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  1. You'll poke out yer eye riding like that! It's all fun and games 'till someone looses an eye.... :biggrin:
  2. If you get down to 195 will those Aerostich leathers still fit? If not, I am willing to stuff my face for a bit, gain about 25lbs, and you can send them to me! :idea3:
  3. Brown81


    Very sad what happened to Bubba Shobert. Awesome racer.
  4. Looks like your silver strat needs a bit of work, too!! :fing02:
  5. Brown81

    '94 Vfr

  6. Brown81

    49 overlook

    "Strip from Bear to Coulterville is one of my all time favorites." One of my favorites as well!!
  7. Holy Moly! Those look terrific! :cool:
  8. Man, what a pain in the arse. This sounds like some of the kooks we got over here in Berkeley (well all over Nor Cal actually). I am a pretty liberal guy, but this kind of stuff is just mid boggling. I wonder if it is her friends over here in Berkeley sitting in the stupid trees on the Cal campus. When not "saving trees" (that are non native trees planted by the University) they are trying to chase the Marine recruiters out of town. Bizarre. :pissed: She probably ran out and drove off in a Prius thinking she is saving the world!! :rolleyes: Luckily, we have some pretty good dirt riding facilities around here, but you do have to pay for them, because they have to constantly fight off litigation and whatnot. Somebody needs to tie these folks down to a set of whoop-di's, and run over them repeatedly with a CR500!!
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