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  1. THIS Is what I have been looking for. Thank you oh so much. Unfortunately I go to sea for a few months very soon, but I will be in touch with them once I return. Will update the hive mind on my experience with them.
  2. I 'can', but If there was a distributor that has rapport in the USA for fairings (Monster Fairings, for instance - they dont supply 5th gen plastics) then I would certainly go that route! I just cannot blindly trust some random company on ebay with $500 and delivery estimate of 6 weeks with no customer support.
  3. I have been thinking about that... less weight, less things to break, easy access for maintenance It would be a heck of an undertaking (lots of wires to hide, and brackets to make), and it may detract from the 'sleeper' look I've been maintaining.
  4. After wrecking a few months back, I have been nose-down in ebay and local facebook listings to source some new(er) plastics for the front, and right side... ...To no avail. I'm in need of some wind therapy, and I need some advice. I dont particularly want to sell my bike, especially without the plastics (unrideable/unsellable condition imo), but I also dont want to buy another whole bike just to scavenge the plastics from it.... it would be financially irresponsible. Any ideas from the hive mind?
  5. Howdy, All I am in great need of some hard to find parts... - 00 YELLOW Right hand side fairing. - 00 YELLOW Front Cowl fairing. - 5th gen aero center fairing - ASV lever - Brake side (full length) - right hand blinker I am now located in socal, will travel or pay for shipping to make a deal. If you have what I need, name your price. Money no object.
  6. I have had quite some seat time in a buddy's 14... I was amazed by how effortless it was to go oh so fast...
  7. The lesson for the day, kids.
  8. Ughandi

    2JnCr9RJwKs (1).jpg

    What a pic!!! 0:
  9. Hah! More parts I've forgotten I needed to order.... appreciate the reminder 😅
  10. ...dont trust five year old rubbers. These cushion-drives were 22 years 'new'.... Sorry Dad....I should have listened... In my never-ending quest to just work on my bike instead of riding it, rear cushion rubbers were ordered. Now there was certainly slop on the rear sprocket carrier - about 10 degrees of rotation in either direction without much effort. So I wasnt just feeding my American desire to buy things for the dopamine hit. ....ANYWAYS. Here's a how-to for those who dont know how-to-do. 1) Tool Up Get you a chungus 46mm socket. Home depot doesn't have it, Ace doesn't have it, and Harbor Freight had it only in a set of eight other chungus sizes that you will certainly never need in the future for ($40) so... To the Internet! Thank you Dewalt for the new paperweight ($25 ) It weighs like three pounds. I love it. Mine was 3/4" drive, so a 1/2" to 3/4" converter was needed as well. ($3) 2) Do as I say, not as I do. ...of all the "mechanics gore" I have seen on forums, I never thought I would turn to the dark side. few taps of the hammer on the wood drill bit raised the notched lip of the carrier nut so it can be loosened. - I would recommend using literally any other tool other than a drill bit to do so. Your only limitation is your imagination. (YMMV.) - Shaft and nut are right-hand threaded, so don't get any funny ideas. Lefty-Loosey with a breaker bar, and you're golden. - Dont misplace that washer either. (Tip: passenger grab-rails suffice as hangers for the nut and washer ;D) 3) The main event. Actually removing the carrier. Now I have heard from my FB post on this topic that this carrier comes right off with just a little elbow grease. This was far from my experience. Lots of hammering (from both sides), grunting, and a well-deserved beer later... I asked FB for ideas. Best advice on there was using a deadblow hammer, mandating another trip to Home Depot ($40). After no luck with thwacking the carrier itself with my new toy, I started to hit the axle shaft itself with it. It started to budge - I also realized this is pushing my wheel outwards, and I may find myself in a *real* situation should I hammer out too far - tumping the bike over, hammer in hand, making this 200lb monkey very sad. So if you dare to do it my way, tap BACK on the wheel to push it back into place after 0.5" of motion or so.... then tap tap on the carrier until... 4) Taa Daa! Everything tumbled off and out. Time for the cleanup and rebuild! All of the old rubbers were hardly petroleum based anymore... they felt fossilized.... maybe Dad was right... Dont forget to inspect that bearing. Mine was slow to move, but smooth in action... so Its time has yet to come.... not bad for 63,000 miles. If you got this far, you could probably put it back together. I have faith in you. only seven parts in total if you count the cushion drives as one. Twerk nut to 148ft-lbs. Epilogue: Resultant assembly is SOLID. Firm with less than one degree of radial slop. I cannot wait to get this chain riveted and experience the new response of my driveline! Lessons Learned/ Tips: - Keep that center stand as a doorstop if you plan to chuck it. This is one of the few jobs I have attempted that would have been MUCH easier with it. Oh well. - Chain OFF. Was in the midst of the 520 chain conversion I posted about long ago, and 2400 miles away, so that was no biggie. - Read somewhere that the chungus nut is a one-time dealio. It probably is with the notch in its lip, but Im picking my battles, you pick yours. Refer to the title of Section 2 for further wisdom. -Anti-seize on that axle shaft! ...or lithium grease...or whatever your favorite high-pressure metallic grease is. I'm certain other's have their favorite lubricants for this item. Dad always said "Lube makes everything better". P.S. This job is certainly a lot less complicated that I am making it out to be. Most of the work was getting the proper tooling, and finessing the rear carrier to give way. If needed to again, It could be accomplished in under 30 minutes, with cleanup, retorque, and a 5 minute beer break. Shiny side up, Rubber side down, folks!
  11. Hi Ughandi, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Question from an ignorant human here: Is there a way to adjust ignition advance on the 5th gens? I would love one more tuning parameter besides the fueling map. And maybe be able to squeeze a few HP out before I blow my motor doing so 😆
  13. ooh... do share some photos with the class
  14. Ughandi


    GET LOWWW I have a pic of me at this same bend, going the other way
  15. Ughandi

    Genoa Bay VFRD

    Love me some white 6th gens....
  16. Thanks! She happily revs at your compliment! ugh... maybe... but only AFTER someone else here parts with Seb's rearset adapters, or a set of discontinued Harris rearsets... Ergonomics is my priority right now.
  17. WOW! Great writeup. Will not likely do this myself, but thanks for adding to the public knowledge pool!
  18. You could always add them. Adding O2 sensor bungs aren't foreign to most welding/exhaust shops. I added one per cylinder ~4-5 inches downstream from each exhaust port on my WiLD set. Made adjusting AFR's a lot more predictable for my guy.
  19. Yet another photogenic moto-pic ❤️
  20. Can confirm. 60,000 miles did not do the factory headers on my '00 any justice...
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