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  1. Great route. Wish I could join, but moved across country. Really miss the CA riding and this was my local area. Enjoy!
  2. So, you feel you have mastered your mechanical skills? Are you a full time motorcycle mechanic?
  3. Wow. Clean! The best looking of all the VFR's, Imo.
  4. BARF (Bay Area Riders Forum) would be a great place to ask this. Lot of racers and fans there. I've been there often but never camped. But did camp at Laguna many times.
  5. Thank you. Just want to ride some twisties as much as possible. I do respect what it is about and remember the original event and the reason for it. But had been off the forum for a few years. Nice. I'll keep in touch. And if you are ever riding in this area and have any routes you would like to share, please let me know.
  6. Hmm. Never had any ability to do this when in CA. But now in Raleigh, and need to see some decent roads before I go nuts. Haven't seen a turn since I moved here. A few questions: -Anybody riding out there from Raleigh/durham/CH or coming through here? -Are there rides for small groups of experienced riders or are these "group rides" with many levels?
  7. Very interesting thread! Thanks for sharing and educating.
  8. I like the newer link pipe! Loop was neat but I like the cleaner look. And better clearance. Awesome project!
  9. You'll poke out yer eye riding like that! It's all fun and games 'till someone looses an eye.... :biggrin:
  10. If you get down to 195 will those Aerostich leathers still fit? If not, I am willing to stuff my face for a bit, gain about 25lbs, and you can send them to me! :idea3:
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