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Come take a ride with me up the Central City Parkway and watch me get rewarded for doing it. This last summer I rode to Rist Canyon and well rode all over tarnation and back not really knowing where I was gonna end up, just that I was gonna ride and I was gonna ride all day long! Seems that all summer long when I took the vfr out for a day ride I ended up getting busted by the cops! My luck seemed to have run out in that regard and this day was no exception. This was just before high noon and I had just turned off Interstate 70 to head to Central City on the "Central City Parkway" its a 4 lane freeway for about 6 miles where it ends up at the top of the mountain in - you guessed it. This video actually continues on the Peak To Peak highway where I met a wonderful LEO who wasnt pulling punches on that day!

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A = Central City Parkway
B = Busted Flat - feeling nearly faded as my stich!


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Sometimes when it rains it pours. Looks like a good day and a couple of good roads. It's a shame you were rewarded for your efforts. Especially since you were basically alone out there. Do they ever give written warnings out there?

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Too bad you got busted. How fast? What was the speed limit?

I got busted in Montana doing 85, paid $50 no record, no points. Other than that, I've been lucky cause I drive fast on occasion.

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