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  1. My car is a 2003 Honda Element, which I bought new 19 years ago. This past winter at about 159,000 miles all the gauges went dark, couldn't drive it at night. My shop found a used instrument cluster, which fixed the problem. But I got the donor car's odometer also! Now it only has 133,000 miles. I'm kinda pissed. edit: I like this photo because it's my 2003 Honda towing my 2003 Honda. 😎
  2. Great shot of Mono Lake Tirso. Jeff might be in Morocco, where he resides the majority of the time as far as I know. Haven't heard from him for a while, but he may pop up at any moment! OK I guess it's time to stop talking and plan a ride. I am available at least 50% of weekdays but most are not. So, weekend. I propose Saturday October 1st for a single day ride. North Bay because I'm selfish, but hey, Mines Road to Mt. Hamilton works too. If I hear four yes responses I will post it on the USA - West Ride Planning forum here. Who's in? All you Hog Tie folks feel free to head west in October. 😎
  3. Sorry to beat this hijacking of another thread to death, but I checked, and it has only been 11 months since we called a ride in the bay area. jeffyjeff managed to get me, RC1237V, and his friend, to actually show up and ride. (yeah, we got drenched, but it was totally unexpected) C'mon norcal! 😎
  4. Sweeper, I agree, two events is great, on a roll. Proud of you guys, and as I have posted, I would love to be in Arkansas right now! When I landed in CA almost nine years ago I was incredibly lucky to find BrianF, tc339, bayarearider, TJ, jeffyjeff, ecn, crazybro, Duc2V4, sfdownhill and of course RC1237V all here on this forum planning incredible rides. It was a peak few years for epic CA rides, but most have moved on, mostly to other bikes as far as I know. Now VFRD has tilted towards repair, restore, find parts, build a project bike as the number of actual VFR's on the road steadily declines. Can't complain--after owning a series of VFR's for 31 years straight, I don't own one right now. But yeah, we need to hit the road as a group. Looking forward to Hog Tie photos!
  5. Yeah, vfrcapn, the 1260 was a different engine, longer wheelbase, and heavier, not as nimble as the '15 through '17. And then they revised it again with the V4. Weird that two generations of Multistradas have passed since I bought mine in 2017. I do prefer the lighter and more nimble V-twin. Yeah, every Ducati dealer thinks you must be a billionaire, I should have mentioned that in my brief eval. The dollars quoted for service and parts are (Wallace Shawn voice) "inconceivable!" Guess this post has been hijacked. But I don't think the OP will mind. 😎
  6. Over five years and 25,000 miles it has been mechanically bulletproof. I did catch some sh*t from a few posters here on VFRD regarding Ducati reliability when I bought the MS--and TBH if you go back at least 10 years that bad reputation is well deserved. But the Multistrada just starts and runs. I am on my 3rd gas gauge sensor--they paid for the 2nd one but I paid for the 3rd "improved" one that's in the tank now. The neutral light is unreliable and always has been. But these relatively minor issues don't leave you by the side of the road, or even interfere with the fun of riding. The electronics (power modes, suspension adjustment with buttons except front preload) are really useful and I use them a lot. Great motor, VVT really widens the powerband, and hey, it's ~145hp! It weighs about 80lbs less than my 7th gen, and even a bit less than my 6th gen, although with a higher COG. But that gives you seven inches of suspension travel, a godsend on gnarly back roads. It's not leaving my garage any time soon.
  7. Wow, I'm only maybe 2000 miles away, maybe... Please do Push Mountain Road/341 a few extra times for me. And watch out for the speed traps north end of 7. Yeah, norcal resident jonesing for NE AR, what can I say, grass is greener.
  8. Nah, we agree. I was just saying that when you're riding hard and fast you don't notice the discomfort on the RC. I was sooo torn in 2017 between the MS and the SD GT. I had some bucks to spend and my 7th gen to trade in. Both were--and are--fast bikes with touring capability and luggage. The SD GT was faster, but uglier, and hey...red is red. The Duc is my sport tourer--it performs that function beautifully, and five years later I'm still happy I bought it. The RC-51 is...well, you know. 😎
  9. Well, you are technically correct, the RC-51 is faster in short bursts, 20 minutes. And I agree with your point, which is why I have that other red bike. But as far as comfort is concerned, I don't agree. Or I don't always agree, anyway. 100 miles on the interstate is torture on an RC. And if it's bumpy, with damping and springs set up properly, even worse. BUT... Chasing riders who are faster, on perfect roads, for many more miles, where you are always moving--hands, body, knees, head--every second, you don't realize your pain until the day is done. In the zone, as it were.
  10. Like everybody else here I usually try to include a photo with my post. It is almost always some combination of blue sky, green trees, red bike and great empty road--what my wife calls motorcycle porn. But just as in every baby picture the kid is smiling, it doesn't always represent reality. Rt. 96 west of Yreka is burning right now--you have to check before planning a fire season trip in CA! Here's 96 a few years ago, south of Happy Camp (yes, Somes Bar, Lorne). I was confident I could punch through the fire area but ended up turning around.
  11. No way! You must. The west end of 36 has been a construction zone for the last few years, although I think they are about done. 299 can get congested as it's the main east-west cage route in the area. But both are, of course, a huge blast. My favorite, however, is 96, following the Klamath River for over 100 miles from Willow Creek (junction w/ 299) to Yreka. Not better, not worse, but far less crowded. I have ridden 96 maybe 20 times and look forward to another 20. My go-to getaway motorcycle trip. Day 1: Rt. 1 and 101 north to Fortuna or Eureka. Day 2: Fortuna to Yreka. Day 3: Rt. 3 to 299 or 36 back west. Repeat as necessary...
  12. My other bike was in the shop, so it had to be the RC for the weekend. I did just over 1000 miles on it in 36 hours! Pair of sneakers and a t-shirt in the tank bag, and some toiletries in that fat tail section. But the worst part was keeping up with Brian, TC (on an effing Tenere!) and bayarearider. As usual. You will recognize the usual suspects here, same ride:
  13. VFRD ride five years ago, Rt. 70 by the Feather River. Courtesy of BrianF of course. Similar trio of bikes to yours, with the MT being an RC...
  14. Thanks for the great write-up Jim! And great photos. Probably time for new tires again.
  15. Hey, doesn't this solve the MBD equation? (anyone reading this knows the N + 1 rule, where N = # of bikes owned). The number of bikes owned should be as many as you can ride so that the tires of all bikes owned wear out before five years!
  16. I think you just did. Still raining in the PNW?
  17. Best wishes didit, I've enjoyed your posts over the years. Check in when you have a chance, with an underwater pic or two if possible.
  18. Couldn't agree more ducnut. Zack (and Ari Henning) are the real deal. They have rich motorcycling backgrounds, both professionally and family, and present useful information in a straightforward and entertaining way. Spencer, their videographer, is also very good. And if you're just looking for motorcycle entertainment the Alaska and Dumb & Dumber segments are highly recommended.
  19. Well that's an adventure Jim! Now I have look up cutting over 108 to 4--not that I have the bike to do it. Must have been beautiful but slushy. Bike looks great and well-accessorized.
  20. My back yard! I'm thinking you're maybe missing the Pacific Ocean Danno. Nice photos.
  21. St. Stephen


