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  1. Brown81

    2006 Makeover Project

    Wow, looks great!
  2. Brown81

    Greetings from Napa, CA

    Indeed. Glad you got back on one!
  3. Brown81

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    Very interesting thread! Thanks for sharing and educating.
  4. Brown81

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    I like the newer link pipe! Loop was neat but I like the cleaner look. And better clearance. Awesome project!
  5. At that price would be worth trying for sure! I am looking for about 25mm I think.
  6. I've been considering doing this to my 4th gen. My last one I had dropped the triples about 10mm and it really improved the handling, but it sacrificed some ground clearance. So, I want to do this when I install a new shock. But, dang, 160$ for two metal plates seems very spendy! Just seems a bit much! I've also found this place. A much simpler and cheaper one: https://www.bikefarmmv.com/epages/79512538.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/79512538/Categories/"Heckhöherlegung bikefarmMV"/"Honda Höherlegung" I've got an email to them to see if they will ship to US.
  7. Brown81

    Greetings from Napa, CA

    Yes, I was living in Danville and Lafayette. Ride was around Berryessa and Napa area.
  8. Brown81

    Back on a VFR!!

    I have driven it in a car. I lived in Northern California (Bay Area and above)so most of my riding was up there. I did many many tens of thousands of miles on all the northern backroads and mountain passes. Didn't do a lot of riding in Socal. I am looking forward to making it to the mountains here. Frankly, here around Chapel Hill, it kinda sucks! Pretty rare to see a turn of any kind! Gonna plan to make it to the hills in spring for sure. If not sooner! The bike needs a few things before. Getting new tires and getting it setup a little better this winter.
  9. Brown81

    Exhaust Slip on for 1999

    Cool. Thanks for the response. I'd like a little less weight, and a little more volume, but don't want obnoxiously loud. Just a little more than stock. I may try this same exhaust on my gen 4.
  10. Brown81

    Exhaust Slip on for 1999

    How's it sound? Is it super loud? Have you tried it with and without the db killer? Edit: Is this the 350mm or the 360mm? Thanks!
  11. Brown81

    Back on a VFR!!

    Interesting. Im going to look into that. Thanks. And, give me a shout if you have any decent rides around here.
  12. Brown81

    Back on a VFR!!

    I've been looking at these. Seen mixed reviews but I think I may go that way. That would be the best spot for me I think. Thx!
  13. Brown81

    Back on a VFR!!

    I wouldn't want to crash on my expensive phone and get glass shards up my keister. And, I feel it's safer than using a paper maps, since I ride more places than my neighborhood. But thanks for the helpful suggestion.
  14. Brown81

    Greetings from Napa, CA

    Didn’t we do a ride alooooong time ago on your last bike? At any rate, I just got back onto a VFR l, too!
  15. Hello, I have been a member for quite sometime and used to post a bit. I had a 1994 750F. When I lived in CA I rode if for many thousands of miles and loved it dearly. Neve let me down. Upon moving to Raleigh, NC I sold the bike. Think it had around 70G miles on it. It was tough to do as my love for riding has been a lifelong passion. At any rate, I recently found an identical bike for a good deal. I had been jonesing to get back in the saddle, so picked it up. I am very very happy! After 6 years of not having a bike, its great to hear that gear whine again! So, back to VFRD it is! Also, I am actively looking for a phone mounting solution for this generation, and would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! -Dave

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