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  1. Do we still get a deal from mason city Honda? looking at ordering $1000 worth of parts.
  2. until

    Does anyone need a room mate? Saturday night, possibly Friday.
  3. How do I add a simple 2 wire switch to be able to turn the fan on when I want and also work like it normally would? Do I jump the wires from the etc in line with my switch. The fan switch on the rad is a single wire, On honda cars the single wire isf or the guage. Thanks.
  4. I use the honda car filter. A honda hybrid filter is identical to the bike filter. I use the standard honda auto filter since first oil change. 73k miles now, no problems, still honda but half the price.
  5. Awesome video! I have 73k miles and have never done mine. My flat spot at 4-5k rpm has gotten worse.
  6. Neat! There is a very tiny community near me named ophir. I saw ophir and thought it was the one near me. Cool to see it's in NZ!
  7. soichiro

    my vfr.jpg

    Who put that on my sign!!!! Thats awesome. I got a keychain with that sign fron the brp. I took just the sign part of the keychain and epoxied it on t-clamp. Best sign ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. R1 forks! Very cool! Nice build. KUDOS!
  9. That is tight. 600rr frt. fairing? What forks. Nice job!!!
  10. So fun, stupid dangerous!
  11. Very nice. Looks zoomy, faster than it is. Good form, good lean.
  12. Oh yeah. A honda auto filter works great on the VFR. every honda after 1989 uses the same filter. It is a little longer, so a little more capacity which is always good. It's half the price of a cycle specific filter. If you want exact the honda hybrid oil filters are identical to the cycle filters. Only blue instead of black.
  13. As yall saw at t-mac, I can take the fairings off in seconds. The clips are so simple. I think many just dont understand how they work exactly and they do wear out. I think not taking the left fairing is lazy, no offense BR. I think the fairing should be taked off to ck. the radiator reserve and I also ck. the blue connector, all connectors, and bolts while I am there. It can be done easily, especially if you have removed the evap canister.
  14. soichiro

    about time its done

    Whats the story. I notice the paint is custom. What wheel setup is that?
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