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  1. my 5th gen has no sensors - so need to make the holes accordingly if i go ahead with the autotune.
  2. isnt it suppose to be more towards the header instead of the exhaust ?
  3. i was referring more to the position of the plug on the pipes
  4. No it won't be left out of the experiement. I've installed a PCV on my 98 with great results. I have the Autotune, map by gear, and temp sensors installed and working great. All I did was drill a hole for the Bosch unit and had a bung welded. Works great. where did you weld the plug ?
  5. AnikMankar

    VFR800 ver 2.0

  6. isn't the voltmeter blocked of when you ride ?
  7. thanks guys Gloves were worn for the ride but taken out for the shoot ! I was actually fully geared. Wearing the Bohr inner wear. MRA windscreen is good on high speeds. it does take most of the blast away from the chest. But with my handles a little more upright, the winds do hit my helmet. thinking of modifying the flap further. Next project during monsoons. Lights : a buddy of mine makes them - he has a plant in China. They are very bright. his site is 24xydiy
  8. Welcome, keep us posted on the progress, preferably with pictures Good luck !!
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