll see what they have to say. Thank you for the information. Great. Yes, I looked at that one too. I was told, and I agree, to steer clear of a hugger that don't provide for brake lines.
  15. Thank you, but the link to the page you provided is for a 2002. The only Pyramid from Twisted Throttle for a 2007 is for a fender extender. Not what I need. Pyramid Plastics Fenda Extenda fender extender for Honda VFR800 All Models VFR800X Crossrunner '15 & CBR1000RR Fireblade '08-'16 | Matte Black
  16. Great! Someone who understands!
  17. Yeah, I saw the Pyramid huggers and yes they're in the UK making shipping a deal breaker. Thank you for responding. At least this gives me more ideas. Yes, that is a generic image. I haven't purchased one yet. I'm trying to find one that's why I'm asking. Thank you for your response too. You know, I'm not an over the chain guard version either. Doesn't seem as there are any "just" the fender version though. Isn't too bad there isn't someone out there that makes a good version of a hugger for the VFR? I don't need a fiberglass version just a solid ABS version. Thank you for your response too. Are you sure you don't know? In an effort to keep road debris off the underside of the subframe. That small debris rubber mud flap that's there is okay but just not that robust. I would like to have a nice-looking hugger on MY VFR. In addition, I think they look pretty cool. It's a detail one doesn't often see but it makes an impression on me. Shows me that someone cares for their machine. Cares enough to take the time to mount a fender to keep junk from messing up their bike. One who thinks enough about their motorcycle to take the initiative to mount one is okay in my book. Thank you for your response too.
  18. No one has ever purchased and mounted a hugger for their VFR800?
  19. I want to add a hugger to my 2007 VFR800. If you ask me the carbon fibre huggers are just too expensive. I did find one from a company called NiceCycle. Has anyone purchased a hugger or any body panels from this company? If so, what is the quality like? Or do you have any recommendations for an alternative company that produces huggers? I'm never sure of the quality of items listed on eBay so I sorta steer clear of eBay. Thanks for any help you able to provide.
  20. Very nice indeed. I really like that 1000.
  21. This is just an FYI from Owner's Manuals for vacuum and gravity fed carbureted motorcycles I own regarding long term storage and carburetors - Winter Storage. You can take it for what it's worth or you can tear down your carbs after a winter storage. If I'm not gonna ride my bikes for several weeks I drain the carb bowls. 2015 Kawasaki KLR650 1989 Honda XL600V TRANSALP 1983 Yamaha XV920 Virago
  22. Kbear


    Wow, is all I can say. To let someone go that was actually caught on video in a "Hit and Run" is pretty sorry. What if someone were on the bike? Would it matter then I wonder? It's a good thing you weren't on the bike!
  23. Kbear


    I almost started to cry when I watched that video. Surely the work was paid for by insurance to fix your bike? And was that person in the truck even confronted regarding a hit and run? Nice! I didn't know T-Rex made the rear hub protector. I'm not sure they would make it for a Gen. 6. I'll look into that.
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