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A Visit To Jim Dillard's Vintage Motos




Jim Dillard's Vintage Motos Vintage Motorcycle Museum and Restoration

I had the opportunity to visit my old college friend in Denver Tuesday - he suggested we go visit this vintage motorcycle museum in Lo-Do down by Coors Field. We jumped on his two scooters and headed across Capital Hill and made our way across downtown Denver on two vintage Italian scooters. I couldnt remeber what they were called if you tourchered me about it? All I know is it shifted funny, and I kept honking the horn every time I tried to use the turn signals. Anyway I had a lot of fun riding that little thing with its left hand shifter (on the left handle bar, it rotates as it shifts). Andy says it gets 100mpg where abouts on a full tank of about a gallon and a half. It was rather large for a scooter and it had a spare tire bolted to the back, Andy says he sunk about 3k into it all together with a chrome frame protector and rack. I usually don't like motorcycling in a large city but dadgum it if that wasn't a hoot riding that scooter. Andy was riding 2up with his Girl Friend Joann on the back. She was visiting from L.A. out for a ski trip to Vail, Steamboat and Winter Park. Andy had her whole 2 week vacation all planned out for her in advance, she said she was so busy doing stuff she hadn't had a chance to sleep! He also had our day planned out as well.

So the three of us headed downtown and met Jim Dillard and looked over his collection of vintage euro bikes and scooters.

Vintage Motos

2762 Walnut St

Denver CO 80205

(303) 993-7693




Parts shelves Carbs, magetos, suspension components


Jims Cleaning area


Ducati Scooter Hybrid


Looking east


Jim Dillard's Vintage Motos Vintage Motorcycle Museum and Restoration


Bennelli Being restored


1955 BSA Bantum


Morini 500 SEI-V


Mondial 175


Bianchi Aquilleto Motorized bicycle again notice the dual lever front suspension - BMW did not invent this technology with the k1200




Bianchi notice the Springer dual lever front end - Hossack like


Moto Guzzi Scooter Jim called it a toaster motor


1938 AJ's Identical to the Matchless


Little Ant 1956 Moto Rumi Formichino


Parrila Scooter circa 1950


Ace Marchi Scooter


1972 Moto Guzzi Facon Sport


Ducati Desmo


Cagiva 750 by Ferrachi circa 90's Center Research Ducati (crd)


1984 Bennelli 900 SCI


Honda Dream 50 I beleive these were sold as collectors items as late as 2006 by Honda


1950 IMME R100 100cc


1974 Ducati sport Bevel Drive


1938 Binelli 250cc sport Race bike


1933 Puch 250L featuring direct oil injection


KTM 80 Pro Lever


1974 Laverda 750 SFC Twin Jim's most expensive bike

I was talking to Jim about a number of motorcycle news items, the way AMA has squadered the American series - how the 600 class has changed into the premier class and the relative ease these bikes are to ride compared to the bigger more powerful bikes. He gave me a bit of a tour of the bikes talked about how he started collecting, side stepped a question about the value of his collection (understandable) and then he had to work on a photo backdrop for his website, photographing his collection. The museum is relatively new having opened this last September. It is not hard to find, if your in Denver, its about 1 block south of Erico Motorsports where he has even more bikes on display. Take Park Avenue to Walnut and head north about 5 blocks and turn east on 28th is on the side street, with a ducati sign in the door window, go down the stairs.


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THANKS HS...... :fing02: I like the "Old Stuff". I bought a Yellow Ducati brand new in 1974 like the one in Your picture........Great Stuff...I'll definetly have to look this place up if we ever get out that way.......... :fing02: :beer:

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Guest VFanatic


THANKS HS...... :fing02: I like the "Old Stuff". I bought a Yellow Ducati brand new in 1974 like the one in Your picture........Great Stuff...I'll definetly have to look this place up if we ever get out that way.......... :fing02: :beer:

Very cool. My father raced that same model of Laverda. I remeber working on that with him as a kid!! Thanks for sharing..

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  • Member Contributer

Thanks for the pic's. The little Ducati Hybrid Scooter looks like my first bike.It was a 1961 50cc two stroke and it would sheer off piston sleeves as soon as you would start it.But it was the bike that started the FIRE!

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Guest sfarson


Coincidently HS, I was there last Friday after stopping by Erico. A great and largely unknown place.

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What a great collection. That Laverda is a familiar sight as on my way to the grocery store I pass a Laverda shop that is like a small museum by itself. My neighbour has one of the latest model Laverda that he uses mostly as a commuter bike during the summer. It looks and sounds awesome.

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