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  1. Peto


    Ha Ha Ha. Pushing 185 chief. So watch that mouth. :wink: Funny, after I typed it I started thinking that you may have taken the picture. I still laugh to myself when I think about the day we were heading home from Seb's and we were cruising down 87 at like 85-90 on that gorgeous day. Then those kids pulled up next to you in, what was it, a maxima? We rolled along and they kept looking over. LOL, you put up your hand and waved goodbye to them and took off, then they were all alone...funny sh!t. I also remember, might have been the same day, when the guy in the Beemer 5 series was racing
  2. Peto


    Whats up pocono. Whats up Seb. Yes, I live...lol. Been so busy. Haven't had much time for motorcycles... In fact, I checked out my new Elka shock, still in the box, and the sucker leaked all over.... Awesome company though, they paid for it to go back to Canada, they rebuilt it and put on a new spring (I have gained 45 lbs) and sent it back to me. Not too bad for something I bought a year ago. Hope to get with you guys a few times this season. Been in and out of the country...working on something big career wise. I'll get in touch with you crazy characters when i have some time.
  3. Peto


    Thanks HS... The picture did come out pretty good. Catskills, NY...somewhere near Seb. Buki (Nino) took the pic...
  4. Peto

    Catskills 2008

    That was a fun weekend...
  5. Wow. Lots of progress. Real fine work on the switch wiring. I would ditch the blue ignition wires and go for plain black ones. The oil lines/fittings look great. Overall, the bike looks fantastic so far. You're moving or an investment house?
  6. Peto

    Hawk's Nest

    That's a good shot of the set of twisties. It's really, really short, but good. You must have been there at the crack of dawn, because usually its full of cagers and overflowing with bikes.
  7. Cool picture. Nice helmet. ;p
  8. Good read. Picture with the narrow bridge is neat. Crazy with the bikes in the tree like that...Those sight lines look great, reminds me of Ohio. Gotta get down to AR soem time.
  9. Peto


    Hey Steve is this the same diner place that we stopped at that time with Anthony? I think its in or near Port Jervis..
  10. Peto

    31 May 2009

    What road? I don't know nuthin' about no road. :rolleyes:
  11. Wow. You are one talented guy. Really nice work.
  12. Well I got it home hooked it up to the pc, then played with it, definitly the throttle postion wire was jacked up cause I could bend the harness and it would change TP% on the screen. I dont know how to unhook the wires on the thing - cut them off shorter and rewire them into the jack? I accidently cut a wire too removing the tape. maybe cut it at both ends and solder in a complete jumper wire...
  13. Really good write up. I enjoyed reading it. That pic of the Blue Ridge with the road winding into the foggy distance is great. Ever work out your PC2 issue?
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