    shots from the road
  22. From the album: Rides

    How many times have I taken this same photo? I need to stop.
  23. From the album: Rides

    Took a roundabout trip to San Diego from the north bay this past week, about 1500 miles.First day was across the central valley and over 108 ending up In Mammoth Lakes for the night. Next night was Big Bear Lake.
  24. Well, yeah, you are technically correct, but sometimes, as on the 10 day trip I referenced, you just have to connect the dots and get from A to B. Kinda like Myrtle Beach to Blowing Rock. If all I wanted was great twisty roads I would never get beyond a 50 mile radius of where I live. I guess my point is that music/sound/podcasts are a plus when on long motorcycle trips where the slab is inevitable sooner or later.
  25. While I generally agree with bmart's comments, I have made an exception. Four years ago I was riding State Rt. 95 in Nevada--straight, hot, boring. For hours. Got to know every last feature of the electronic controls of the Duc that can be manipulated while moving. Discovered that the 2017 Multistrada will not travel at 64 mph, according to the speedo--63, yes, 65 yes, but never two to the 6th power. Anyway, you get the idea, boring as hell. As I was getting close to Vegas and the temp hit 107F, I decided that maybe music was worth trying. So... I purchased a Scala Q-Solo, and some great Etymotic ear speakers. Can't communicate with other riders (which I have no interest in), takes phone calls (I've done this exactly once), but the sound is very good and it pairs easily with my phone. After three or four hours on 95 I was really ready for a long extended China/Rider! I probably only use this setup three or four times/year, but it does help prevent insanity on those long stretches of slab. On Thursday I'm heading south on a one week trip, and I will definitely bring it.
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