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  1. Was not aware I was shouting ? Thought shouting was when one used all caps ? Like you did . Is using colored font also considered shouting ? If so , I was not aware .
  2. Hi all , I own a 1987 VFR700F2 , I have just finished installing my Fox twin clicker . Only problem is I can not find a suitable place or way to mount the reservoir . It appears to be designed to exit & mount on the left side of bike ( left while sitting on it ) . If any of you have done this to your bike ? Any description ,explanation or pictures of your way of doing this would be of GREAT help to me !!! THANK YOU !
  3. Thanks every one ! I plan on using 10wt Hondaline fork fluid for the final refill . My local Honda shop man told me the same about the ATF . First , Honda was not offering there own at the time & second , thirty plus years ago ATF was relatively a standard product . Not nearly as diversified the way it is today . Modern ATF can be of any weight & contain any number of additives . Some even detrimental to our goal as an alternative for modern Fork Fluid . That being said by him & others . This sounds completely reasonable to me , I have no reason to doubt this . THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks guys ! So sorry for the text . You guys rock . I think I will try the diesel ? The stuff coming out is beyond BAD !
  5. Hi all , I have a 1987 VFR700F2 . The front fork fluid has not been changed in years . So , my ? is ? What is the best product to flush out the fork tubes after I have removed them . Springs out . I have been told Kerosene , sea foam . My local Honda shop told me to just use some cheap ATF a few times . Then use the proper Wgt . Honda fork fluid . Any & all suggestion welcomed ! THANK YOU !
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