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  1. PhatPat33


    Awesome pic. How were you able to bring it up there?
  2. The stars did not align for me, and I'm not going to make it.
  3. I'm still trying to work out a few kinks to be able to make it this year. Is it okay if I'm a last minute addition?
  4. PhatPat33


    Thanks for the feature!!! That is the Mt. Hope bridge in Bristol, Rhode Island.
  5. PhatPat33

    VFR twilght 1.jpg

    Great picture! Nice chop EastBowl
  6. NO WAY!! Holy $#!+ Glad to hear that Slammer is okay.
  7. PhatPat33


    :laughing6-hehe: :blush:
  8. PhatPat33


    One of the many in New Hampshire. I actually forget which one this is, but when I figure it out, I'll let you know.
  9. PhatPat33


    Thanks, Slammer!
  10. PhatPat33

    Catskills 2008

    Good times in Phoenecia, NY!
  11. PhatPat33


    Thank you for the photo compliments. This was my favorite personal picture of the year. Unfortunately, I submitted it to another calendar, so I can not submit it to the VFRd calendar this year. I'll motivate me to take a few more nice ones for next year's calendar, though.
  12. Great pictures! Wish I could've met up with you.
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