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  1. Which VFR's are the hardest to work on?

    I've owned a 5th, 6th, and now a 7th gen. I hate the 7th gen fairings with a passion. Give me fairing bolts any day.
  2. Day out after a wash

    Damn... that is one beautiful bike! The forks, rearsets and Staintune? You've got it all!
  3. Sw-Motech Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate Failed!

    bayarearider - just saw your post on this thread when I came to shoare it on another thread. Your situation sounds like a mirror image of mine! How did everything turn out for you? Did you end up replacing the case and switching to traditional bolts?
  4. SW Motech Rack

    Yeah, they are quickly detachable all right. Those camlocs broke on me pretty quickly. Ruined my top case and mounting plate when they hit the highway. But Twisted Throttle customer service is top notch and they took care of me. I heartily recommend swapping out those quick release fasteners with traditional bolts or cap head screws. Also not a bad idea to routinely check the bolts that attach the base plate to the arms. Lost one on the Cherohala Skyway last year. This is in no way a knock against SW Motech products. After changing the bolts, it's been perfect and I would buy the whole setup again.
  5. Front brakes seized

    Another tip for cleaning the master cyclinder is to run guitar wire through the ports to clean them out. I don't remember the gauge unfortunately.
  6. Buy it Back??

    I think if you can get them down to $4K and a new set of tires, you will have a great story of how a dealership paid you to store your bike!
  7. The next INTERCEPTOR?

    Honestly I thought the first picture looked like crap. A road warrior wannabe type bike. The second picture that Timmy posted however is far more appealing. Now I will go read the article. Oh, and I have to agree with lossenoose, Interceptor does not belong on that bike.
  8. Unchain My Bike... Or So I Thought...

    I didn't re-read the entire thread, but I am pretty sure that Larry's bike is a RC45 and not a 5th gen. So the swingarms would not be swappable. Just my best guess.
  9. Not able to like all posts . . .

    Damn, in my hurry to be witty I forgot the "likable" ! Sent from my phone. Please forgive brevity and spelling.
  10. Not able to like all posts . . .

    I guess that means we're the only people here!
  11. Not able to like all posts . . .

    I thought I was the only one! Just chalked it up to my browser though (Vivaldi) Perfect example is that I can "like" Cogswell's post but there is no option for Sweeper's post.
  12. I looked, but I cannot find the eliminator I have. Here is one that is similar: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Healtech-Electronics-Exhaust-Servo-Eliminator-for-VFR1200X-2012-2016-/282527637325?epid=655998343&hash=item41c7f59f4d:g:Q8UAAOSwPhdU66gh&vxp=mtr
  13. I don't think just removing the cable will eliminate the status light. Before I had the ECU flash I had to use a Servo Eliminator.
  14. The Ace Of Spades Baltics Tour 2016

    That bike is utterly stunning! You've always had my admiration, now you have my envy as well!
  15. R/R issue or worse?

    Fascinating mounting location. Let us know how it works out after a year or so. I think it is very clever!

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