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From: Official 2012 Tmac picture & event thread.



Nice bike not so nice owner



Good times





Catered BBQ at the tmac






More flowers






Wild Flowers on the side of the hwy





wild flowers on hwy 107 NC





Getting set up for the group shot 4 rows deep of vfrs





Hiding out from the rain





Timmy in his clogs






The Blue Ridge Parkway






The Blue Ridge Parkway





My Wed group ride





Hot Springs NC after riding the "rattler"





Baileyrock remembering Bruce





Bruce's cross





Bruce's cross





What do you think of Wartburg?





Downtown Nashville





Hanging out with Baileyrock





ATT Building in Nashville





A Bimota with a swingarm front end





Cape Girardeau





State line





Heather and Lee





Brew house in Hays KS





Liquid Bread fermentation tanks





Liquid Bread Brewery





Oakly KS





Veefalo all gassed up





The Mississippi river at Cape Girardeau




Source: Official 2012 Tmac picture & event thread.




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